Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettysburg Field Trip

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I missed out on some of the traditions of this blog, but for those that are unaware, PRS and I held an event at Gettysburg. The entire trip was a blast and everyone was awesome. Thank you to everyone that came out.

First lets start off with some video action. Some of the PRS members decided to pull a prank on one of our friends, Alan....enjoy. Sadly, I was not there, otherwise...there would have been photos.

Enjoy these group photos, you field trippers. I know I have a bad habit of posting them up rather late.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap as many photographs as I wanted, I did take some that I am happy to share.

Anna Bell, the creepy doll that was demonically possessed.

Rene - a gentleman man of sorts. This doctor resides in Gettysburg and awaits his son to return from war.

Sam - wife to a general. She longs for the war to be over so that she can give her children a chance for a better life.



ShellSc said...


Sounds like it was a good trip. you got some good pictures. The one of Anna Bell brings out the creepiness in the doll. Rene and Sam pictures look like the are taking from that period in time.
Miss the Vlog but it was for a good reason. Have a good Tuesday!


Shannon said...

Man, the Rene and Sam pics are stellar! So beautiful. thanks for posting the group photo right away. I was too scared to take any photos in Lorraine's museum. Ughhh. Creepy.

See you at Fort York!

<3 CWC

Willow Moon said...

Oh God...I almost feel bad for Alan! But I was almost falling out of my chair laughing, so... Yeah, good times. You guys must be a trip to hang with.

White Russian said...

I'm going to Fort York? Man, I need to take a look at schedule more often. Ok, see you there CWC. Oh and Shannon, when I was talking to you and Kyle about the multiple dimensions and Carl Sagan and got major brains farts and just gave up.... I was referring to a video I posted like a week ago:


Thanks for dropping by everyone.


Kris said...

Looks like you guys had an absolute blast, Serg!! I was planning on going, but things came up and I was forced to make very quick change of plans. Bummer. Those photos of the reinactors made e think of those massively heavy costumes we wear every summer for a play we do. Thanks for posting those photos. At least I got to see some of the fun!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week. :)

Charyl said...

Had a wonderful time in Gettysburg and I adore that picture of Rene. I found him very intriguing. Definitely my favorite guide of the bunch.

I'm a little bummed I missed the group photo, but it was an excellent shot of everyone anyway. Take care!


WatchingStars said...

My favorite of the bunch, is the one of Annabelle the doll..very creepy, but well done! I am enjoying looking at everyone's pictures from the trip. I can't wait to go back there again someday.

It's a beautiful 70 degrees here today..which means it'll be coming your way in a day or so :)


Sandra Springer said...

Thanks for getting the group picture up so fast, it came out fabulous.
I came away from the Gettysburg trip a fan of yours because you were the first and only team member who sincerly showed an interest in the reasons I came to the trip.
I appriciated that.

And...the pictures are ok too ;)

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