Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Light Bulb Ban

On Monday we are due for an exciting, an enthralling, an unimaginable political movement that will shake the United States, nay the entire world.

It seems that our personal freedom is at stake. Can we as people really sit here and allow our government to dictate what light bulbs we are required to use? I am glad this is the priority for certain members in our political realm... honestly,
reading up on this and how this is being treated reads to me a like blow to what we have become.

I remember hearing stories of how people came together during the two World Wars and made sacrifices. Rationing on how they used their resources. Doing whatever they could in order to give our soldiers and our country the extra support it needed. Now, we live a world where I hear corporations sacrificing their employees in order to give raises to the executives. Doing whatever they could in order to make that extra income so they could live the life of luxury.

United we stand?

Are we really united as a nation? Seems to me like we are split. We have our own thoughts and opinions; we form groups, clicks, parties, communities all for different causes. Some beliefs clash with others and so debates and arguments come into play. However, the divide between our social classes continues to grow. Regardless of what happens, I can't help but want to scream, what in the world is happening that light bubs, NASA and NPR are the cause for whats happening to our country. Is this really what we need to focus on?

People aren't stupid; we see through the bullshit that comes out of our politicians and the news. Instead, we are naive and comfortable. We don't know how to get together and stand up for one cause. We figure someone else will step up to the plate. Or, we don't know where to start. I can raise my hand and state that I don't agree, but that is just a start.

But our country is still new. I'd like to think that we are slowly entering a new era. Similar to that of enlightenment. More and more people are becoming connected. This virtual hub is slowly changing, and although the time of youtube videos of cats is far from fact having this, can bring a lighter mood to an otherwise dull day; we are also seeing the potential it can have on creating change, and spreading knowledge.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Warning: Video has cursing...yada yada yada.

George Carlin skit.