Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #5

Hey Everyone,

You may be reading this and thinking...wait a minute...something is off. I am not supposed to be reading, but rather watching on Sundays. Well due to the the upcoming Gettysburg trip I am gonna have an interesting Sunday. Josh, Eilfie and myself are on duty to pick up some haunted artifacts for the event.

This will be an all day thing and I probably won't be back till late Sunday, but I will bring my video capturing devices and record some video for you all. I will try and post some twitter pics as well.

Also, I am excited to share with you, my dear readers, that my website is just about done. I need to add titles and descriptions to the photos, but that should not take long.




ShellSc said...


Hope you have a great trip! Can't wait to see the pictures and videos. I love the web site. It is coming a long good. Question though, what did you use to create the slide shows with the pictures?
Have a good Sunday.


Trista said...

What?!? My Sunday is not complete without your vlog, my dear friend! Actually, that's not true... I usually don't watch it until Monday, anyway...

Gettysburg should be fun. I've always wanted to have some ghostly experiences there, but never have. I really don't visit there often. I want to do the touristy stuff there... it seems silly that I've grown up half an hour from Gettysburg and haven't really done that sort of stuff. They also have a winery there I want to visit!

Giovana said...

I loved your page Serg ;) It's amazing!!!

Kris said...

That website is lookin' real good, Serg! Have fun in Gettysburg. I was planning on going, and something came up and now I can't go. :( Maybe next field trip will yield better. :)

Missin' the Sunday vlog, but I can completely understand your busy schedule. Again, have fun!!

WatchingStars said...

I would love to hit up Lorraine's Museum someday...I heard it is really cool. I've been to Gettysburg once, and I was 14 at the time. Would love to go back.
Another historical town I love to visit is Williamsburg, VA. I'm sure it has its haunted places too, but I don't know much of that there.
Enjoy the rest of your week, and safe travels!

Kris said...

Ah, you're so nice to drop us a teensy little vlog even though you're tired!!

The portraits project sounds really interesting. I love seeing the stories that a person's eyes and face can tell in a portrait.

Now, go get some rest!! :)

SarahMay said...

To be honest, my heart rate did go up a little when you faked a car accident!

I'd be somewhat superstitious about handling haunted artifacts and even driving/ riding in a vehicle full of them. But, doesn't Lorraine bind the spirits to them or do some kind of ritual to render them harmless?

I really like your idea of doing an expose on your neighbor(s). Sounds like it would be an adventure of sorts.

Congrats on getting your new site up and running too!! Must've felt like a birthday present to yourself since it was basically launched on your bday. That's cool!

Willow said...

Ni~ce. Why is Eilfie "leading the way somewhere behind you"? And how did that work out? Yes, you scared me with the fake accicent. I'd say curse you, but in 18 years things could get awkward. (The Russian Curse, if you're not familiar with - you know, that's sad. I started typing that and then remembered you ARE Russian. Duh.) Is Josh really that scary a driver? I mean, mine is definately going to be worse, but...just asking... Your tips on haunted No comment except you made me laugh - which is impressive, since I'm sick, which is the only reason I am home at this time. Why were the people on the road?! O.o" Website - looked the whole way through. It looks awesome! The background scares me a bit, but it's great! Your map opens kinda funny...but I''ve seen maps that open that way before... Your neighbor somewhat scares me, but I know someone who does that kind of thing too. He's a marine, his son's a marine, his dad was a marine, his son-in-law is in the army... Yeah. And aww, that was so kind of you to leave a video, despite being tired.'s some //comment love\\ for you...? Other then that...caio~! I'll go back to being sick now.

cindy said...

Thank you for fixing the Vlog so that I could watch it on the cell phone..
I want your office chair or is that just a chair cover?
Did you play with the t-rex like you done with the pink little pony?
That seem like a bumpy mess up road..that or josh known you had to pee..
The site is great looking..
Okay, it's way to early to be this cheerful I'm going back to sleep.

cindy said...

Oops, you might want to keep away from the cat lady neighbor or maybe the little old lady who seem way to nice, them nice little old ladies alway have something to hide..haha

Trista said...

Aww, I just noticed you put a link to my blog up! Thanks! :) I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to make a small ad for your blog that I could post on mine. As long as it's no more than 200 pixels wide, it'll be fine. Height is up to you, obviously I'm sure you'd want it to be proportionate.

Anyway, I'm sure you're busy, but if while you're in Gettysburg you actually have any free time, let me know--I live close, so we could meet up and take photos or chat or whatever. I doubt you'll have time, but I figured I'd at least toss the idea out there! :)

Aquaryan said...

* I sent a "Happy Birthday!" wish to you on Facebook, so I thought I would repeat myself and ask ya what you did you do for fun for your birthday?
* Haunted artifacts...reminds me of the Amityville Horror flick where the lamp was haunted. I remember people were dismissing the notion of haunted objects existence.
* The website is getting better and better...It would be great if you could tour the country and show off your photography.

Keep up the good work...

Kris said...
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White Russian said...

Thank you for the comments on this dreary monday....

I am still recovering from the long trip and I am very tired.

So, the health care bill has been passed. I have to reserve my opinions at the moment since the bill has been butchered that I am not really sure what was passed.

I will do some research on it and let you guys know what I think about.

ncchapman said...

That was hilarious. Your face was priceless when you screamed. I'd love to go to Lorraine's museum eventually. I'll put it on my to do list.
And Sheetz!?! Love that place. On my way home from PA after New Years, I, being completely hung over after a week of binge drinking, bought everyone a loaf of bread from Sheetz as a souvenir. Good memories.
I have a question/topic for your Vlog. I remember you posted something a long time ago about taking pictures of Xander and how to take good pictures of your dogs. I can't find it. I've been trying to get good pictures of my dogs but I've really run out of creative ideas. If you or anyone who is a photographer who reads this blog could give me tips that would be beautiful.
Here is my Flickr photostream if you wanna take a look at what I've done so far.

Oh, and I'm really into your portrait idea. That would be fascinating. I love stuff like that.

WatchingStars said...

I just took a look at some of your photos of your pups. I think the ones that really stand out to me are when he/she (the dog) is caught in the middle of doing things "what dogs like to do" chewing a toy, or being curious or chasing something. I esp liked these:

Would also like to know what Sergey thinks about shooting animals too..

I am going to be doing a photo shoot of my friend's horses next month. I'm a bit nervous since I've never done it, but hey it'll be a neat experience! We all learn from trial and error right? I think the outdoors is a good place to take photos of animals cause that is like their "playground".

On a side note: To all of you women photographers on here. Here is a cool site I've recently checked out:

Serg, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the Health Care Reform..

ncchapman said...

Thanks for the advice and critique Watching Stars. I liked the link you shared too.

Mistress of Sweetness said...

sweet jesus..... you're SO sexy in this chair with the sleeves pushed up, im not sure if i can even watch the whole video.... and i love all these things you discuss in your videos. i love to hear your opinion on everything :) keep us updated :)

Mistress of Sweetness said...

and i DARE your photography club to have a damn meeting without you. that would be absurd ;) and if they even THINK about it, i'll be up there in 5 minutes to crack some skulls :P