Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sort of a TED Tuesday - 4 Dimension

Many apologies about not sticking with the ever awesome theme, TED Tuesday, but I stumbled upon a video that I think TED Tuesday will be forgiving about letting me show you guys. Its a rather simple video of Carl Sagan describing the fourth dimension.

Enjoy this little mind bender. The Tessaract reminds of the Hellraiser cube....god I'm tired. Spent a nice chunk of my night working on something special. Hopefully, you will enjoy it tomorrow. Also started brainstorming for future vids. Simple educational ones that can tackle things like white balance, aperture, shutter speed, why my photographs always look like crap...to advance tips and techniques, photography laws and more?


ShellSc said...

Interesting video. It is a make you think video. I agree the Tessaract does look like the Hellrasier cube. I can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow.
I would love to see some educational videos on photography to help me better improve my photography skills and thank you for taking the time yesterday and looking at my pictures. You didn't have to do that. So thank you and thanks for the suggestions. I am surprise my pictures turned out that well due to the sun being out and not being able fully see what I was taking.
Have a good Tuesday!


Angel said...

Very interesting, indeed. It took a lot of effort for me to stop imagining Carl Sagan as Lord Elrond, though.

RMarie7 said...

Cool video. You get cool points on principle for posting a Carl Sagan video. But if you really want a mind binder, look up the M Theory, an offshoot of the String Theory. Eleven dimensions. Yes, eleven. Parallel universes, worm holes, hyperspace membranes...yeah. What if, on some of y'alls investigations, you aren't getting evidence of spirits or energy residues, some "in between" plane? What if you're crossing a membrane into another universe?


White Russian said...

Its insane how crazy these theories are. Religion and Science are alike...both seek out to find the foundation of world around us.

Yea, for all we know there are beings in the 4th dimension that make their presence known and we can't comprehend it in our 3 dimensional mind.

I think I'm gonna go snap some photographs and think about art and creativity instead of hypercubes.

WatchingStars said...

Love Carl Sagan. :) Yes, videos of those topics would be great! I am realizing I have so much more to learn about photography. Here I thought it was quite simple all these years. But I suppose that was my own choice, I didn't really pay attention to the technical part of photographing..
My only goal was to just keep shooting pictures and if I got a good one, great, if I didn't oh well..and moved on with life.
Now if I get a crappy picture, then I am more disappointed in myself for not trying harder, or knowing better in how to take that shot.
Look forward to tomorrow!

Willow said...

Educational videos on the art of photography would be very nice! I'm trying to get better at it myself and living in Lancaster County makes it easy to get great subject matter, but I'm not very good at it just yet.

And yes, the Tessaract does kinda look like the Hellrasier cude. Creepily so, to a point.

And your photographs do not look like crap at all! Some of them may have unusual subject matter, but if they didn't, it might get boring jumping from cliche to cliche. Which is why it's fun to take pictures of bizarre things - other than one's family, because undoubtedly we all think our families to be the strangest things on earth - or anywhere else for that matter. There's a running joke in our family that we're all exchange students from Pluto.

Kris said...

Now I can't stop thinking of beings possibly being in a fourth dimension. Interesting stuff, and that Tessaract does look like the Hellraiser cube.

Did I just read that you think your photos always look like crap? I have one thing to say. NO..WAY. Your photos are amazing. They capture emotion, make me think, make me wish I could brush up on my skills...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :)

ncchapman said...

I was kinda thinking about it in a religious aspect like the apple being a higher power. Blew my mind. It's a very interesting theory and a very cool presentation. Stuff like that makes me feel like gravity is about to get sucked out of the world and I'm going to fall for eternity, lol like I'm walking on the edge of somewhere and nowhere. It's a weird and elusive feeling.

Outliers Inc. said...

Serg, it's the classic struggle between Aristotle and Plato. One focuses on the details, the other focuses on the "big picture" yet neither can step into the others shoes. One size is too big and the other too small, yet both are necessary for understanding the full scope of this world.

I am a Christian, but I embrace science- not at the expense of my faith but, in fact, knowledge of the world around me grows and strengthens my faith.

Funny, I just sent Ryan a message on facebook about this very topic. Science has its "golden calf" and religion has its unapproachable alter.

RMarie7 said...

Outliers Inc, I saw your comment to Ryan. Good thought. I agree. I don't see why Science and Religion have to be mutually exclusive. I see why people may think so, but the two can coexist. I don't think science should completely blow off the possibility of the paranormal or spiritual. Its faulty science. It means scientists are close minded, which is not something you should be a scientist. I say, allow for the possibility that science just hasn't developed the tools to "prove" the paranormal yet.

And Serg, you're work is NOT crap. Anything that makes others desire to learn more about their passion is not crap. I promise I'm not brown nosing...seeing your passion and your skill makes me wish I never put down my camera. You may be too humble to speak too highly of your work, but it inspires people. That speaks highly enough.


White Russian said...

Hey all,

Thanks for comments. Let me clarify the crap photo thing. I think I miswrote that. What I meant was that I would be doing a series called "Why are my photos turning out like crap?" where I would critique other peoples photographs that are crappy. I guess it would be a kind of satire series that is similar to that cartoon, "The Critic." But believe, me I am my own worst critic when it comes to my photographs.

The fusion of science and religion has been a theme for PRS for sometime. Understanding more about how the world, only makes me appreciate the beauty and complexity of it even more. Humans went from believing that thunder and lighting was sign that the gods/God was angry, to science explaining a couple of different theories of what causes it, but the fact remains, I am always in awe and mesmerized during thunderstorms and could stare out into the clouds for hours.

Reading about the studies of meditation, prayers, and positive thinking has evolved my way of thinking about the world and the possibilities of what is left undiscovered.

jenlar said...

Wow... I remember this clip from watching Cosmos when I was little, in the late '70s or early '80s.

It's like I get it... almost... and then it's gone again.... and then it's back!