Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #2

Hey Everyone.... sorry that this is a bit late...its still Sunday on the West coast...

Dr Steel Photos for Eilfie's Contest


Kris said...

In this edition of Sergey's Vlog, finger puppets!

"Say Whaaat!?" Nice little preview of Shutter Island there, Serg. I love those photos of Elfie. Very nice. I agree with you about the fashion photography. I've been both behind and in front of the camera being the photographer and the model for fashion shoots, and they're not my favorite. Sure, I'll do it, but I'd rather be doing some street photography, or something a little unique and different.

Nice little dose of "The Office" there. I absolutely love that show. I'm sure my friends get tired of me quoting it, but it makes me laugh, so...oh well.

I'm clicking the ads so maybe you can make some money from your blog. :)

Have a great week!!

P.S. Was that some Red Hot Chili Peppers I heard?

Aquaryan said...

Good pictures! The photo has a lot of things to look at.

I had to laugh at your finger show for SHUTTER ISLAND. *LOL*

An interesting mug to drink from, Serg! *LOL* When you said that you drink green tea, regardless, I thought of: "Oh, look, there is a fly in my tea. Oh well! Gulp! Gulp! Ahhhhh!" (Green Tea aka Vodka, me thinks! hehehe)

Did you catch the Olympics? They were in my neck of the woods, yet I was not able to catch any of the events!

Keep up the good work!

Aquaryan said...

correction: photos ;)

WatchingStars said...

Haha I love your weirdness Serg. I saw Shutter Island and you did a pretty good interpretation- however, I'm sure others would not enjoy you spoiling the ending!

I really like light painting photography..If I had the money to gather all the tools I'd need, I'd totally try it.

However I am working on a new experiment- but the first three times have been a fail..I don't want to give up, but it's hard when you have like one chance for it to go right, to take the photo and then it looks like crap :(

Not gonna give up!

As for leaving your drinks around for hours..I do the same thing with my coffee. Coffee is coffee, I say.

Well time to have some crazy dreams... Good night!

*And I'm thinking now that I've said that, psychologically I prob will have strange dreams*

Morgaine said...

a) So, I'm not the only one who drinks 12 hour old tea! Thank you for making me feel a little less gross.

b) Now I don't want to go see Shutter Island in fear that it doesn't live up to that lovely show of yours.

c) I love the "It's time for some payback..." photograph. Buckets of great angles, kudos.

d) Drunken 4 year-olds, eh? I'd say that's how we roll in Italy, but Italians are just born that way.
Italy- 1 Russia- 0.

Finger puppets, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the word "Vagitarian"... I'd say that was a pretty damn good vlog, Sergey.

Domani è un altro giorno, Buonanotte e sogni d'oro!


Lisa Michelle said...

I love the blog. The finger puppets were too awesome. The photos of Elfie were very good. Have you ever caught anything with your camera when you were at a location with PRS? What type of camera do you use?
Keep up the vlogs they are awesome.


White Russian said...

Cheers Everyone, thank you for the comments.

Kris, yea it was Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song is called Snow (Hey Oh). I am slowly trying to learn more about iMovie as I make these vlogs.

Aquaryan, I missed the Olympics. I had a beef with them when they took the office away from me for two weeks. I would love to get a press pass one day and spending time photographing it one day.

Stars, best of luck with your experiment.

Morgaine, lets agree to disagree about who starts drinking at a younger age,*cough* Russians *cough* and just leave it at that. Keep the free Italian lessons coming.

Domani è un altro giorno, Buonanotte e sogni d'oro!
tomorrow is another day, good night and sweet dreams!

Lisa, I have never caught anything paranormal while doing PRS. Orbs are not paranormal to me. At the moment I shoot with a Canon 7D.

Lisa Michelle said...

That is a nice camera. I forgot to say I agree with the suggestion of carrying a notebook to write down ideas. Being a graphic design student I carry one all the time. It is a must with any creative person. And I must say you have a good eye with your pictures. I love the digital photography part of my graphic design courses. One day I hope my pictures can be as good as yours. I do have some good ones taken with my little Sony Cyber-Shot. Have a good Day and Hello from Sunny South Carolina! And have a good week.


Morgaine said...

Ha. Russians.. right.
But, if that's what you need to hear to get you through the day, then fine... *rolls eyes and crosses fingers behind back* Russians triumph the Italians when it comes to drinking.

Lezioni di Italiano per lezioni di russo?

By the way, writing in Italiano is a lot different than casually speaking in Italian. But I'll try to teach you as formally as possible?


WatchingStars said...

Going to the Olympics in Russia in 2014? You should get your pass then! That would be kick ass, and you can visit your home country too! ;-)

meeknotweak said...

Finger Puppet summaries should be a part of every vlog from now on. Just saying. LOVE IT! <3

hahahah. "Say WHHAAT!?"

Kris said...

I've played around with iMovie very little. The last time I tried to edit one of my videos, I ended up somehow crashing the program and not saving a single thing to my movie. :( Oh, well. I'm sure you're much better at it than I am, though. :) Thanks for the song name, too. I'm always looking for new (at least to me) songs to add to my list. I love Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyway.

Holly said...

Ok veggie sub is not that bad! Shredded lettuce, extra tomatoes, olives, (bread toasted with pepperjack) pickles, light onion, with light mayo, oil and cracked pepper...*yum!*

Gotta try everything once right? And hey, its less than $3 where I live, can't beat that. Its also very healthy. I see no downside to veggie sub, unless your like allergic to pickles or sumthn. That would suck because dill pickles were created by the gods!

Sergey, you would rock my world if you danced Kalinka Malinka heheh :)
Its soo fun!

White Russian said...

Holly, Alrighty...I will try a veggie sub next time I do a subway run. I'll pry lose the mayo.

Everyone, thank you for dropping some comment love and thank to those who clicked some random ads. Like I said, clicks would be appreciated if you enjoy the blog posts.

TED Tuesday tomorrow.

reyes.dayzee said...

I hear yah on the fear of aliens!!

ncchapman said...

I'll pay you if you spend more of your time dancing on camera.

White Russian said...

Hah Natalie...
So to make some more money I need to dance in front of the webcam? I can see my credibility flying out the window. Next thing you know it, I will be doing Sunday Vlogs about working the streets for cash.

Erica said...

You are seriously bored.. Haha. Shutter Island very predictable but what movie these days isn't. Very good movie.

Vag.. ina.. Haha. I think that was the word you were about to say. Ps tofu/soy is toxic for your body. So delicious yet so toxic.

I know of someone. Not naming names that was able to make 1200 dollars off of Google a month. So I wish you luck. That would be a nice bonus eh.

Erica said...

Also some sites pay more. So putting in key words on your site to try and attract those sites will ultimately create more revenue for you. But you probably already know that ;)

Outliers Inc. said...

The finger puppets looked hilarious- but I couldn't watch them! I'm going to see Shutter Island with my dad on Friday and you almost spoiled it!

Suggestion: if you are going to do a spoiler, save it for the very end of your vlog and don't forget the neon flashing sign that says SPOILER ALERT!

Dancing for your next vlog would be an acceptable form of remorse for this grave sin. Maybe the snoopy dance with a little bit of Xander Harris flair? LOL

JJ said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but that seems to be an Invader Zim blanket on your chair with Gir on it. If, of course, it is not a Gir blanket and you do not follow this reference please ignore it completely.

If you really want to make money with google ads you're going to have to dance for the ladies. There's no shame in making an honest living!

Also please feel free to grace us with other Freudian slips starting with "Vag..." because as it turns out it's quite comical.

RMarie7 said...

You're vlogs are quickly becoming the online highlight of my week. Hm. I've been watching Paranormal State since the beginning, visiting the main site and all, and I only discovered your blog about a month ago. (I think I tried the link on the PRS site a few times, and it wouldn't work.) I feel certain you have the fans. Maybe you need a better PR strategy; let people know you're here.

"Say whhaattt?" lol I knew that movie would be a let down as soon as I heard Leo's accent in the trailer...Bless him.

Per JJ:
"Also please feel free to grace us with other Freudian slips starting with "Vag..." because as it turns out it's quite comical."
Ha! No kidding! I'm afraid we may learn more than we or Serg would like us to know about him.

Another great vlog and pics. Mulling over buying a Student-Seeker-Warrior print (if they aren't sold out), so you'll be getting some money from me soon. That should buy you some Subway. ;-)
Have a good one.

Jessica said...

I've been on vacation and away from my computer and this blog was the best thing to come back to!! Loved it!! However, I did plug my ears during the spoilers for Shutter Island haha :) All in all though your vlogs are going great keep it up my love! I'm gonna go click on some side links to though you some bones!! :) much love!

Kristine said...

LOOOL @ the office!! I totally got it when you mentioned it. LOVE michael!

Secretsentry said...

OMG! I love Shutter Island. It was really good. It kept me guesting.
I love green tea but couldn't get my sister to get into it.

Try this, if you like strong put 4 or 5 green tea bags into one 8oz cup and then drink it.

Bye for now,,,,