Monday, December 13, 2010

Unofficial Top 10 Holiday Songs

So we had a little voting session for the top 10 holiday songs. Over 100 different submissions, over a span of about five are the results. Some really interesting votes and songs that I have never heard before. I included links for each song, as well as links to different versions of the song. So pass this blog along to your friends and family and help them waste some time at work listening to these goodies.

10. Rocking around the Christmas Tree

9. Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt - Original



8. Baby it's cold outside

Dean Martin Version

Glee Version


7. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

6. Happy Christmas (War is over)

John Lennon


5. White Christmas

Drifter's Version

Bing Crosby Version

DJ Sascha Amos Versio

4. Little Drummer Boy

Original Version


3. Silent Night

Bill Crosby Version

Cat Version

2. Carol of the Bells

Celtic Woman Version

TSO Version

Regular Version

1. O Holy Night

7 Year Old Version

Mariah Carey Version

Josh Groban Version

Honorable Mentions

1. Grandma got run over by a reindeer
2. Mary did you know
3. Fairytale of New York
4. All I want for Christmas is you
5. The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Leak of the Week #1 - Sex Scandal

Hey Everyone,

I cannot stress how important it is to read and follow along with the Wikileak updates. Everyday more and more leaks come out. There are about 250,000 leaks total; only 1300 have been released. (paragraphs 1, 5 and 6)

I posted links to two articles about this, as well as a link to the actual wikileak cable itself.

So what happened? There is a company called DynCorp that was used to train Afgahn police. It has been disclosed by the company how they are funded: about 95% of its 2 billion annual revenue comes from US taxpayers money. Lets stop right there for a moment.... If I had the ability to pick and chose where my taxes went, it sure as hell would not be DynCorp. Let me write out that number: $2,000,000,000.00. Yea, that's a lot of zeros. But thats not the biggest issue.

DynCorp used some of that money to throw a party for the trainees. No problem... I understand they worked hard and need to have some rewards. Maybe a little cheese and meat platter, some music, perhaps even a riveting game of boulderdash....oh and don't forget the little boys.

They threw a party where entertainment for the evening were bachi bazi boys. Money was paid to their pimps to have boys, ages 12 - 15 come to the party and dance for these men. The boys would be dressed in scantly female outfits and where then bid on. The winner would then take the boy for the night in order to have sex with them. There was a journalist who was working on disclosing this information, but if you look at the articles and the leaks, you can see that they obviously wanted this information to be covered up.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays: a series I started on Facebook, which will continue, as long as I find the appropriate photographs to add.....

Now, I understand why I got a bottle of Grey Goose when I was 3 years old...thanks Santa?

In Soviet Union, presents open you.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Hello you malchoks and devachkas,

It has been quite some time since you've last read me....

The escapades and the procrastination sort of fused with one another. Coming home from an investigation or from the office, leaves you feeling drained and uncreative. Falling into a slump I've indulged my mind with your typical TV shows and video games.

Thank god for Xander, otherwise I don't think I would have any reason to leave the house. Below you guys will find the group photos from FTX in various shapes and sizes. Download appropriately; don't worry there's enough for everyone.

Wide Version
Standard - Minute
Standard - Neutral

Standard - Full

The recent WikiLeak release has sparked some active discussion. Some go so far as labeling Julian as a terrorist. Terrorist is an interesting label; the action of terrorizing through violence or threats for political purposes. Already it leaves a negative taste on my tongue. But why are we so hellbent on covering up the truth? Is it the fear of admitting that we were wrong, or that we used our power to take advantage of the underprivileged?

What's funny is that the media is reporting about this, but they are not. Why not read through some of these leaks and pick out the ones that the people need to be made aware of. Instead we are focusing on him being a terrorist and most recently that Amazon dropped the WikiLeaks servers. yea....I really care about that.

I stumbled upon this TED video of an interview the the founder of WikiLeaks. Though fairly long, its really interesting.

Till next time,