Friday, August 29, 2008

51 Words - Sidetracked, humans just being

Humans Just Being


I really couldn't think of what to write so I decided to put up two photos. I am kinda doing something big and I hope it goes through. Will tell more when the time comes.

Also, as you can see I am playing with different ways to write this copyright thing. Man, what if my photos are huge in like Indonesia and I don't even know it...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a BroKen TriPoD, a camera and some music

Let me first start off with a thank you for all the support I got from my last blog. No worries guys, that happened like a year so I have moved on. Nina, thanks for sending me those book recommendations and Katie shoot me an email through Angrymob, viewbook looks amazing. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely have to make use of it till I get my site up and running. Andi, I was in Oregon not to long ago and it definitely has a unique cultural outlook. I can see why artists are drawn to it. Excuse me for that awful pun.

I went out a couple of nights ago to take some photos of the moon; wondering, what kind of photos will she give me and my camera? The night was going kinda slow but I managed to snag a couple of interesting photos that would have looked a whole lot better had I used a working tripod. Instead I had a tripod that was put back together with some double-sided velcro, a penny, a bottle cap and 3 matches. That's right, I was gonna be the next MacGuyver. My iPod was dying down so decided to head back.

On the way back home I decided to stop into a near by bar and grab a beer. It was pretty late and the place was, for the most part, quieting down. As I was getting ready to leave for home and bed, I overheard one of the patrons inviting the two woman by the bar to join him and a group of people listening to a guitarist jam outside by the fire. Although, I did not get an invite it took me sometime to realize, "I should go take photos!" And take photos I did.

I look forward to going back and taking some more photos; maybe this time I can see if there is anyway for me to control some of the light. The other cool thing is that I got an awesome idea for a photography portfolio.

Also for any Kubrick fans, check out the link on the side. This was a pretty interesting documentary on Stanley Kubrick and his boxes of intellect. Warning: Only serious Kubrick fans should watch this.

One last thing. A while ago...way back here, I asked for words so that I could take photographs of those words. One, I should have said, one word per comment. Two, you guys and gals gave me a quite the challenge. A challenge that I must complete. So, one by one I will have to hack this thing down. There are 51 words; do you think I can use the same photo for more then one word? Tomorrow I will start with Butterscotch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When All Signs Point to No: Part 1

I can't remember exactly when I started to think that all things happen for a reason, but I think it was a combination of certain events that led me to be open to that idea. And so, without further ado, I will tell you guys why, within a year, I received all the wrong signs for pursuing photography.

When Ryan and I moved from the townhouse to a new neighborhood, it was kinda exciting. Best part was that we had a pool in the backyard. The day after we moved into the house, I was taking Xander for a morning run through the new neighborhood. It was then that we bumped into another dog owner. Little did I know at the time, this dog owner would prove to be an essential part of photography .

Thinking I would never see them again, Xander and I continued on our run. By that I mean, Xander dragging me as he chased the squirrels of the new neighborhood. But for some reason fate had different plans for me. We kept running into them, the dog owners not the squirrels, always exchanging a few bits and pieces of one another. After months of 3 minutes, and 22 second conversations (I carried a stop watch with me), we finally decided to walk the dogs along the same path. This really gave us a chance to get to know one another. Kinda scoop out if any bond would be established. This was a bold move, because one little slip up can turn, "Hey Serg, how are you?" into "Hey Serg.... I gotta go that way. Oh, are you going that way too? I meant to say I gotta go the opposite way. You see... the thing is, don't follow me please."

I told her of my participation in a paranormal society (she didn't look at my funny, sweet I was in), and more importantly of my passion for photography. What I got was a sign. She told me of a photographer friend in the area who was always looking for help. I was blown away. It was at that time I needed a job. This was perfect, not only would I get to do something I love, but I would get to work underneath a professional. I rushed home, and checked this guy out. His website was amazing, his portfolio was unique, and I really thought that my photography career was about to come together.

I emailed him and explained who I was, and who told me about him.
I got a response that day that he would save some time for me for a phone interview. This is where we reach the climax folks. Thinking that this is it, that the roller coaster of life is about to begin, I was ready to jump into this photography business. Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention that this roller coaster was no longer in service; as I got a huge disappoint bomb dropped on me.

I called him the next day, at the time that he specified, and got the assistant. Apparently he was not in the studio and would be back later on. Ok, maybe he was busy? Four hours later, I decided to call back. He was in the studio but couldn't talk at the moment. He said he would call back in half and hour. I waited, perspiring, wow this guy must be a really awesome photographer; what with being extremely busy and all.

Thoughts raced through my head, as I panicked on what to say to him. After all I want to be grateful that he took the time to speak to me. "What do I say? How do I impress him? Should I tell him a joke? Whats that one about the chicken? No! Leave the chickens out of this. Hmmm, what about us photographers and our big lenses. *wink, wink ladies* No! This isn't high school Serg. Come on, think!!!"

The phone rang!! Its him, its him!

Now how do I write this without making him look like an ass? Well I'll summarize what he told me: You need to go to photography school; I don't want to be teaching, I want people to already know the skill. My dreams and hopes crushed. You know what happens if you leave a grape out in the hot sun for like 3 days? Now speed up that process into 30 seconds and replace that grape with my heart. Its ok, I survived. That's what bear wrestling as a child did to me; it made me stronger.

But I later faced another sign, just like later you guys will receive a second part of this story.

Updates: I recently had an interview with a model. I am rather excited to work with her and I hope to have a photo shoot with her within a week. I

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Minor Updates

Hey All,

While traveling I got a talking with a really great photographer. She suggested that if I wanted to be a serious photographer that I should get a domain name with my name on it. At first I was worried that this might be troublesome for people who wanted to either get in touch with me or type out my website. If you have dyslexia when it comes to letters and you want to write my name are screwed. I mean did you guys ever check out my last name?
P O B E R E Z H N Y.
But, she did make a good point that if you are a great photographer, people will want to learn your name and in turn you will want them to know your name.

So....coming soon to a web browser near you....will be:
I have a new email as well:

Other exciting news include....

I am renting a Canon lens for two weeks to help improve my portfolio. I am rather excited because I haven't gotten a chance to fully experiment with other Canon lens other then the 3 basic ones that I own. What separates this one from the standard one I own is that it is F-ing awesome. In all lens review sites, the basic one that I got when I first purchased my camera is rated between C- and D. Kinda like my grades when I took classes that weren't interesting (sorry mom and dad). This lens that I rented, however, is rated at A to A+. Kinda like the grades my parents wished I got in the classes I wasn't interested in.

I also put up a couple of ads looking out form some people who would model for me when we are done filming and I return to State College. I want to take advantage of this lens as much as I can.

Here is to two weeks of rocking photography.

Stay Kosher everyone.

Oh and for your viewing is another photo...

Soon I would like to offer desktop versions on my photographs. But for now I put up what I can and just lower the quality.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Late Night Photoshop Work


Late Night Photoshop

I really like the original photo. Not sure what I was doing in photoshop. Just sorta trying to get a hang of it.

Parked Memories

When we met that night,
I parked my memories.
Will you keep them safe?