Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Tibetan Tale

A Tibetan Tale...

An old man had nothing except a big bag of barley. One dark night he had hung the bag of barley above his bed to protect it from mice. Before falling asleep he thought: “I will sell this bag of barley, buy a horse, and then I will sell the horse. After I sell the horse, I will take a wife, and she will have a baby. It will be a boy. But what will I call the baby?”
As the moon rose, he suddenly thought, “I will call the boy ‘Moon’. No, actually, my boy will be so popular his name could be ‘More famous than the Moon’ ”
In the meantime, as the old man was busy planning the next 20 years of his life, a mouse had nibbled the rope by which the bag of barley was hanging. The bag fell on the old man’s head and killed him instantly.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Group Photos from Gettysburg and San Fran

Here are the group pics from the last two events. Man, I could have sworn I uploaded the Gettysburg group photos. Where is a my mind? The first one is one Mike Snyder made. I asked him to add a few spirits. Thank you everyone for coming. :)

Right click, save image as, to download the files.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1000 Words or Less - 6

Man has trouble dealing with sudden change. At 5:00am on Sunday, 3rd September 1967, Sweden changed from driving of the left to driving on the right. This is what happened.