Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Found this ol photo on my drive and thought I would share it with everyone.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Out on a case

Hey there kiddos,

Hope you are all had a great weekend. Currently we are out on an investigation and its...well its something. Only thing that sucks is that its crazy cold. I kid you not; I looked at the thermometer it didn't even have numbers on it anymore, just told me to get my ass back inside. 

Well I will chat with you folks in a few days. Also, check out the interesting links on the side. If you have any that you think might want to share, shoot me an email and I will put it up. I would like to have different links every week.

Keep on rocking,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Choose your own adventure...

Hey Guys,

Anyone remember those choose your own adventure novels? You read up to a certain point and you get a couple of choices. Somehow I always stumbled upon the ending where I would die. Then because I skipped to the middle of the book to make my choice, I would lose the the page I was on. Somehow I thought it wasn't fair that the writer didn't prolong the boring ending.

"You decided to skip out on the adventure to find the ancient temple with your friend Rick. Rick went on the adventure to come back a hero. He is now offered a movie and book deal that is close to 23.5 million dollars. You have to apply for a job because your parents are kicking you out of the basement.

If you choose to work at a fast food restaurant, turn to page 34.
If you choose to apply at the law firm, turn to page 56.

"You decided to apply at the law firm. When you arrived to your job interview you saw that you were competing against four recently graduated college students who have much more experience then you do. You sit next to Sally. She is trying to get a job so that she can pay for college. She tells you that she this is her second job she is applying for, as her first job will not cover monthly tuition loan repayments for her. You guys make small chit chat about the economy. Your mind starts to wander on how she looks naked and as you are about to ask her for her number, the boss calls you into the interview."

If you choose to lie about your resume, turn to page 43.
If you choose to tell the truth, turn to page 29.

Well lets try something....You are surfing the internet when you stumble upon an interesting blog. You notice that there are numerous links on this blog, and the writer, for some crazy reason decides to write some choose your own adventure nonsense. Upon closer examination you see the following:

click here if you want to feed the world...
click here if you want to save a child's life...

Well no matter what you clicked, as long as you clicked, you are a hero.

In photography news, I submitted some photos to editors from photography magazines. My hope is that I could write some articles. I feel like I could inject new blood into them. Not literally though; that would be gross.

Click me to check out the portfolio. Comments would always be appreciated.

And speaking of comments. Remember guys, I write things for many reasons...for laughs, to strike conversations, to share with you my passion for photography...

But don't ever feel scared of voicing your opinions. The whole black and white photo thing was a joke with some truth. I am glad to see that some people were stirred by that. There are some amazing black and white photographs out there, but likewise there are also some people who overly abuse the black and white feature in order to create artistic photographs. I won't lie, I use that sometimes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I still have a long way to go before I can teach people photography, and I am thankful for that. Life would be very boring for me if I was great photographer right now.

Now if you will excuse me, this photography gangster is off to unwind with an episode of the Office.

All the best,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A break for discussion

Hey everyone,

I am glad to see how active everyone is with the comments...

I interrupt this photography blog for a slight break into something else.

Below are two links that I came across that peeked my interest. You know... the kind of interest where your doing something, but then you hear something or read something and one of your eyebrows' raises. I can't recall which eyebrow raised; I think it may have been the left one. Although I am trying to raise my left eyebrow now, but instead both seem to go up. It doesn't matter; I don't think you guys came on my blog to read my discussion about eyebrows....we may want to save that discussion for a time when I am desperate for subjects to write about.

I wanted to share two articles I came across that I thought you might find interesting.

What do guys think? When was your last good deed? 

When was the last time you were creative or did something artistic? Do you try to do something creative everyday?

I am also including some more of the street photos I took...for those that were not satisfied with the articles. Sort of a prelude to a street photography article I would like to write for you all. Such important topics of discussion include...

-Street Photography: How not to look like tourist!
-Robbers and You: How to avoid losing your camera.
-I fought the law and the law took my photos. Know your rights on where you can take photographs.
-B&W: Just because you took the color out of the photo does not mean its anymore artistic; and don't get me started on the sephia effect.

But seriously, enjoy guys, thanks for stopping by. I am off to bed. Tomorrow is a travel day for the group and me to our next investigation.

Remember to do something positive,