Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Stuff - Index Case

Hey Everyone,

How are my fellow blogger readers doing? Weekend is coming up and hopefully you will use the time off from work and studies to put in a little time for yourself. Stretch your mind, exercise your soul...that kinda stuff. Man, I am dying for some sun...never did I think I would become affected by the season and the clouds the way I am at the moment. Stressed, tired and sometimes grumpy.

A little news from my buddy Chad and Joe. Joe's band Index Case is on the verge of debuting their new album. Here is a sample vid.

Anyone planning on watching the Alice in Wonderland this weekend?


Shell said...

Morning Serge,

Hope you get some sun soon. I will send you some from South Carolina to help defrost Pa(lol). I want to see Alice in Wonderland but I have to work this weekend. The special effects look awesome in it.

Morgaine said...

Of course. How anyone could resist the genius of Tim Burton is beyond me.

Also, Rachmaninoff and The Smiths are known to cure everything from sour moods to bad days and even the common cold.

Smile :)

White Russian said...

Morning all,

Well sure enough the universe decided to treat me today with some sun and blue skies. So I need to take advantage of this fast. I will probably be working from home today so I can make escapes to the backyard periodically.


ShellSc said...

Definitely escape to the back yard for some sun and blue skies, helps with the creative process. :]

White Russian said...


I tried doing a search for the band and came out defeated. Even google couldn't help me out. Hook a russian up.

Aquaryan said...

Serg, there are two different artists. Rachmaninoff is one artist (there are songs on Myspace). The Smiths (I believe Elliot Smith, right, Morgaine?) is another band. I gotta go and enjoy my day off...hopefully it get sunny and I can take pictures.

WatchingStars said...

The sun is out, but I'm sick with a bad cold. The weather is actually decent today. My mom thinks I need to get outside and it will help cure me. I don't know about that.
Blah, I really don't want to go anywhere. See, this is what winter does to you :P Hope you get some sun yourself.
On another note, Index Case is gonna rock the house come June 12th. I am planning on going to their Release party in Des Moines. Good way to start off the summer! It can't come soon enough!

Morgaine said...

I'm on my Blackberry so I have no clue if this will post a comment as me, but this is Morgaine.

Oh, Sergey. Rachmaninoff is a composer, search Sergei Rachmaninoff (he always makes my soul happy) and The Smiths are a different band. Please tell me you know who The Smiths are? :)

It would be a lot easier to throw some cheery music out there if I knew which genre of music you enjoyed most.

Either way, some good ol' Marley should do the trick!

Hopefully that will cure your blues a little. If you want something different, just give me a new genre.


Outliers Inc. said...

It's a beautiful sunny day outside and I am....studying. It sucks. I'm going to see Alice some time next week during spring break. I cannot wait! Tim Burton blows my mind! Now all I want to do is watch Corpse Bride.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! I'm taking a photography trip with some friends to Charleston next week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be only slightly overcast and warm.

Trista said...

Well. I'm glad I'm not the only one with clouds hanging over my head despite the absence of clouds in the sky.

I started to watch the video, but they're definitely not my cup of tea.

And to be even more of a Debbie Downer, I don't like Tim Burton. I've tried to like him. I even hated Charlie and the Choclate Factory, despite my undying love for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Gene Wilder was beyond brilliant in the original movie. I didn't even like Big Fish!

Anyway, I digress. I think I need a vacation. Life has become rather stale. Who would like to join me? I don't care where we go, as long as there's sun and alcoholic beverages.

Trista said...

Oh, and my iPod says, listen to "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell. At least, that's what it just said to me.

Morgaine said...

Jamie Lidell!
Groovy taste, miss Trista :)

Trista said...

Thank you! ;)

SarahMay said...

Hopefully you were able to soak up some rays today and reset yourself, so to speak.

Really looking forward to the Index Case CD release! Their "Underwater" song truly stirs up a lot of emotion inside of me--probably because it is affiliated with the AGH Movie, although I haven't seen it yet. Patiently waiting for that as well!! Gosh, there's a lot to look forward to this summer. Bring on the sunshine!!!!!!!!

Madelyn said...


I wish i had some sun too! We had a little today in Chicago. Wore a short sleeve shirt and sweats buttt chickaned out and put my northface back on. Hope you get some soon :)! I want to see Alice in Wonderland..but i still havent seen the oringinal one..boooo. Eat some carbs, as they boost levels or serotonin in your brain and you will feel better :)

Love & Hope

White Russian said...

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Today was
bee-a-utiful. I swear when I was taking Xander for a walk, I felt like I was on an Acid trip. The sun was smiling and giving me a high five. The trees swayed with the wind and talked to me. Could not have asked for a better way to recharge to spirit.

That makes sense about the musicians now. I am checking out Rachmanioff and I will tell you I know The Smiths in about a week after I hear their music. Aquaryan, I have some Elliot Smith and I don't think he is exactly chipper...reminds of me of Damien Rice. I prefer Damien Rice more.

Outlier, should I decide to do a finger puppet review for the Alice movie, I will be sure to bring up a spoiler alert warning.

Trista, vacation to somewhere warm sounds good. But at the moment I'll just stick to the occasional hike through the woods. Its cheaper.

All of you are awesome for stopping by, now I must return to an article we are reading in PRS.

Kris said...

Today was the first day since two weekends ago that has actually been a little sunny and warm, and I LOVED it!! I check out Indexcase earlier when Chad posted it on his facebook. :) I like them!!

I'm going to see Alice on Friday. I love Tim Burton movies, so I definitely can't wait!!

Morgaine said...

Well, I hope you enjoy Rachmaninoff. He is incredible. I can't believe you don't already know him! ...and you call yourself a Russian!

You probably know who the Smiths are, just not by name. But I warn you, most of their songs aren't exactly...cheery. But the music makes up for the not-so-upbeat lyrics.

Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World," The Beatles, The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love," Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," U2, some of REM, Jason Mraz, Ella Fitzgerald?

Just depends on what you're into. The possibilities are endless.


Just another Fan said...

Most definately going to go see Alice in Wonderland. Maybe not this weekend, though. It looks great, depsite the mix-and-match of the digital and the actual (even in this day and age it doesn't always blend well). Of course, being a photographer, you'd know that already. Being 14 and only just now having the means to experiment with all the lovely tech stuff means that, while I have an eye for it, I'm just not as good. But being a lover of paranormal things as well makes me extra happy when someone can blend two different worlds like that.

Holly said...

AIWL looks spectacular!Especially in 3d!

Sergey, I found this great movie on hulu called 1920. Its a bollywood flick with english subtitles, however the imagery is beautiful, story line keeps you on your feet, and its just overall creepy!! It reminds me of a mix between exorcism of emily rose and the exorcist. The music (to me) is hypnotic and reminds me of something from putumayo records. Its worth watching if u have the time!
free to watch there


Outliers Inc. said...

Ha, thanks Serg! Alice In Wonderland is combining two of my favorites: Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Tim Burton isn't for everyone though.

Morgaine, you have a great taste in music!

Morgaine said...

Thank you, dear :)

ShellSc said...


Sounds like you had a great day outside with Xander. Can't wait for the finger puppet review of Alice in Wonderland.:] have a good night

Trista said...


I didn't say it had to be warm! I just said sunny. Sun shining through the trees still counts as sunny. As long as there's alcohol in the woods, I'm there.

ncchapman said...

Oh my god, the joys of getting drunk in the woods. It makes me miss summer sooo much. I love campiiiiing. I turn into a feral child, no joke. I've been working on my wood carving skills but I suck, it's much more tempting to lie on the dock and read... and then be attacked by swarms of savage soaking children. It's the best. You should make time to go camping this summer. It's something to look forward too.
But as for me, I am going somewhere... I dunno where yet. We've yet to decide and it's only two weeks away. I love spontaneity. And I love my mother who literally can't come to a decision till the last moment. Any recommendations? You're more then welcome to come if you can be as vulgar as three girls who never keep their mouthes shut and have something to say to everything.
The winter never used to affect me but it definitely does now. I'd just like to pick up the town I live in and move it to a warm climate. But to me it's all about the company you keep.
I hope to see Index Case go somewhere in the future. I love shows so I'll definitely check them out if they come through town. Speaking of good & happy music and concerts.. Silversun Pickups anyone? Hopefully, I'll be able to see them on the 12th. But in the meantime check them out if you haven't already.
OHHHHHH and I totally forgot. I ordered 3 of your prints for my meditation/work-out/art studio. So f'ing excited.

Twisted Phenomena (Myah) said...

Hey Serg, i check this blog everyday and i am a fan, could you post more vlogs, i miss seeing your face since you haven't posted in a long time

-twisted phenomena

Twisted phenomena (Myah) said...

hey sergey i was bored so i dicided to ask you a question, you were born in ukraine right?So wouldn't you be the white Ukrainian not the white Russina, whhy don't you post a video explaining your origins to me? I would greatly appreciate it.

p.s. i just watched the episode of paranormal stae where you said that your aunt tried to marry you off. i cried...if you got married i would probably kill myself.