Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opinions please.

Trying some changes for the future.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ISO 400

This last case that we just filmed was pretty darn sweet. I think the biggest dose of awesomeness came when the client gave me an old camera that he had bought at an antique store.  Its an Olympus OM-1n. I did a little wiki reading about the camera and it was a pinnacle for film SLRs. It started this with a huge reduction in size, weight and noise. 

The camera works...at least it sounds like it does. I have 400 ISO black and white film loaded and I am ready to take some photographs. I think the beauty of film cameras is that one can double or triple expose on the same piece of film to create some really nifty shots. Thats kinda what I am aiming to use this. Only thing that sucks is that I am used to the digital camera metering the light for me. This allows me to pick the appropraite settings to properly expose the photo. Without metering one runs into a chance of over or under exposing the photograph. 

Now the camera does have the capabilities of doing it but it requires a battery that I cannot find. Bugger....Well I figure I can go with my guts. Not guts no glory, right? So I am gonna take my digital SLR and set it to ISO 400...then I am gonna set it to manual and see what aperture and shutter speed I need in a given amount of light. I figure if I do this enough times I can get the hang of naturally figuring out what aperture and shutter speed I need to expose a photo.

Anyone have any halloween plans? We are stopping by Long Island this weekend for an event that we are throwing. Its at Kaitys Bar...the same place where we filmed our season 1 episode. We are throwing an early Halloween Bash. I am going as an old school journalist. I have the camera and the hat that would work great.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paranormal State: Digging for Truth

I started putting together a couple of portfolios for my website. I am trying to create some unique portfolios...here is one set which I call..."Digging for Truth." These are all photos from season 1 of Paranormal State.

(First Episode)

(Last Episode)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When I was young...

...I would love reading Calvin and Hobbes on rainy days with the window open.

Now its may not be raining where you are, nor is raining here in State College; in fact its rather sunny.

But I thought I would share with you guys a little bit of C&H and what they are all about. This goes out to the bored office workers, the stay at home peeps, the after school students, and whoever else wants a smile put on your face.

Sit back and let the imagination of Calvin and Hobbes take you for a mini trip. 

My math students would love this one.

If only I could take photos as awesome as Calvin...

Thanks for dropping by folks. Stay tuned, I am planning on posting some photos from the first episode we filmed last weekend. 

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where has Sergey been?

So….its been awhile since we last interacted…this is kinda awkward…

I…auhh…what? Did you say something? No? Ok, let me start then…

Its that time again. FILMING! That’s right, Paranormal State was picked up for 13 more episodes and we are on the road. It always feels strange to go on the first case of the season. I get these brief thoughts that I may have lost my game. August was the last time we did an investigation. That is why for the past few weeks we have been prepping up for the future. 

But anywho, that is where most of my time has been put into. Although don’t fear my dear reader, I made sure to devote some time towards my progression for becoming a professional photographer. Like what you ask? 

Well at the counter at the grocery store I flipped through Shutterbug magazine….ok ok I know that sounds pointless, but hear me out.

I got to thinking. I need to make contact with the photography magazines that are out there. How does one become a writer for them? How can I get them to display my photos so that I …oh look a cookie…sorry I got distracted.

Well...I reached out and got two magazines that responded: Shutterbug and PC Photo. The editors told me that they would be interested in a couple of my ideas, but they need to see the photos first. So that is where I am at right now. Hoping that I am able to show them some photos that will rock their world, that will blow their socks of their feet, that will blow their feet off, if they aren’t wearing socks. Something truly amazing.

Hmm...I was just playing with my Rebel and I noticed something odd. The lower I set my ISO the more photos I can take. The higher my ISO is set at, then the less photos I can take. I need to investigate this mystery because its honestly making my brain hurt. How could this be? Do higher ISO photos take up more space? 

So I journey into this first case of the season with just my Canon ELPH and a 50mm Prime on my Rebel, hoping I can blow some feet off.

I will share some of the photos with you all when I return.*

*Sharing may not occur if images taken during case come out unfortunate.