Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Spread the Message

Fate is an extra​ordin​ary thing​.​ It bring​s us unexp​ected​ event​s.​ Somet​imes we may find a smile​,​ and somet​imes we may not. But fate does not trave​l alone​.​ It has a partn​er:​ Hope.​ We hope that thing​s will turn out fine;​ that our frien​ds and loved​ ones will be alrig​ht.​ But hope can trave​l to a stran​ger.​ To a perso​n that you may not even know.​ 

This is where​ we, PRS, are askin​g for your help.​ Reach​ out and pray,​ for a famil​y that has been plagu​ed with a diffi​cult situa​tion.​ And lets see what happe​ns when the masse​s gathe​r.​ What happe​ns when,​ we, as peopl​e,​ put our conce​ntrat​ion at a singl​e point​,​ time and place​.​ When we try to light​ the darke​st of the caves​ with our joy, our smile​s,​ our perse​veran​ce that we will not let evil over come.​ 

So reach​ out to you frien​ds and ask them if they would​ pray for just a momen​t.​ Tonig​ht at 10:​30 PM EST we are askin​g that you pray for a famil​y in Quinc​y,​ IL. Pleas​e,​ pleas​e reach​ out and sprea​d the word.​ The more the bette​r.​ 

Be stron​g.​ Belie​ve.​
Serge​y Pober​ezhny​

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos from a photoshoot

So a few cases back I did a photoshoot of Ryan. Here a couple of photos from that shoot. To show the process I will post some of the bad ones and then some of winners. Enjoy.

These photos cannot be used for commercial purposes. Please wait before taking these photos. I will repost them with my signature. We ran into an emergency during the case, and I don't have the ability to add the signature until I get back home.

More photos will be up when my website is complete. Hope you all had a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hey all

Hey there folks,

I am about 2 hours away from hopping on the plane and heading towards our next investigation. From what I heard the premiere of new episodes did well and people are really liking them. Just a few more left to film till we are done. Hopefully we will have a small break. Oh and if the preview for next weeks episode is what I think it is, then I definitely recommend you guys watch it.

Saw Curious Case of Benjamin Button. For those who have yet to see it, do go. It is one of those life touching movies that makes you want to go on an adventure of some sort after you watch it. You ever get that after a movie? After I watch any Die Hard movie I feel like I can take on any terrorist attack. After I watched Inside Job, I thought it was pretty simple to rob a bank. Planned it all out my cocktail napkin, but left it at the bar. I also watched the Orphange and now I think I can be some sort of ghost...hunter.

Yep, I did manage to do a quick photoshoot of Ryan during one of our investigations. If you guys are interested I will put some of the mediocre and some of the better ones up. But all this was made possible thanks to Olympus. So I really thank them.

So how many of you folks been following your new year's resolutions? For the most part I have been pretty consistent when it comes to working out and I would like to say that I have been eating more healthy then I ever was. Clementines are my new best friends. I should try and do a photo of them to fit with my 51 word photo challenge. But aside from the regular new year goals, you don't really hear thay many unusual ones...like maybe learning to play the air guitar better, or eating more meat to insure that we remain dominant over the animal species.

Remember to put your seat in the upright position, your tray tables are up and your seat belts are fastened.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where has Sergey been?

Hey Guys,

I am so sorry for not keeping in touch with you all. For those wondering where I have disappeared, check out the the following two links and they will explain it all. The adventure still continues.

Exclusive Sneak-Peek of Paranormal State 2.5 from Ryan Buell on Vimeo

I have a few days off folks, so I will stay in touch with you.