Friday, November 28, 2008

A few photographs before I leave into the night

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. Who gained an extra 10 pounds? Here are some photos I took during my warm up run through the city. I am in love with my new camera. I am off into the night to see what I can capture. I am also gonna apply some of these to that crazy challenge.

Society Misfortune


Stay safe and remember, do something positive.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heading out...

Hey guys...

Bio Photo

Currently rereading: The Prophet by Khalil Gibran....among other books as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Blog

Hopefully this works for everyone. Just some news and seeing how this video blog thing works.

Good night...or good morning if you are looking at this tomorrow morning.

Friday, November 14, 2008

51 Words - Dwindling, Identity



I hope in a few days I will get to tell you guys something big.

What will you do this weekend? I will watch a movie, sneeze, take photos, laugh, sing in the shower, sigh, read a magazine article, listen to music, jam on the air guitar, talk with my parents, think about the world, listen to the trees..drift...away.

Have a great weekend and remember to do something positive.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change: We can believe in.

So how did you all feel last night? 

Its amazing how yesterday had such an important impact on our lives. How will your life be effected? 

By working together we can do so much. But where do we start? It starts... with you. Yep, that one person who thinks they can.  As we count down the days till the inaguration what will you do? Will you loathe the results and stew in negativity, or wait and grow stale? Or, will you start to do? To make yourself a better person and make this world a better place? 

Who can I become?
There is a change unfolding,
Who can we become?

Perhaps it is time we start to part ways from an individualistic idealogy. Forget the me, myself's and I and start to consider the us, together and we. What will happen when we start to work together? What will happen when we start to do something positive?

This is the change that I believe in.

This is what I got from Obama. What did you?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Almost Done

Well everyone,

Thank you so much for helping me decide on my new logo. I actually liked the third one over the other ones as well. It doesn't mean I won't use the other ones. I have a couple of ideas in mind. Especially when it comes to doing something positive. 

Anyway, I am almost done and ready for a mini break. For the past week I have been on the road with Ryan helping him out with this speaking tour. Then we jumped straight into filming a case. Today is the last day and I am ready for some R&R. 

I am also excited that tomorrow is election day. It will be my first time voting and  I am planning on bring my trusty camera with me to document the process. 

When it comes to the 51-Word challange, it is about time I get back on it. Stay tuned, for I will try to get some out by this week.

I shall write you all tomorrow.