Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #3

Hey Everyone...welcome to another Late Nite Sunday Blog. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. I am still trying to find the perfect combination to export the best quality video file.

boy did that take while to upload...


Kris said...
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Victoria K Photography said...

Great vlog Sergey. First time viewing, and look forward to hearing your updates. I just joined a photography meetup group, and can't wait to shoot with other photogs who have a love for photography as welll. I am working on a new photo project starting this week,( Posting a few shots from the desert in a few moments. ) Loving your first digital camera... Classic!!!! Mine is a Kodak DX7590 (5 mp) I captured some of my most favorite shots with it, and still shoot with it from time to time. Enjoy your week~

aaashleyy said...

I love you Sunday vlogs! They cheer me up, and send me to sleep a happy camper (o: I love you input on things, especially the feral old people. It's going to happen, old people are getting grumpier, and grumpier. I love zombies (o:

Irum said...

Just wanted to say that yes, half-hour blogs would be great, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is awesoome! Also, I was just wondering what exactly you meant by the ads on the side. It might might help to know if I am clicking the right things.
Thank You!
Keep blogging! They help me get through homework!

ShellSc said...


Another great vlog. A 30 min vlog would be awesome. I would sit there for it. And nice butt shot.
I know what you mean about a change/rebirth coming. You can feel it in the air. Mine is that I am close to my degree and wondering where and what type of design to go into. I have been trying to work on my photography more since your comments. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments on the photography.


Ps: Watch out for the feral old people on your walks with Xander and what were the songs playing in the background of your vlog?

JJ said...

I am going to show my nerd status completely and be a stickler for a moment: It's actually Joss Whedon, not Josh. I do agree that Dr. Horrible is great, I sing the songs in the shower...
I will say that Firefly and Buffy can both tie with it, though. I won't get started on Whedon, though, or else I might not stop.

Interesting theory to ponder is if zombies do, in fact, age. I would hazard a guess that they might lose some limbs/fingers as they get further along in the stage of their zombie-ism. Necrotic tissue can be a bitch. I am, however, sufficiently scared of a zombie invasion so I will be making changes to my zombie contingency plan in an effort to adapt to aging zombies.

I would be excited to see some of your photographs with the point and shoot digital camera you started out with. I am going to Wales in May with a point and shoot, and it would be encouraging to see some of your shots.

Also, many commendations on working out. I'm sure we all enjoyed the view.

White Russian said...

Good morning everyone....

Kris, that is an awesome question which I will have to think about. But I will address it in my next vlog.
Shell, the songs in the background were, Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars and The Boxer by The Editors.

Cheers everyone and hope you all have an enjoyable Monday.

White Russian said...

And Irum...the two main locations are right above the THE BILLION, GAJILLION WORD PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLANGE OF DOOM....which I will scratching another word or two of the list...WILL BE! and the other is over my Twitter feed.

hmmm....maybe my blog will go through some light spring cleaning. I stopped tagging each article with a category and I feel like I should go back and tag all the articles I have written so that it would be easier for new comers to navigate around this thing.

Trista said...

I think Xander should have his own Sunday vlog. He almost stole your spotlight. Better give him his own vlog before he steals yours!

I definitely think the 10 minute range is a good spot for you to be in. I think many people are a bit A.D.D. these days... I know I certainly am. Do you ever watch any of Obama's public appearances/speeches? I find that the more he talks, the less I want to listen. He rambles on endlessly and no matter how important what he's saying may be, I just can't pay attention to him. I'm not saying you ramble endlessly, but I'm just giving you something to aspire to not be!

I do think, however, that if you want to make your vlog a little longer, that you could shoot separate segments and piece them together. Maybe change the scenery up for different segments. For instance, for your formspring segment, you could set up a specific table that you sit at every week to answer the formspring questions. You could hang a ridiculous sign on the wall behind you or something. You could sit in awkward positions. I think if you change things up a little that you'll be able to hold people's attention longer for a longer vlog. If you decide that's what you want.

Anyway, that's that about that. As for change? Oh my. Yes, change has been a-brewing for some time now. I woke up one day and knew it was coming--not as some striking revelation or anything, but merely as a knowing. Just thinking about it kind of turns my stomach a bit. I'm anxious for change. I need it. I've become more myself in the past month than I ever have been before. I know that big change is coming. I know it's good. BUT! I don't know what it is. So it makes me nervous, but excited.

And may I just say, HOW FABULOUS IS IT THAT IT'S 57 DEGREES OUTSIDE? I want to put on a dress, braid flowers into my hair and run through a meadow while the Grateful Dead plays. Word. :)

Happy Monday, folks.

ShellSc said...


Just wanted to say you have inspired me today from your Vlog. I was off from work and decided to take a walk around my neighborhood which sad to say I have never done since I moved here in May. I took my camera and took some pictures. I have the pictures posted on Flickr if you want to see them. I mean if you have time. I know you are a busy person. here is the link if you have time and want to check them out

ncchapman said...

Lol, I love your vlogs. You're an interesting person. I love those feelings when you get to sit there and say wow this is my life. I especially love it when you feel that way about a person, like if you stare at them hard enough and then you get this out of body experience like wow, that's what this person really looks like and i love them. Hahahaaha, I feel that way when I stare at my mom.

I do feel change. It's been a really weird and stressful last few months. Sometimes you have to look for signs but lately they've been all up in my grill. It's weird when you think about the people you might let down in order to do what you really wanna do. It seems so selfish but it's.. not. I just broke a mirror 5 minutes ago, I hope that doesn't squander my luck. I was walking around, pondering the existence of ODDS in terms of luck and change! When I heard a crash behind me and realize that my purse had knocked over my vanity mirror and it was shattered... Coincidence? I'm not one to believe in superstition but really!? At that exact moment in time?

I guess an important thing to note in terms of change but more in terms of luck is something I learned from my dad since he has a really, really odd job. Just because a sportscaster picks a favorite doesn't mean the horse will run well and it sure as hell doesn't mean that the horse will win. It's all about the examination of the horse's history, the weather, the track, the jockey, the trainer. Millions of factors go into every single detail. It's just a matter of figuring it out, weighing the odds. But isn't it really just a matter of luck? In my opinion, no not really. The factors are all there to be calculated... If it was luck my dad wouldn't make a living doing what he does.

BTW Philadelphia has a beautiful track, actually so does New York. You should go to them if you haven't been already.. I mean if that kind of thing interests you. Might be a cool place to take pictures.

Hey, keep eating apples. And yeah, wtf!?! Where was the dancing?

SarahMay said...

I actually thought you were going to say that you thought the feral old people could've perhaps been skateboarding themselves. Haha! Forgot that a zombies' main purpose is to eat people.

My attention span depends on the speaker and you seem to always have a variety of stuff to talk about, Sergey, so you keep my attention. I've watched 2 hour long talks/lectures on YouTube before, so no ADD here.

I love it when random people and Xander walk in on your vlog recording. Reality at it's best. I'm glad you keep that kind of stuff in. :)

White Russian said...

Well Trist, Xander has got a hell of an agent and its really tough to get this dog to do anything without some crazy negotiating. I mean...he demands 10 belly rubs a day, 4 peanut butter dog treats a day, 4 busy bones a week and 3 large rawhide a week. I have been thinking about changing sceneries and cutting and splicing videos from different times and places together. Comes with the process of learning iMovie. So in due time, expect that. The weather today was incredible. In fact after I am done typing this, it will be another walk that Xander will receive.

Shell, I took a quick look at your work and its a good start. Off the bat recommendation and this goes out to any new photographer is to try and change the angles. For the most part it seems like you were shooting at the same height level, but for shits and giggles go crazy and place your camera really low to ground or stretch your hands way up high and try to get a high angle look at things. Keep on shooting and good luck.

Natalie, I think luck comes and goes in the most strangest moments. The horse who has the lowest odds of winning, may win because the the rest of the horses, on that particular day, suddenly fell ill due to the rations that they received by chance. It funny you spoke of luck because I just saw a video today from The Price is Right.
This kid had a crazy lucky day. Was it because it was his birthday? Would things have ran differently if it wasn't his birthday? I can't remember where I read this, but I think scientist were actually trying to study luck. And like those people who tend to be extremely lucky, the universe finds a balance and create people who are very unlucky. In fact, Chad, told me there is documentary on people who are constantly unlucky, Coolers, that they are hired by casinos to stand next to people are suddenly winning a lot to have them stop.

Thanks for stopping by everyone....Make the best, of the rest of your day.

ShellSc said...


Thanks for the suggestions I will try them the next time I am able to go out and take some more pictures

Outliers Inc. said...

Better watch out for your photography club. They might get eaten by feral-zombie senior citizens.

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS and WARM! YAY! I was rockin' out to Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog on my way to Charleston today. I went to the market and took a lot of pictures. It was great! I will put a few up on my blog tomorrow. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Would metamorphosis be a way to describe the kind of change you were talking about? I am definitely feeling that this year is going to be very different from the previous one, in a good way.

Suggestion for a vlog topic: could you explain white balance and how it affects the pictures you take? I've never taken a photography class, just started taking pictures on my own and I would like to know more about lighting in general. What is the most efficient/best way to light a subject in the corner of the room that is in shadow?

I saw Shutter Island, it was pretty good. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I like the movies that have no resolution to them- they keep me coming back.

Have a good week!

WatchingStars said...

Enjoyed your video Serg. Love your randomness and Xander adds a bit of cuteness to it as well :)

Hm, feral old people...sometimes I think old people use their oldness to hide their intent. It's the ones that are grumpy and mean that bother me. Just because you're old doesn't give you an excuse to bitch and whine sorry lol..we all have to suffer this life on earth.

Well, life isn't all about suffering, sorry for the darkness there...spring is coming and flowers will be blossoming. This has been kind of a dark winter for me, so I hope that a good change is coming.

I have a new job that is coming up soon, I have inspiration for some photo projects. I am shooting my first wedding in June, and next week I am getting a new bed. I suppose things are looking up!

*I really need to get my head out of the dumpster*

As for the time frame-I think 10-15 mins is good, cause like Trista said a lot of us are ADD out there now..and so much is demanding our attention, either that or distracting us.

Good luck with the photo club, hmm wonder if there are any around here..something to look into.

Hope you have a good evening, time for me to cook up some dinner. :)

Holly said...

I just found a copy of the time travelers wife in my dvd drive. Bad part is, I returned the empty case back to Blockbuster a week ago. I'd say its safe to say im gonna get a hefty little late fee :(

Late fees stink. But Hey! The sun was out today so none of those things matter, right? Today is also international women's day. So worship a woman for the next 16 minutes.:)

Work was pretty rough today..Its not always easy getting chewed out(speaking for the store) by a tiny asian woman who looks like she could fall into the dominatrix career at any point. Fashion is serious business..(reminds me of the devil wears prada)Im curious if she owns a cat of nine tails?

Spring is here and I need a new camera. My little digital camera has been so many places, and taken so many beatings. It still works though. Sometimes the shutter won't open fully and it looks like someone who's eye got stuck mid wink. ;)

So what do you think about the government considering closing Guantanamo bay? From what I know(someone plz correct me if im wrong)following military or civil court, an establishment such as a fed level pen is to be built with us tax dollars, in the states, to house the worst of the worst in society? Does that sound right? Not to me it doesn't.

Listen to Austrian Death Machine much? o.O

uhhh random thought....Anyways

Goodnight and hope for sunny skies tomorrow. Sometimes the weatherman can be wrong!


RMarie7 said...

Yes, supposedly "Coolers" exist. There was a movie about them starring William H Macy.

Please dance. lol Go see Alice and Wonderland, come back, and do the flutter wack for next week's blog. That should keep everyone's attention.

I'm really glad you said that about starting off with regular cameras. I've been wanting to get back into my art, and photography has caught my attention. I just don't have the budget for something professional.

I love that Xander is one of those dogs that can convey volumes with a single look. And I'm pretty sure he was cussin' you. ;)


@goatcharms said...

If you get killed and eaten by senior citizen zombies you sure are slow. It is important to work on your cardio so you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Ellie said...

Great post! Keep it up! Also, I am feeling Gir on your chair!! :)

Ellie said...

Just to let you know, I need a job, you need a crew...just putting two and two together.