Thursday, March 26, 2009

I tried to put my adventures in a box but the box was too small...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for being patient with me. The last few weeks were nothing short of non stop, in your face craziness.

So I was thinking of playing around with astrology for like week. I always found it interesting when my horoscope would match up with how I was feeling and I would very well easily forget the countless times when it hasn't. So I thought, let me see how many days of a week my horoscope would be accurate.

I guess the next step is to pick a place to get my horoscope. And in this day and age those places are a dime a dozen. If you guys have any recommendations let me know. I was thinking I could post my horoscope in the beginning of the day and then write how my day went at night time. Although I was never a fan of horoscopes. I much preferred BioRhythms. We will see; maybe I can do both. After this little bruhaha is over we can move on to some more photography talk.


Link from the past about an amazing robot artist. (Click only if you need to laugh)

Well I think I hit you all with enough stimulation. I feel like I should have eased the Serg back in your life a little bit more carefully. But I am sure you folks can handle it.

I would love to answer some of the questions you guys post on my comments; now that I found my Magic 8 Ball, I will restart posting answers in the comments section.

Enjoy your Thursday, oh and I almost remember to smile.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Spider's Dance and more

I watched the spiders spin and dance,
To build the web that holds my dream...

...that or they really wanted to catch some food.

I thought that having a clone would help me get ahead in life...

...but all he did was eat my food and watch tv.

clones make me sad :(

The other birds kept their distance from Derek, because there was something different about him...

...he smelled like poop.

Its hard to share one umbrella and not get wet. So I watched her run for cover as I stayed dry.