Friday, April 02, 2010

New Photos uploaded on site

Short blog action on this Friday afternoon. Just got into the PRS office and wanted to drop some blog love before I head into a meeting where we talk about Jung's Conception of the Structure of Personality in Relation to Psychical Research.....yea thats a mouthful.

I did manage to upload a new portfolio on my site: Zen in Nature

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Seems like the weather is getting better and better each day. I hope to explore a new park that is maybe half an hour away from here.

Well to the meeting...



Aquaryan said...

Serg, have a wonderful Easter long weekend! The weather will probably not be that great, but it should get better for Sunday.

I saw the pictures on your site, the other day. Good job!

Take care!

ShellSc said...


Happy Easter and have a good one! The pictures are great. You have a good eye. Nothing fun for me this weekend. Stuck at work and going flash homework this weekend. Hear the headaches and the depression( from no time in the sun and nice weather)calling me now,lol.
Well have some fun for me this weekend!


RMarie7 said...

"Jung's Conception of the Structure of Personality in Relation to Psychical Research." Is that code for "the kegger is about to start"? ;)

I get to see my nieces Easter egg hunt for their first time this weekend. Very excited.

Great new pics on the site. Have a great weekend.

Holly said...

This weekend I plan on working out, possibly watch a movie..or two...Still wanting to see The Fourth Kind! Sunday I will walk to the park and play basketball. Get ready for the 9-5 grind to start over for the week. I love my job and always have fun so that is not a problem at all :)

I am jealous as all get out that you are attending JCSPRPR. There...I shortened it! haha But no really Jung is fantastic. I I am proud owner and audience of his collected works.
My favorite :The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, Instinct and the unconscious.

"The Primordial imade might suitably be described as the instint's perception of itself, or as the self-portrait of the instinct, in exactly the same way as consciousness is an inward perception of the objective life-process. Just as conscious apprehension gives our actions form and direction, so unconscious apprehension through the archetype determines the form and direction of instinct. If we call instinct "refined" then the "intuition" which brings the instinct into play, in other words the apprehension by means of the archetype, must be something incredibly precise.

The criterion of the all-or none reaction proposed by Rivers has helped us to discover the operation of instinct everywhere in human psychology, and it may be that the concept of the primordial image will perform a similar service with regard to acts of intuitive apprehension. Intuitional activity can be observed most easily among primitives. There we constantly meet with certain typical images and motifs which are the foundations of their mythologies. These images are autochthonous and occur with great regulatiy; everywhere we find the idea of a magic power of substances, of spirits and their doings, of heroes and gods and their legends.l In the great religions of the world we see the perfection of those images and at the same time their progressive incrustation with rational forms. They even appear in the exact sciences, as the foundation of certain indispensable auxillary concepts such as energy, ether, and the atom. In philosophy, Bergson affords an example of the revival of a primordial image with his conception of "duree creatice," which can be found in Proclus and, in its origional form, in Heraclitus.

The collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes. Just as everybody possesses instincts, so he also possesses a stock of archetypal images. The most striking proof of this is the psychopathology of mental disturbances that are characterized by an irruption of the collective unconscious.


Willow Moon said...

Yup - weekend's gonna be fun! We had off school today, so Mom and I "kidnapped" two of her students/friends and "dragged" them to go see "The Last Song" it was good - cute, sad and a bit disturbing at times (ie. wtf with the Cyrus attack) - and then brought them to our house to check out the woods, got ice cream and drove them home. The rest of the week-end is not gonna be much, considering we don't really celebrate Easter (we're waiting till Beltane [or Beltaine, whichever spelling you want] to scare people) and then I'm going over to my friend's house to play D&D for the first time {I'm actully kinda scared for my well-being, but oh well} and that's it. Probably TMI, but still. Yes, I am the same nut who called herself "Willow" before I got a blogger account. /fail/

Trista said...

Why does your post say "Tuesday, March 30"? I don't know what made me look at that. Weird.

Anyway, I definitely have to do something fun this weekend because the past two days I've been recovering from food poisoning, which was not fun. I can say, however, but my case was mild compared to others I've heard about, so I'm glad it wasn't any worse.

This weather = amazing.

WatchingStars said...

I saw Clash of Titans this was great. Love Greek Mythology. As for the rest of the weekend, gonna make an Easter dinner with the family, and then one day we're gonna go to the Horticultural Domes. I can't wait to take pics of all the flowers and cool looking plants and stuff. Should be fun.

Hope you have a nice Easter Serg!

ncchapman said...

I loved the Zen photos and the symmetrical ones too. What photo editing program do you use? You're pictures are so vibrant.

This weekend has been and will be awesome. Yesterday I went to the zoo, which was beautiful and it was such a gorgeous day. Today I'm having a family party and my sister is in town from Toronto. Last night I spent like 3 hours at the police station because my brother got into a fight with a dude on a motorcycle because my brother's friend said he looked like a girl(my brother is 16). The motorcyclist started punching his windows and spitting at him then tried ramming his motorcycle into my brothers car but fell off and then my brother ran over his motorcycle... Luckily, no one was hurt except the bike and the accident report said that they'll both be paying for their own damage since it was so retarded(not in those words). When does that ever happen?!?! It's like a scene from a movie...

I wrote an article about the health care reform for dummies and put it up on my blog incase anyone wants to read it.

Here's a clip I thought was particularly funny from the Bill Maher Show...

Have a good daayyyyyyyy! Are you coming to Chicago with Ryan in April?

cindy said...

I was not able to view the photos on your site by using a cell phone..

Weekend was slow and sad..
Nothing like turning around and what was isn't any more..

I was told to do five changes in my life..
What would you change in your life?

JJ said...

Hope you had fun at your meeting.

Happy Easter and all that jazz, hope you had an excellent weekend.

I ran off to Edmonton for the weekend to see a friends band at their first show of a Canadian tour. It was great fun.

musicgeek528 said...

Ive looked at your pictures on your website and you've got talent :) I really like what your doing keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

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