Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Photo Story

Hello everyone...

So one of the things that I need to do for my site is to add to the photo story section. This will be one of the first ones I add on there. The idea is to narrate some short stories and add various photographs I have taken as visual aid. I also need to write the blasted things, so I choose this one as it was a bit easier, and fun to go down memory lane. I am still learning about video compression, so hopefully the photos don't look that bad. But let me know how you like this and if I should continue with playing with creating more photo video sets.


Morgaine said...

I really like this idea, Sergey. Stick with it.


ShellSc said...


Awesome video. I loved the pictures. It is true you can get some very good pictures with just a little compact point and shoot camera. Keep up with the blogs, vlogs and videos. They are awesome and I learn new stuff every time from them.
Have a Good Wenesday!


Aquaryan said...

Serg! What an awesome video! Great pictures! You did fine with the video.

J.Marie said...

I really enjoyed this photo video set! I think it is a great start and my vote is that you should do more. :) One of my favorite photos is the last one but then again one of my loves is nature photography so I might be biased. I think it is really cool that you started out just driving to parks and taking photos.

I saw that you have a flickr and an online store but do you have another website that displays all of your work? I thought I saw that mentioned... If not you should definitely work on one. It would be cool to see and I love browsing other photographer’s work via website when I should be working. One of my favorite sites is

Take care and have a great week!

White Russian said...

Afternoon everyone, thank you for the comments.

Yes, I have a website that is WIP. I posted the link in the comments section a while back.


Right now I am going through all my photographs and picking them out for the portfolios.


ncchapman said...

That was so awesome!!! I loved it! I really loved the shadow of the tree, that was beautiful. You are extremely talented.

Kris said...

I absolutely loved this video! It was great hearing the story of how you got into photography and how it became your passion. It has been my passion for years, and I'm still working on getting my photos to be as good as I'd like them to be. Please make more of these great videos!

- Kris

Oh, and I love that squirrel!!

SarahMay said...

I'd call this 1st photo story a total success! If you wouldn't have noted that this was your 1st one I would've thought you've done a lot of these.

The background music was perfect and I didn't notice any issues with the compression of the photos. The story you wrote and the way the words matched up with your photos was true artistry! My vote is to definitely see more of these as well.

WatchingStars said...

Fantastic job with the video Serg. I have a similar story of how photography just kinda crept into my life. I didn't really take notice of my ability with the camera until people starting saying compliments all the time.
I used to work as a janitor in my mid twenties and I know what it's like to work in solitary and I in fact have come to like that solitary at times. It's in those times that you learn to use your imagination and creativity that you didn't realize was there before.
I started taking pics of flowers mostly when I got my 1st digital. I would go alone to the nearest botanical gardens and try and get the best shot. Unknowingly, it was probably a good way to practice.
Have you ever considered taking photos of flowers? I dunno maybe that's not manly enough lol

Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more! :)

Tiberia said...

Serge, I love this idea! Keep it up :)

RMarie7 said...

Great concept. Some of those nature shots are breathtaking. I'd like to hear more about night photography. Trial and error is a great way to learn, but did you read books to learn technique? (Sorry if you've already answered this. I only just found your blog about two months ago.)
Keep it up. Your new ideas for the blog, vlog, photos are working.

Outliers Inc. said...

Very inspiring video.

Q: On the Myers-Briggs, how strong were you on the introversion scale? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing was very enlightening.


White Russian said...

Thank you for the comments everyone.

Outlier, I haven't heard of that for sometime, not since my psych class days, and had to look it up. I don't ever recall taking the test. If you shoot me an email with a link of where I can take the test and get graded, I will make a blog about it.

Hanim;Juliet said...

Awesome video. Really good photos and
good narrate. Keep up the good work though! Anticipating for more creative "work" from you(: