Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Inspired Wednesday's - Sam 0'Hare

We are beginning to see an evolution where photographers have the choice of either adapting or getting left behind. Digital cameras are now coming with quality movie recording options. Perhaps the moving photograph images that once filled the pages of Harry Potter will soon fill our homes. This reality becoming ever so close, especially with the introduction of digital frames. But photographers now have the option of learning the art of creating visual, flowing art. Ever since I got the Canon 7D I have been curious in playing around with its HD video recording. I want to share with you all a video a found. And although, this isn't a movie (35,000 stills) it flows every so beautifully and inspires me to go out there and create something similar.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Also, I am proud to say that my store is progressing well. I have added a special, limited edition print. It exemplifies the student-seeker-warrior theme.

Thanks for stopping by and may you all have great Wednesday. And I also want to add that I am super excited that I can schedule when I want my blog to be published. So I can write blogs up and have them be published in the future. Time travel I come.


Aquaryan said...

Yeah, that would be neat if you did that.

Time Travel, Serg! *LOL* Why does the film BACK TO THE FUTURE come into my mind? Well, that explains how a few of your earlier pics that you can be in two places at once ;)

I have my eye on one of the pictures in your store. Will you be adding more?

WatchingStars said...

Wow amazing video...I can't imagine the work and processing it would take to dive into something like that. Very cool!

Thanks for sharing, and enlightening!


Lisa Michelle said...

That was amazing video. I am sure it took a while to do. and keep the pictures and blogs and Vlogs coming.

Kris said...

Love the video!! A friend of mine did a video using a similar technique for his film class. Since seeing that, I've always wanted to try it out!!

Is time travel a little special skill you picked up that time you were abducted by aliens? :)

Outliers Inc. said...

I loved the video! It reminded me of a stop-motion movie my college roommate made for film class. Very cool, but a lot of work!

ncchapman said...

That was amazing! I want to do something like that too. I always wanted to set up a camera and take a picture of my yard(which is very beautiful) everyday of the year then put it into a slideshow and make it go really fast. Maybe I'll start the first day of spring... Thank you for your inspiration.

SarahMay said...

That Sandpit video is so unique! I love how the camera shots make everything look to be of toy/model size and how it made relatively boring scenes interesting to watch. Very cool!

The technique this Sandpit video uses kind of reminded me of a video I saw a couple months ago on YouTube called Muto by Blu. AMAZING!!!! If you have time to check it out, it is well worth watching. It's a wall-painted animation that, like the Sandpit, must have taken an ENORMOUS amount of time to put together.

Here's the link for it:

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing video.
Very creative most definitely.

The color and clarity is amazing, and the soundtrack fits it perfectly.

Look forward to seeing what you capture with your 7d, and how you bring it to life. :)