Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #4

Hey Everyone...

Holy crap; it took way to long to process this video blog. I guess I made the settings a little too good. My editing is till a bit choppy, but I am making due with what I have and my limited knowledge. Still working on figuring out color corrections and white balances. Also changed where the Sunday vlogs will be posted.

Thanks for watching, till next vlog,

I am thinking of changing this from Sunday Vlog, to Midnight Vlog with the way I've been posting these lately.


Kris said...

Okay, the opening to this blog had me laughing uncontrollably for a while. Last week the butt shot, now this!? :)
Ah, the risks photographers go through! I myself have tried the "Oh, I'm a photography student...sorry for taking photos, I'll delete them..." hoping they'll say, "No, it's fine.." but they never do. Glad you didn't get into any BIG trouble over it!
Oh, and do you realize what you just said when you spoke that African language? You clearly said, "Hey darlin' wanna go get some pie in honor of Pi Day?" Speaking of, none of my friends on facebook knew what I was talking about when I said Happy Pi Day, so I just went back to sit in my nerd corner. :)
Oh, and what's with the disrespectful email? Sad.

Bonus points for playing Muse. You've got great taste in music.

RMarie7 said...

Love the intro, Serg. You know, if you do that little display on a street corner, you might make more money than having us click ads. (Sure, you'll have to run from a cop or two, but you look fast on your feet. No worries.)

Email segment. *long pause* Bbbaahahahahahahahaha! A little piece of my soul dies every time someone writes the way they speak (the=da, what=wut, etc).

Yes. Wearing glasses and doing the one-handed removal before speaking automatically makes you intelligent and credible. ;)
Have a good week.

WatchingStars said...

Well that was entertaining to say the least! I like the story and glad you didn't get caught. You are quite the troublemaker..banned from a Casino and almost chased by cops in a subway! *tsk tsk*

Yes, people who can't spell or do their grammar correctly annoy me..however it just so happens I have friends who are dyslexic or English is their 2nd language, so it has tested my patience for sure!

I enjoyed the photos at the end of the blog..I miss NYC, had a great time there early last September. Had a field trip with my camera! Hope I can go back again this year.

Welp time for me to pass out. Take care..oh and Happy Pi day. Actually it's no longer Pi's now the 15th. Bummer.


ShellSc said...


Honestly what are you trying to do to us Serg with the intro. First butt shot and now this intro. Tease Lol. No it was a good vlog this week and happy belated Pi day. I love the story about the subway pictures and when you broke out the Russian accent. I am glad that you were able to get the photos back. I like the emptiness of them and they tell a story of loneliness.
I am just starting to get more into going out and taking pictures. I found out I get some weird looks and you are explaining to them hey I am a student and into Photography. I have a funny story for you about going out taking pictures Friday( as I was taking you advise). I was walking around my neighborhood and got lost and ended up taking a campus tour of the local college which I don't go to. I just try to blend in and finally made my way back to my apartment. But it was interesting trip and I think I got some good pictures. Have you ever thought of maybe starting a online Photography club? I know I would join.
Email: I agree with Kris. What is up with the email? I mean come on why are you going to ask for paranormal advise and be rude about it.

Well have a good Monday! And love the Muse song. They are awesome.


Outliers Inc. said...

Love Muse! Great vlog and happy Pi +1 day. NPR blogged about Pi day which made me laugh. Apparently there is such a thing as a pi-ku. Weird. Check it out:

I didn't hear anything about your photography club this week. Did they get eaten by zombie Senior Citizens? Shiny cameras and flashes tend to attract the aging zombies.

Here's to NOT getting arrested or eaten during photography excursions!

Kris said...

I'm going to go all mean little Irish girl on the spammer up there.

Trista said...

Hmm... maybe a little more Xander and a little less stripping? I thought for a brief second that you may have been making a career change.

Definitely dig the more distinct segments and scenery change. I think it's a good path for you.

Also, Muse = badass. The Resistance is an absolutely breathtaking album. Did I just describe something as badass and breathtaking at the same time? Yes, I did. I'm that good.

Happy Monday, folks.

Aquaryan said...

PI Day: There is a book called Born on a Blue Day. It is about Daniel Tammet who had recited 22,514 digits of pi from memory. He is a savant like the late Kim Peeks, the Rain Man, was.

Great pictures...I did not know that you can retrieve pictures that were erased on memory cards. I wonder if the cop watching Paranormal State and said, "I nearly arrested that kid!"

Keep up the good work!

White Russian said...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for the comments. I took care of that spam comment. Now it looks like Kris is getting all medieval on Outlier. Hopefully drama will not insue

The Pi-ku looks interesting....

Busy day,
This Monday sucks.

ncchapman said...

I'm feeling your sweet moves. If you do decide to make a career change there will be no judgement from this corner.. You gotta do what you gotta do.
If you have like an extra hour to spare you should watch this:
It's called The Largest Street Gang in America. It's about the crooked po... even though I like the po and they like me. It still freaks me out though, some messed up shit. It's important to be informed.
I was supposed to go see Muse this week i think but the tickets are insanely expensive and no one had the money to go with me. Boobs.
You shouldn't even take the time to address e-mails like that. Don't surround yourself with negativity or ignorance. I don't think she was being rude, she was just being dumb. It's not worth your time.
In two weeks one of my pieces will be in an art show! My first! Wish me luck.

Erica said...

I think I might be traumatized for life after the opening of your vblog. My eyes, my eyes!

Not sure if I can continue watching. Lol...

JJ said...

It's amazing how that Russian accent could come in handy.

I'm pretty sure that the anonymous e-mailer is 14 and possibly enamored with you. Also, you are obviously giving the 14 year olds a reason to come back after todays vlog intro. Raaaacy. Porn music and all.

I'm pretty sure you just love to tease.

White Russian said...

Good luck with the art show Natalie. I'll check out the vid when I have free time.


didn't realize the email would cause such a chatter with everyone. Ty all for the comments. Muse does rock. Till next time...

RMarie7 said...

Lol I don't know you, Kris, but you're feisty. I like it. Try not to hurt anyone. :D

Kris said...

Haha. I was just gonna break bad on some spam..until Sergey decided to make me look like I was gonna hurt someone innocent!! :)

But thank you. :)

Nita. said...

I love your Sunday blogs. Their what I look forward to must on Monday mornings :)

And happy late Pi Day, I had to celebrate it home in the dark, without any power. I was very saddened.

The Email... hm.

I thought there were no such thing as a stupid question but I guess that just proves me wrong. And well it did give me a good giggle. But I don't think who ever the person was should of been so disrespectful about it.

And I agree with Kris, bonus points for playing Muse and the amazing pictures :)

Shannon said...

"The Email" made me pee my pants in laughter (not literally, but close). Maybe next time you're mad you can talk like your african tribe buddies rather than resorting to deep breaths. Passing out is never fun (well...depending...). Also, I like the slide show-esque-ness at the end. :)


musicgeek528 said...

ok so the opening to this made my day! thank you serg! Any way I just wanted to say that your quote "If you can't make yourself smile then who can you make smile?" was fantastic and very true :) I felt it was facebook worthy so it's now my status :) keep up the vlogs I love them :) have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

.... i dont know what to say... the beginning of this video nearly made me faint. im surprised you couldnt hear my heart pounding. you just made my year. you have no idea :) and the cop story is awesome, especially when you got all the pictures back later :P i love how you like to beat the system like me ;) and yea the email was pretty bad. i sent you a couple emails, and i really hope i didnt sound like an idiot. but yea the girl who sent it probably WAS some high school kid, whereas im 24 and i appreciate your soul and the things you love. and i mean it, you have a beautiful soul, and a heart of gold. you are one of a kind. anyone would be SO lucky to even meet you. i hope that could be me some day too :) wonderful job on these videos and please keep us posted, i love them so much :)