Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ted Tuesday - Kirk Citron "Long News"

Hey Everyone,

We return to Ted Tuesday with a short discussion by Kirk Citron. He raises an interesting philosophical question: How many of todays news headlines will be remembered for years to pass? Clearly there is a difference between how many sales the iPad broke and the recent leak by Wikileaks of a helicopter gun-cam capturing the murder of Iraqi civilians. The sad thing, I somehow feel the later will fall into the void and become forgotten. That, however, is a totally different discussion of what this blog is intended for...but if it goes there...so be it.

Look back into the history that you remember. Not what you have read in the history books, but that which you have lived yourself. Looking back, what do you remember?

"... they've started doing DNA tests on kids to choose their careers."

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I guess though, it should not come down to a certain organization trying to find the most memorable news, but more about whether you are happy with the news YOU remember?

The thing that bothers me about news and the flow of information, is that it has become to dysfunctional and easily manipulated. Sometimes it is hard to choose which side to trust. But, thats the problem with sides. We pick a side and automatically go for the assumption that "we" are right and the "you" are wrong.

To philosophy and a cup of the ol'* green, cheers,


*ol' green - (n) green tea that has been steeping till it reaches room temperature; cold green tea. Sentence: The ol' green tasted delightfully bitter after steeping for four hours.


RMarie7 said...

Unfortunately I remember a lot of tragedy. I think Its important to remember them because they are chances to grow. Mostly, my remembered headlines are because of the aftermath. My 7th grade teacher was also a paper delivery hit. The morning after Princess Diana died, he brought us each a copy of the paper. He said we should all remember. I remember watching William and Harry walk behind the casket. What mainly stayed with me was how the world came together. Sure, their was anger and controversy over the death, but for a few hours, the world stopped and mourned together.

I remember Oklahoma City Bombing and the picture of a man carrying a bloody baby with the rubble in the background. Its a visceral grief in those moments, but for a little while, the country came together for those families and were wholly in agreement that going to extremes was no way to make a point.

I remember the night Bush came on TV and announced what was about to happen. An hour later, the world watched the first bombs hit. We were all united after 9/11, but that night, I felt the change. The country had become something different. Nothing would be the same. There is no melancholy coming together after this memory, though. I only remember dread and horror. we collectively watched the world change. It was broadcast like a primetime sitcom. That night, we all crossed that line, whether we agreed or not.

RMarie7 said...

Sorry for the typos. I wrote hit instead of guy. I'm on my phone on a road trip. Not easy typing. Lol

ShellSc said...

I agree that somethings that the public will remember and others they won't. As a country, we have been desensitized to the horrors of everyday life.Murders, and crime is nothing to us anymore. Where is the innocence that we use to have? A couple things I remember are:
The first thing I remember was hearing in 1991, that the Soviet Union had dissolved. It was more of a happy news because of all the people who now were free of a Tyrant's rule. And they now are their own counties.
I also like RMarie remember the Oklahoma City bombing. I remember watching the news and reading the paper feeling grief for those people who lost their lives. And also feeling angry that someone could do that just to make a statement.
I think no one will ever forgot 911. That was the day that the US changed forever. I think we lost our innocence that day completely. You were in shock watching it, like this can't be happening. I remember to this day the pictures of the planes crashing in to the towers, all the smoke and ash.
I agree with RMarie on what she said about 911 that we will never be the same and that the world changed on that day.

well Serg and everyone, have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Things I remember: The space shuttle blowing up with the teacher inside it. Hurricane Andrews that destroyed a lot of the east coast. The Berlin Wall coming down. I was in 6th grade, and we watched on TV, the coming down of the wall in class. (I am proud to say I have piece of that wall) The Desert Storm war, I was in 8th grade and our teachers had us watch the news about it so we could understand it more, and then we would discuss it as a class.

I remember the girls gymnastics team that won the Gold in the Olympics and Shannon Miller who injured her foot but continued to compete for her team.
I remember Princess Diana's death. I was in 11th grade I think and in art class, and the announcement came over the loud speakers. We all grew silent the rest of the day..
Then I remember the airline that blew up outside of JFK off the coast, cause it was on my birthday. I remember the Oklahoma Bombing and the bombing of the WTC that happened while President Clinton was in office..and thinking, how does something like this happen?
Then came 9/11 I was in the living room about to watch Good Morning America like I always do..then seeing the planes crash into the buildings. It will forever be burned into my mind. I couldn't stop shaking for hours after.
And then came the fall of Iraq's leader Saddam Hussan..I admit I was glad that tyrant was removed. However that act has changed the world forever..As did 9/11. Hurricane Katrina shook the nation, and because it was so soon after 9/11, it was like another hit to our country that wounded us. But it was amazing to see our nation pull together and become stronger after such acts.

History, good or bad changes people, changes community, changes the world. What's important I think, is what we DO with the information we are given. Some of it may be false, some true...but eventually the truth does come out.
The news is important to know..whether we agree with it or not, because it changes us and can also help us become more aware of those around the world that need our assistance and prayers.

Enjoy your day everyone *cheers!*

Steve Wuz Here said...

John Glenn returned to space on October 30th, 1997. Apparently some golfer had an extramarital affair recently.

You make a good point.

White Russian said...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for the comments. 9/11 Certainly did change many things. But after the dust settled and we sit with trillions of dollars on debt and thousands of dead soldiers, I have certainly lost faith in the government.

Obviously attainting the remaining oil fields was an objective, but I would hate to learn one day that there is proof that 9/11 was a stunt for the rich to get richer.

Hoping for the best in people and the world,

Anonymous said...

I have thought about that also..it would be devastating to learn if that was the real reason for 9/11. There are so many conspiracies out there, its hard to know what to believe. The government IS failing. Lets hope it changes for better before it is too late...

Hope for peace and prosperity.

Outliers Inc. said...

Is it just me or is that speaker espousing a modern view in a post-modern era? In post-modernism every headline has its own importance because every headline affects someone in some way and therefore no headline can be more important than another. Maybe an extreme example, but that's what I observed.

Some times I wish we could kick the new media out of this country and banish them for a period of time. Like eternity. I'm not a fan of 24-7 network news, to say the least. I think they induce anxiety and panic.

Sorry I haven't been commenting, I'm in the last 3 weeks of the semester and life is getting crazy.

Enjoy your week!

ncchapman said...

It is a really interesting thing to think about... It's interesting to think about in terms of life in general as well. Or maybe that's just me. My brain has done a great job of repressing memories... In fact, my memories really only go into detail from when I was 15. A lot of what I remember about my childhood was traumatic events, things that stirred up a lot of grief and fear in me, my earliest memory being the death of my cat... Aside from experimenting with drugs at a really young age but only for a brief period of time, I have 0 idea of where my memories have gone too and I had a perfectly happy and normal childhood.
Maybe the hardest of times was the most important to me but who knows? I'd like to do more research on stuff like this. My brother had a really good experience with a hypnotist, maybe I'll try it. Thanks for sharing.

PS I got my pictures today! LOVED them.