Thursday, April 29, 2010


Quick update....

Been really busy at the office lately...but wanted to drop by and give a quick update that I will be on Paranormal Insider tonight. Paranormal Insider is something we started to stream live video to our fans where we discuss various topics on the paranormal, interview authors, experts and spiritual leaders on their views and give the latest news on the paranormal.

So tonight, I will be talking about some of the photographs I took and give them more of a back story.

Hope everyone is excited for the weekend,


WatchingStars said...

Good luck!! :) I would love to know more of the stories behind them..

ShellSc said...


Good luck and can wait to hear more about the pictures. I will check it out if I am not too busy packing. In the process of moving.


Aquaryan said...

I will do my best to hear it, too..

Aquaryan said...

Serg, it would good to hear the chat...when the volume was fixed! I did not realize how much you enjoy your Green Tea...LOL!

ShellSc said...


it was good chat. I really enjoyed it. Ryan should let you do the chats more often.


ncchapman said...

I really enjoyed the chat last night. I watched it with my friend's 4 year-old who was convinced that you were a superhero that was going to morph into a crocodile... Just thought you'd like to know! =)

JJ said...


You should do a vlog today. I am asking this for purely selfish purposes. I am leaving for Wales on Friday, and knowing my luck you will post a whole bunch of interesting things while I am gone and not really near my computer.

I didn't get a chance to tune in to the chat either because I'm a horrible person.

So, in summation, please do a video. Unfortunately you won't be getting anything out of it because I don't have anything remotely interesting to bribe you with.

Yep. Thanks.