Monday, April 19, 2010

TED Tuesday - Derek Sivers

Today's TED Tuesday brings us Derek Sivers. Seems like a really chill guy with a knack for interesting observations. Each video is about 3 minutes long, so a nice break from the day to day boring stuff.

I've also uploaded two new episodes of the photo critic to vimeo; I just created an album there and made a side link on my blog for easier access.


Oh man... I just realized that its 4/20 in 9 minutes....prepare for another 4/20 related post at sometime for celebratory purposes.


Aquaryan said...


Did you know Derek Sivers was the founder to CDBaby website?

WatchingStars said...

Thanks for the advice for filing the photos..gonna be working on that today.
*cheers* Happy 4/20 lol
If I had some I'd probably join ya, however, none of my friends here in my state smoke it, so yeah..
I only smoked it when I lived in San um yeah I had a few hippy friends. I miss those days..

The TED videos were interesting. Funny how something that seems so normal to us, is completely different and odd to someone else..

Like my friend in the Netherlands he says he doesn't understand why won't use what we call "military" time..he thinks it makes perfect sense, where to me it just is confusing. And my mind has a hard time figuring out what time of the day it actually is when it reads: 1800:01
Well I mostly don't like it because I have to use math then..why should "knowing what time it is" have to cause me to use math skills??

I have better things to do with my "time" -ok corny I know.

Have a good day.

ShellSc said...


thanks for the advice on the my photos. I will take your advice in to account when I take some more.
Happy April 20th


cindy said...

You know the picture pointers that you been given us is great..
Is there any free or cheap photoshop to download or sites to work on photos..
If you have links and can post them some where that everyone can see them that would be great..
I think the one I bougvht cost over 100 dollars and I still don't know how to use it..

Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy these images of high speed photography:

Morgaine said...

six more on "The Ladder," dude.

peas and carrots.

ncchapman said...

Marisa said...

Hey Serg!

Watched your Derek Sivers links. Have you seen this talk by Seth Godin. Lots of food for thought and connections between the two speakers. Have an awesome week!