Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Break

Hey everyone,

The past week has been rather busy for me, so I am taking a Sunday break from "Night Vlog." Time to recollect my thoughts, go over some future plans and hope for the best in others. A nice break at barnes and noble will be exactly what the doctor ordered to destress. Time for a shower and a start to a peaceful day. Sorry folks, definitely no vlogs in the shower.

Be strong, believe,


WatchingStars said...

Sounds good to me :)
I just spent the first part of the mornin' at the coffee shop reading a good book.
I'm still finishing up "Deception Point" that I told you I was reading last summer on here..LOL. I put it away and forgot I had it. I'm almost finished :) But yeah I liked Angels and Demons better-oh and the Lost Symbol is even better! Have you read that yet?

Good luck with your future planning.

Trista said...

WHAT?! I'm heart-broken. You've crushed my soul.

ShellSc said...

I always find the bookstore relaxing as well as taking pictures. I am going to miss the volg, but have fun at the bookstore and rest. Good luck with the future planning


Anonymous said...

Ha! Glad you got to take a break and relax a little.

ncchapman said...

Good! You should relax. I think everyone should relax as much as possible... People are too uptight, it's nice to remember how to enjoy things.

And to leave you with a quote from the book Everything Is Illuminated-awesome-
"I know of this John Holmes with the premium penis. In Ukraine everyone has a penis like that."

Hope you had a good day! =)

SarahMay said...

Didn't you say your last vlog took like 2 hours to upload? Yeah, I'd want to take a break after that crap!

Noticed that the links aren't up anymore for us to click and help you get more moolah...did you get caught by Google or something?

Thank God for Barnes and Noble!!

RMarie7 said...

Loved Open House. You guys were all very welcoming. Hope we didn't mob you too much at Champs. :D You certainly deserve a rest. Have a great week.

Check out Joseph Campbell's
"Hero of a Thousand Faces." Its a great one.


WatchingStars said...

Quick question Serg, how do you organize all your photos? Files on the computer, flash drives, disks? All of the above? I have my photos stored in so many places. A lot of them get lost in the shuffle, and then I don't know how to find the one I'm looking for..Got any ideas how to make it somewhat simpler?

White Russian said...

Yea, my adsense got suspended because of the suspicious clicking...oh well. Perhaps I can find another way to make some extra income through my blog.

Stars, I keep my photos in one main folder. That folder is then divided into subfolders of years/months/subjects. I also make sure to back up my main folder on three different drives.