Monday, April 05, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #6


cindy said...

Happy Easter to you too..
What do you have in the cup with the green tea, red bull?
Yawn, I can not sleep,
Not from not being sleepy but I thought since the husband was working at night that I let the doggies sleep in bed with me..
Six dogs later and I have only a small corner of the bed to sleep on, with my legs hanging off the side.
By the way who do xandra sleep with?
And do he snore?

Sleepless in the dog bed..

ShellSc said...


Hope you had an Happy Easter. What did you do besides catch up on your orders?
Have a Good Monday


JJ said...

I can't believe you can drink green tea before bed! I am all for green, but any amount of caffeine and I am up all night.

You're quite adorable when overtired and overworked.

Good job on the elevator!

SarahMay said...

I recently read that green tea is a "beautifying" beverage...of course, I read that it in a book aimed at women but whatever, men can achieve beauty too. You go, Sergey!! Haha!

Your elevator, Russian escalator and boat-rowing skillz are pretty good, according to my standards. Can you moonwalk?

Always entertained by your vlogs! :)

(Note: To the person who recommended the book "Buddha's Brain"--I picked that up this weekend at Barnes & Noble and have started reading it. I'm really looking forward to learning how to meditate. I really need those alpha brain waves in my brain!)

Willow Moon said...

Awww...being sleepy and trying to talk to people - great combination. Bet you can TASTE the sarcasm - but it IS cute as all Hell. /fail/ Necase, here's to being myself and rolling a couple eggs through the field on May 1st! (If you don't get that one, ask Eilfie. If you do, lemme know.) Dousch? Should I ask? And also - you have really expressive eyebrows. Just sayin'. Nice 'mode of transportation immitation's! And wow, we act so much alike when we're sleepy - I think the only major difference is that I talk a mile a minute and start laughing for no apparent reason and can't stop - well, IDK, maybe you do that too. Hmmm...I was going somewhere with that...oh well.

Here's a comment love-bug for your collection.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you know, but there is going to be another Resident Evil movie coming out in September.

Have you seen the movie "Serpent of the Rainbow"? What is your opinion of it, if you have? Thinking about checking it out.

Also, nice impression of the elevator and escalator! amusing, yeah. ;)

Smile. It makes people suspicious!

Shannon said...

You make me laugh like no other Serg, for cereal with milk! Just an idea: anytime you don't know what to say you should talk about what movies/shows/books you have seen/read over the week and rate them. :)

Also, thanks for finishing off with the canoe.

rebeccamh said...

Oh Serg. You make me laugh. Russian escalators are different than American ones? Classic. Hope you got some rest!

Secretsentry said...
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Secretsentry said...
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Secretsentry said...

I know this is going to sound corny, but what is the song you have on in the background? I listen to a lot of music and even soundtracks to moives, video games. Also I listen to Rock, Jazz, Metal, World, Alternative, Pop etc. Or whatever I get my hands on.

Thank you,

P.S. green tea rules! :)

Mistress of Sweetness said...

god HELP ME sergey.... im speechless.... you are amazing. i just cant get enough of you. you are so special and wonderful and charming. you're intriguing and a real sweetheart, and you deserve all the best things in this life. i think of you often :)