Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photos from Mothman and WIP

First things first.... I promised the folks from the Mothman trip that they would be able to download photos here.

Thank you to Mercedes, Kelly, and Josh Light for sharing the photos. The photos are zipped and can be downloaded from these links. Scroll down and click on the basic service, enter the security code and click download.

Field Trip #3 -



Mercedes' Photos .zip

Josh Light

So a few days back I promised you some Painting with Light Photos. Here are two photos that use the PWL method, but are comprised of two very different techniques. The beauty of these photos is that there is no play with Photoshop to create this images.

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder, then closed by belief.
~Gerry Spence
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take

Hush little baby, don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
Its just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, in your head
-Metallica "Enter Sandman"


Anonymous said...

Oh my god Sergey that is amazing! I love the last one, I stole it for my background on my lap top. xD Sadly it scared the hell out of my brother and he now refuses to sleep in his bed.

I think this will be one of my last comments on your loverly site, as I have to start at my new school on monday and I am five weeks behind in all the work and my parents want me to catch up on it before I can go back to having fun online.

Once again, you have some amazing photos and I hope you take many more.

Love Wentz.

faith, hope, love said...

i looove the first photo--completely surreal and amazing. the second one freaks me out. it doesn't help that the building i live in scares me sometimes so i guess im not sleeping tonight...just kidding :)

i can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that you, Josh, and myself went to Antarctica for some program National Geographic was doing on global warming. Ryan was in and out too. I don't know how, he periodically decided to take part in our adventures and then disappeared before returning again.

But it was freezing, we took a massive amount of pictures, and the ship we were on was so old we were pretty sure it was going to sink. We also had spotty internet access and you were very concerned about being not able to check your myspace.

Use your A&E connections and lets make this happen!

Anonymous said...

lin sez.....
The PWL photos are so amazingly cool! Wow! ALmost like brushstrokes on a photograph. Captivating and eerie. Will check out the photos from Mothman in a bit. Working on an article for Topher which is kind of consuming my time.
NICE that you're home and posting, Serg. We missed ya!
And I liked the way you added the lyrics/poems/quote to the pictures. Creative. So cool.

Debs said...

Hey, I'm loving the painting with light pix you've shared so far! More, more!! The first one may have to become my wallpaper, tho I am still using your "don't let it end this way" silhouette...oh decisions, decisions! OK, I'm off to download the ones people have contributed so far. thanks Serg!

Kelly Nichole said...

Hey Sergey,
WOW, I love the first photo. I wonder who that is... Very cool. I bookmarked the website that you suggested, on how to do this technique. I find it very fascinating! I'm an artist and I haven't done any project for the last 4 years... I really should start a project soon! Thanks for inspiring me :)

superrawgirl said...

Love the photos! Very cool, and I like the Metallica referrence. Good ol James Hetfield is such the lyricist.

For 1 trillion bonus points to anyone who can name the band Kirk Hammett was in before he joined Metallica in 1983? Anyone....Anyone?

Can't wait to see some more work! Hope you got some rest and take care!

Don said...

Hey Sergey, great work!!!The "ghost" PWL is truly a work of art. Looks like brushstrokes but with a difference! I hope you keep working with this medium. I want to see more, more, more!!!!

Keep it coming.

Sarah said...

Serg, amazing photos. The Sandman one is definitely my favorite.
Your work always comes out amazing. :]

Sarah said...

By the way,
I want your hat. ;P

InaMarie said...

serg those pics are a lill creepy i love them and i love your hati have one just like it

Erin said...

I love your pictures! The second one was my favorite. It looked so cool! I loved it!

irishrose38pa said...

was it a little cold in west virginia over the weekend? love the hat.

i love the second picture.. the 'sandman' lyrics fits prefectly...

Lyssaboo said...

A few things.


And Metallica sucks >.>

Lyssaboo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nikita said...

WOW! amazing PWL pictures Serge. For the second one, I hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the 'monster' under the bed. so my first impression was 'wow what a beautiful photograph'; then once I scrolled down further... that 'beautifullness' was turned into 'freakin' awesomeness'. did that even make sense?..
Anyways, Such a wicked picture - I love it. I hope to see more of your work soon.
And thank you for posting those Mothman Event pictures. Looks like it was a blast.
take care

J.Marie said...

Oh my... your pwl photos got an eye popping, lips parting, lean forward in your seat and stare kind of reaction. Lol, and that's a good thing I promise. I love them, what can I say?! They are very captivating, eerie, and thought provoking photos. Great work!

The trip looked fun! I think that it’s very cool of you to make time to do fan events like that. Rest up and take care!

Sabrina said...

Hi Serg, all I have to say is
- first photo - AMAZING, I think it's incredible

- second photo - scary as hell! love how it was done though


ps. Sorry to hear about Xander, I hope you and Ryan and spoiling him rotten

Tara Kae said...

That is wicked...I want a damn copy. :-)

Anonymous said...

The doorway photo is really interesting. It reminds me of the matrix movies for some reason. Suppose it's the whispy light scheme. Cool.

ncchapman said...

Loves it! The painting with light is so amazing. You're mucho talenieonto (my spanish) and bursting with creativity, it's never ceasing to amaze me.

I wish I had gone to the mothman trip but honestly.. I'm scared of mothman. Is he a hero or a villain? I don't know.

I hope Xander is okay? It's sad when dogs get sick.. they're so.. helpless. Anyways, enjoy your time off and keep posting, bb. =)

Esther said...

Hmm.. I didn't dl the pictures from the trip, I'm sure it was a blast... Did you have fun?
Your photo's are interesting... its like pieces of art.. fun and young.
How did you not use photoshop? I really like that concept... although I have certain opinions about Lewis Hine, his quote 'photos may not lie, but liars can photograph' hits me right here *points to heart*

ncchapman said...

Serg-btw if you were a piece of furniture.. what would you be?

Erica said...

I just have one comment.. Your hat is the shit! haha.. I think you pull it off quite nicely. I like Ryans hat too. Okay two comments.

Katelyn said...

duuude ... that Sandman picture? yeah. scared the crap outta me! I had a friend look at the pic first and tell me how freaky it was! she swears I'm getting the bill for her therapy lol. Once I saw it and disected it I was like "dang that is wicked awesome!"
and I must have missed someting - did Xander get sick? when did this happen?! and poor puppy!!! he needs lots of luvs and kissez :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture from Serg, Josh, Merecedes' and Kelly. They all are great picuters.

Aquaryan said...

Sergey, keep up the good work!

Nina said...

Oh wow!! I love the pictures!!

Tessa said...

That last photo is pretty cool. . . is that Katrina in the bed?

Kris said...

Wow. Those pictures are amazing! I'm really liking that beast under the bed one. It's great! I definitely need to look into learning some PWL!

Anonymous said...


The last pic with the monster under the bed was definitely by far, my favorite ever! Lol.

Definitely scary, but amazing work!!


Anonymous said...

Is that Katrina in the bed? For some reason, it looks like her :D

Good work though. :D

Katelyn said...

BWAHA SERGEY!!! I showed the Sandman picture to my friend Lindsey, and she jumped back and yelled! It was hilarious!!!!!! bravo!!! :D

Dani said...

Is that Katrina in the bed?!

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Oooogh! To cool!

Anonymous said...

i love painting with light!!! what an amazing picture serg!

Anonymous said...

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