Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Studio Day 5

music: Ikarus - Mr. Brown & Ikarus - Pray to Different Gods

Now it is time to rest. I will reply to the emails that have been sent to me tomorrow.

From, The Prophet

"Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. But I say to you that when you work you fulfil a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born, and in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life, and to love life through labour is to be intimate with life's inmost secret."

Awaiting the next dream,


Anonymous said...

You really need to learn how to get in bed BY three am. xD You looked bad just then. No offence.

It looks great, well done on the studio. I hope you get some magical and fantastic stuff coming out of the studio.

I love the flooring and the camera collection. Out of that collection, what would have to be your favourite camera?

Once again, great job, love that background, love your advice at the end (Again made me sit and think about stuff.) I hope you have great dreams tonight.

Love Ash.

Anonymous said...

lin sez,,,,,,,
Hey Serg! Studio is very very cool. You look beat, but ya know, hard work DOES pay off and I think you will now have a wonderful haven in which to weave your magic. The camera collection is very sweet as well. I feel honoured to have this journey of creativity with you and thank you for sharing it with us all. A question which might sound stupid...does the Russian camera take the normal film type that we use here? Sorry that is lame but just wondering.
Can't wait to see your photos done in your OWN studio!!!! Rock on.
Oh and btw, I will be giving you that camera of my grandmother's when we see you at the 'Con or somewhere about antiques. I don't think you can use it anymore, lol, but it IS a piece of Americana.
Now, I am work....

Debs said...

Hey, Serg, I am loving your camera collection! Nothing wrong with antiques, my fave camera is STILL my Pentax K1000 from sometime in the 70's. Totally manual, nothing to over-ride, and man, give me a roll of 1600 film and I can get you pix under the weirdest conditions! Hmmm...must remember to bug my dad again about where is first camera is, b/c that's something I'd love to try using.

Time for rest indeed, you're such a night owl! You're just going to bed around the time we have to get up, especially when that nasty early shift is Lin's. Must admit that I'm very curious to see some of the projects you have up your sleeve now that the studio is done! A true labor of looks wonderful and you look proud! Bravo!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you got your studio finished in 5 days--incredible! I probably would have cut a finger off with that floor saw so I commend your lack of clumsiness as well :) Good luck on your first photo shoot in your studio and have a fantastic day.

Faith, hope and love

mattS said...

Hey Sergey!

The studio turned out great! Im looking forward to all the neat photos your going to shoot in there.
Isnt it nice to have a place to do the things you love. I have a place like that too. I do a lot of indoor gardening so I have a place where I do all that. I call it my lab, originally it was my grandfathers family room, which overtime turned into a junk room. So I cleaned it out and set my grow lights and equipment and Ive producing some nice plants. I grow veggies and things from seed too.
Your camera collection is pretty sweet. I like how you have them on display.
Thank you for your words of insight. I completely agree, a lot of hard work does pay off. Stay cool Serg and take a rest, you deserve it.


Rola said...

I really like that background. I'm a natorious procrastinater and this might help me get some work done instead of reading your blog! Just kidding!!!

Nice floor, have some photo-fun!

Tara said...

Wow! Congrats Serg! You're studio looks amazing!!! I really like the floor as well.

Looking forward to seeing the phenomenal photos that come out of your studio.


Misswright said...

Sergey, I am excited your project is finally finished! The floors were quite lovely.

I enjoyed seeing your camera collection and the antique cameras! My first Camera was a 1 or 2 megapixel/s $20.00 camera for kids. I took it to the DMZ (North/South Korea) and when I went to download my pictures, they were all gone. Haha poor me. (Luckily I went back several times)


Looking forward to seeing those photos! Take care and rest for a little while!


Sarah said...

The studio, looks freaking amazing!!!!
You did one hell of a job there. I'd yell at you for not going to bed earlier but then that'd make me a hypocrite because I didn't go till around 5am.
Seriously though, I cannot wait to see what you can create in that studio, I'm so excited.
Your camera collection made my day as well, and the background you made can definitely be used in my life.
So thanks for that.
Take care, I hope you got some form of sleep last night.
Love, Sarah

Aquaryan said...

Yeah, Serg, you need to get to bed on time! I cannot wait to see the photos that you take in the studio. At least, you have finished it.

Keep up the good work!

superrawgirl said...

Hey Sergey,

The studio looks awesome! Great job, and can't wait to see new photos! I also love the I will Work background and quote from the book.

Kris said...

Wow! Very, very nice studio, lucky you! That camera collection is to die for. Of course, I had to smile a little when I saw that Canon. I use the same camera and it is my baby! I can't wait to see what you create in your new studio!

InaMarie said...

wow i love the studio cant wait to see some pcs

but i do got one question....I'm in community college right now and got two ideas of where i want to transfer U of R (where i'm from) of Penn State but i wanna compare the two foreign affairs program if you have heard any thing good about the plz let me know

and have a nice rest and have a nice daycant wait to seee some pics

Ina is always there

InaMarie said...

o i forgot..did u smile today?

irishrose38pa said...

great job, my friend..great job.. the studio looks great.. heres to hoping you get much enjoyment out of it now. which i have no doubt about it.. you will... once again great job.. and cant wait to see what you can do with it now.

Brittany G said...

Definitely loving the studio, Serg. Looks awesome! Impressive camera collection as well. I look forward to seeing what photos you conjur up from that studio!

Andi said...

Hey Serg!!!

I am very jealous of your camera collection!!!
I miss my old studio I had in Pittsburgh very much now. At the moment my studio is half my And the garage in summer or the back porch also in summer....ok lets just say where ever I decide to set up my art supplies/canvas is my
I do love the floor idea though, very smart. :)

Can't wait to see more hard work in photo form!!!

Since you seem to tell us at the moment what music you are listening to...I am listening to "ASHRAM" and "Greycoats". Both amazing!! But ASHRAM is my music I listen to when I need "peace and quiet" I can't stand quiet.

Now since I just woke up I am off to find food..


AaronM said...

Ah Serge your such an awesome guy! Thanks for your wisdom about work, and how you feel bout your studio being finished, it's really great to hear your thoughts and feelings, I really wish this was a two way medium with video. You would be surprised how well regarded and loved you are by your fans who come by here each day... Your camera collection is sweet too. Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

that is one badass floor

Jenn said...

Hey Serg,
Great job on the studio, it looks amazing. Wow, and all in 5 days! If you need a subject to practice with, give me a call. :)

Sleep sweet Sergey.

Nic said...

Dude, I'm not gonna lie - I'm jealous you have a studio. When I'm just trying to take simple photo of something where I don't want the background mucking it up, I'm SEARCHING for places in my house that'll work.

V jealous.

Nic said...

I missed an article in there. There should be an "a" in there and i missed it. Embarrassing. Apologies. I hate that blogger doesn't let you go back and edit. *shakes fist*

Danielle said...

the prophet is amazing.

Erin said...

I was up at that time too! Except the only reason I was up that early was because I was sick. I really like your studio and think that it came out great! I don't think that I know anybody with that many cameras. There are so many! Try to get some sleep, you look really tired!

Tessa said...

You really are a photographer at heart.
The studio looks great, have fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the studio and well done! You're a night owl like me,
I suppose. I get a lot done at night though so no complaints. Great camera collection also! I'm loving the antique Russian camera. I'm going to Slovakia, Czech Rep., and possibly Poland and Ukraine for a month at the end of Feb! I'll have to see if I can find any more cool stuff for ya to add to your lovely collection.

Poka!! :)

Esther said...

There are a lot of those work-related phrases in Korea too... And although they were encouraging to hear from my 'rents and granny when I was 6, I always realized that it was paired with the horrible jobs no one else wanted to do like chopping onions, picking up the dog's poop, and washing my dad's car... haha--maaan I fell for ALL of it! haha.
But I totally know what you mean. Completed work fueled by self-motivated perseverance to do the actual labor is certainly gratifying. Especially when it only strengthens your "path", as you said, you just have this great sense of peace in your accomplishment. Gosh, you must feel great! And it really does develop character.. can't wait to see how you progress, man. It's no compromises now! Go for it Serge! =)
Keep blogging too, your blog is in one of my top 5 blogs that I follow! And your like the only one out of those 5 that I don't know personally... which keeps it interesting!

silentxcollapse said...

Grats on finishing the studio. Looks awesome. =]

Take care,

Erica said...

Awe now you have your very own studio. Thats awesome!

Kaydawn said...

The studio looks great, I love the floor! And those are some pretty badass cameras :)

Melanie said...

Hey Serg!!

You did a excellent work your studio look amazing!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!

Have a good week end and Take care!


Tryst said...

Congradulations on your studio. I know first hand how comforting, inspirational, & integral your own workspace can be. I'm interested in the wax process you've tinkered with here. I do something similiar with watercolours at the beach. But eh, the graphic artist in me is more interested in the wax technique you're using. Abstract to me, combined with nature is always motivating my perspectives. Good luck and much joy with your upcoming projects! -Tryst

Lyssaboo said...

Your cameras are *epic* !!
and I noticed you wear socks indoors... never understood how people are able to do that..

JokerQuinn said...

Hahaha. I just started reading your blog today, but I watched all of your video blogs. I love them, please make more 3 am videos. They are simply the best, and most entertaining. I am determined now to make a silk screen shirt of you for my next project in art class. It will be a picture of you and it will say "Sergey...master of the 3am videos." Ok ok, I'm not that funny..but the tshirt with its lame saying will STILL happen.

Hope you have good 3am Serg.