Monday, February 02, 2009

Photo Studio Day 2

music in background: Sigor Ros - Vio Spilum Endalaust

A photo I took during the Mothman episode. Dumped into Adobe Lightroom and created a series of these three gems? I was in a phase where I was playing around with mainly using two colors for the photo. Anyway, I am beat.

Think of something that you are thankful for right now.

All the best,


Kaydawn said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your studio... Pics are awesome!

Stay cool,

ncchapman said...

You're building your own floor? How manly!
Your photography gives me a new appreciation for things that are not symmetrical. That's a compliment. It sounded like it was not a compliment in my head, but it was one.

Anonymous said...

lin has to look haphazard before it starts to look cool. :-) Wondered what you were gonna do about the floor as well as the window in the rear of the room. LOVE the colour in the Mothman photos! You need to have your own showing, Serg!
Has Xander been in to "help" you?
Happy Monday...and the thing I am thankful for is every day is a gift. Gotta unwrap it carefully sometimes, but it is always under the tree..
ROck on.

Debs said...

Good luck getting that studio in order and do make lots of noise so your roomie can't sleep! bwahahaha!

I'm intrigued by those 3 photos. Looking at the thumbnails and then looking at the larger size, it's the 3rd one that comes across as the creepiest, has the most "mood" to it. I like that!

Well, keep us updated on the progress with the studio and like you, I'm not a football fan so we can be done with that hype!!!

Anonymous said...

You said a swear word. xD My mother just yelled at me because I didn't have my headphones in and you said the f word.

Your photos are always.

And I have to say this, it's gonna sound so fangirly, but please don't kill me. I was watching the episiode of Paranormal State, I think it was Family Ties, and I just realized how amazing your eyes are. They are so pretty.

Ok, so that's my complement. And I am thankful that my mother took me out of my school before I commited suicide, because I have another chance at life.

Love Ash.

mattS said...

Hey Serg!

These picks are wicked cool. I like the eerie feel they give you. The blue one is pretty sweet. I feel the same way about football. I just watch it for the commercials. Which were great. Your very welcome for tuning in to your blogs, I thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your studio progress! Stay cool!


Oh and thanks for putting the name of the song and band your listening to this time. Im likin your taste in music.

mattS said...

OOPS....and Im thankful for my family and the support they have given me the past year as I hit rough patch in my life.

Tara said...

Sigur Ros is one of my favourite bands, with my favourite cd being
( ).

Sadly, because I am in Canada I don't get to see the same awesome commercials that you guys get in the states during the Superbowl. Ours are very boring for some reason.

Rola said...

Great pics! Can't wait to see more.

Sarah said...

The studio looks great.
A friend on mine is currently attempting to build one in her basement so she can start working down there. The photos are awesome.
What was your favorite commercial??

Debs said...

SERG!!! Sorry to be posting again! Hope you don't mind but I just made the blue pic my wallpaper at work. It looks awesome! Of course, once again it's something I'll have to explain! My old wallpaper was a picture I'd taken on the Fairy Trail at Lily Dale, and yes, I got some strange looks when people would see it, ask what it was and I'd explain the whole Fairy Trail thing to them. LOL! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

superrawgirl said...

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! I am thankful for anything that brings laughter into my life. What are you thankful for Serg?

Of course, very cool photos once again. I can't wait to see more. Have a great day everyone!

irishrose38pa said...

have fun putting down the floor.. been there done that for my aunt. her studio is in the basement of her house. we had to put down a floor the whole length of her basement.. one half is an office and the other is her studio.

great pictures as always, serg! good luck with finishing up your studio and have fun with it when its completed!

im thankful for everyday im given on earth and of course my family and friends.

aaronmaness said...

Serge, good luck with your flooring - you're a man with many talents. Thanks for the update, it's good to see you and to hear what you have to say. I especially like the spooky atmostphere that blue created in pic three. I am thankful for too many things to mention, but pertinent to this moment, I am thankful for you - you are obviously a fine young man with an awesome future life-of-value to look forward to. Keep up the good walk Bro. and peace!

InaMarie said...

i love this pics and cant wait to see the room i'm working on my room too i cant wait till mines done lol well good luck o and use the gummibar song

Erica said...

Random thought - Do you ever feel wierd making video blogs? lol. Or are you kind of getting used to it?

Nice photos as per usual. :D

I personally love mondays! They are my favorite day. Probably because while everyone must go to work.. they are my day off.

Personal tip - While the paint is drying I would advise you to open windows. Or else I guess you might be a little high in your future videos lol. ;) So are you feeling high yet? ;)

Erin said...

Wow building your own floor. That sounds pretty hard.
Love the pictures. The third one is my favorite. Although the first one looked really cool.

Esther said...

The room's so white! I'm tempted to draw in the walls. Or how about I bring in a black marker and leave a dot on the floor? Would that bug you? Hahaha. Just kidding! The studio looks great so far!

pagan.goddess said...

Serg you rock! muah! hugs ans kisses:)

Misswright said...

Hey Sergey,

Your Studio looks great! You must be really proud to have one now! Keep working hard on that floor and get a good nights rest!


P.S. I also like having your music in the back ground... Adds more fun and personality to your video!

Anonymous said...

O_O Oh My Goodness!!
Your pictures are soooo amazing!
I love all the different colors!!

Was the first one the original picture?


Tessa said...

Thankful to have a job and a roof over my head. That's a lot more than some have right now.

Anonymous said...

Nice play with the filters :) Have you ever taken one one or several photos Ryan has on his facebook page , do a gamma correction at 2.00 , try it and see what I see :) Lynn