Friday, February 06, 2009

Duty Calls

Unfortunately I was not able to put time into the studio today guys. We are preparing to leave for our next investigation. I would like to make it a goal to do a photo shoot before we leave. I would like to leave you with an interesting story.

We shall meet again.


Anonymous said...

lin sez.....

Off to film and investigate....stay safe and warm and have experiences. (Goes without saying.) I am so inspired by your posting that link...
Wanna come to dinner and eat our veggie lasagna? Oh wait, no, you aren't a stranger. Just strange. lol! We are gonna have to work something out.
Smile and much happiness to you, Serg.

Debs said...

SERG!!!! Duty calls, no rest for the wicked and all of that jazz. Well, it certainly was fun having you home and posting, you've spoiled us all! Was that your intent? bwahahahaha!!

OK, hope you are going someplace warm(er) for the investigation. What are the chances on that? Stay safe and take some photos you can share with us! Have fun!!

ps--yes, we'd cook for you all! Come on up!

frogie014 said...

Its too bad you couldn't get to the photos. Your floor is pretty cool. I'm curious on how the pics look with the floor left checkered.

Liz said...

Hey be safe and take it easy... Oh and stay away from the saw! LOL!

superrawgirl said...

Hey Serg, What a great story link! Plus, I got another great blog to follow. I'd totally donate $200 to a homeless shelter to invite myself to dinner with you. Although I'd probably donate to a homeless pet shelter instead. Anyway, looking forward to some new photos. Have a great weekend everyone!

Misswright said...

Hey Sergey,

Have a safe trip to where ever you are off to! We will patiently wait until you get back, for the photoshoot.

Loved the article.... By the way, We would cook for you and the team anytime! Haha

Take care,

irishrose38pa said...

that was a very interesting link.. thanks serg...very interesting idea as well..i wouldnt mind trying it out..i agree with everyone else.. i would cook for you and the prs team anytime.

stay safe and have a some fun along the way..

Erica said...

Awe right as I come back from my mini holiday, you leave.

Good luck on the case!

Erin said...

That was a very interesting site. Thank you for sharing that!

Esther said...

Hope the investigation goes well... you know, you guys are like the modern day Ghostbusters. Do you get that a lot? Hehe

Franke's story hits close to my heart b/c I volunteer at Yonge Street Missions from time to time. And my friends who work there tell me all these fascinating and inspiring stories of how certain donations get made. I'm glad to hear that the $200 given to the Yonge Street Missions has a great story attached to it. Makes the upcoming Christmas feast a little bit more valuable than it already is.

I have a story to share with you all! We (my friends and I) had our youth group bring a dollar to a "scavenger hunt" event, where they had to go off into groups and knock on people's door to see what junk they can get for a dollar. We kept trying to trade a certain item from door to door till we got a great collection of dilapidated lamps, chairs, & etc (People usually just gave us their unused junk without trading). We then spent an entire day fixing up these items and made them sturdy & presentable (the kids were really creative). Then we had a garage sale so that the money raised could be donated to a food bank. It was a really great event, as well as a win-win situation. I got to know a lot of the kids really well, and harvested their creative talent towards a great cause. We started with $25 and, in the end, we raised $300! Talk about a success.
If any of you are involved in a youth group in your community, def try this out! It's a lot of fun... man, the stuff you can get... we once had a singing fish plaque (so hilarious).

And I say: dinner sounds great... on Serge? Haha.

silentxcollapse said...

Be safe Sergey. Can't wait to see what findings will come from this investigation.

Smile and take care,

mattS said...
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mattS said...

Well Sergey, when duty calls you must go take care of it. Your readers will still be here, so worry, not. I wish you and the team a safe trip and best of luck. Don't forget to have fun too. Thanks for sharing the link! Hey if an investigation ever takes place here in northeast Ohio, stop in the City of Mentor. Im sure mom would be more than happy to cook up a nice Italian dish for the PRS team. ;)



Sarah said...

Hey Serg,
Good Luck on your next investigation. I hope everything goes well. I loved the article because I know for a fact that the best conversations are with strangers.
And I've met some of my best friends that way, so the story has great meaning to me. As well as the fact that people still do good things to help out those in need.
Hope NJ isn't too cold for you, it's warmer than CT at the moment so you should be alright. LOL
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Hey serg.. good luck .. and stay safe during your investigation. I can't wait to see some more photo's , by the way the studio looks great, see ya when ya get back.

worldufospace said...

Great blog site I'm a big fan of the show.I to do a little investigation work,the town I live in has great history,and I live next to a 200yr old cemetery that I plan on checking out.And there is Indian monds near my house where many Indians were buried.Here is my chat site where you'll always find me,and my blog is and Thanks Jamie

Andi said...

Hey Serg!

Yes be safe as always on this mission.

That story is great. I just got back from dinner with a childhood friend. We were catching up and she was telling me all about her new job of being a psychiatrist at a special facility for troubled kids/teens. How so many are thrown away and not helped and treated. This is their rehabilitation...a chance to be helped and listened to.
I give her so much credit for taking up such a field of work.

Hope all is well!
I spent my Saturday getting started on a new tattoo. It's a Victorian cameo.


Stephanie said...

Praying for your team's safety

Faith, hope and love

ncchapman said...

I need another post! HURRY!!!

Kris said...

I can't wait to see some new photos, but be safe on that investigation!

That link was very interesting. Would you like to come to dinner and have a tasty veggie meal? Haha...I can cook some pretty good veggie meals, might I add!

Katelyn said...

srsly! it's driving me nuts! I want you guys to hurry up and do whatever cause I want Serge to update his blog! it's like one of the few interesting things to read on the Web! I mean SERIOUSLY :P

silentxcollapse said...

You need to come back already!
I need stuff to read. =]

Esther said...

Let's see some of those studio pics sergy! Show us what you're made of!!! =D

ncchapman said...

Is the candle wax thing serious? Because I want to do it and I'm going to blow my fucking house up, and that would be absolutely insane. I need some scientist glasses first.
You should do that thing that is on facebook, the 25 random facts about you, that would be entertaining I am sure.
I hope you had a good Valentine's Day and spent it with someone special.
I went car shopping yesterday and bought a hybrid. And in my head I thought "Do Something Positive" and then when I came across your bloggedyblog I saw that saying and I wondered if that was where I got it from, and that is very interesting.

Katelyn said...

I just had a craptastic day

and there is no update
I think I might have to come get that saw from you, Serge ...

but srsly
update? plz?

faith, hope, love said...

this whole being away for a while sucks. why?
1) it makes me worried about you guys
2)it makes me worried about the people you went to help
3) i am a sad panda since there have been no more funny video blogs or photos.

princess.elizabeth7 said...

Take care and be safe!

Anonymous said...


Sercetsentry said...

I like the story Serg, great. :)