Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Photo Studio Day 3

music: The Grates - Carve Your Name


Sometimes we split up to take a different path in life.

And sometimes photos don't need to have any meanings.

Xander was not harmed during the making of this video. In fact he got a walk and a treat after dancing.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching this at 9 30 at night on a tuesday night. xD Good old Australia. Oh my god, I was so pissed at you when you said xander got his ear cut off, this message was gonna contain a lot of bleeps and angry words. xD

Let's watch PETA come after your butt for making an animal dance. (It's not in their natural behaviour or some crap like that.) I loved how you bleeped out one bit and then about a minute said the s word. I am now on Sergey swear petrol! LOL!

And don't worry, i'm not allowed to touch the saw either, last time I did I lost control and ended up cutting a five foot hole in the floor, and no one knows how I managed it.

I hope you have a great time, and I can't wait for the explosion, I love science. The other thing that you could do, which is really cool is there is a way that you can make your own lava lamp, childish I know, but very funky.

And first comment again.. LOL Love my time zone at the moment.


Debs said...

Good morning, Serg! Lin's driving the early shift, so we're just getting up and you must just be getting your butt to bed!

The studio is actually starting to look very artsy behind you! Well arranged chaos adds a nice touch to the vlog. You had me laughing hysterically about the saw and adult supervision and Xander. and then the little dancing session, that was just so precious! Can't you and Ry train him to do that on his own? I'm really looking forward to the next installment, explosion and all!

The 2 photos....I love the park bench...right, it doesn't have to mean anything but somehow it just grabbed me the instant I looked at the enlargement. The starkness, the colors, it just looks COLD!

Have a good day/night/afternoon! Talk later!

Anonymous said...

lin sez.....to say the very least, after getting up at 3 am to work early (and "driving " just isn't the whole kaboodle), your blog had me rolling on the floor and laughing so hard!!! You really know how to make a person's day go better just with your sheer silliness. I DO wish I had some cool scientific type glasses to whip off in an authorotative manner. :D
Studio is looking sweet! Can't wait to watch more of its progress. And it is certainly cool to know that I am not the only person who dances with her doggie. Mine is a Rottie/Husky mix and she loves the cold weather so we dance around the ice each and every morning on our walks.
I agree with Debs about the photo of the bench. It reminds me of loneliness, though.
And when you blow up stuff, remember to wear a helmet. Yeah. Serg in a helmet.
Stay warm and get some sleep!!!!!

Matt stough (mattS) said...

Hey Serg,

I watched at 7:45am Tuesday morning here in good old USA.

Hey that is a bloody awesome power tool. But its also something I would never trust myself with. Im not much of a handy man. What was Ryan's reaction when you showed him the power saw? lol

Im glad to hear and see Xander is not missing any ears or any other body parts. Hes a good dancer by the way. My dog Roxy dances sometimes too. She a 1 year old, German Shepherd.

Sweet pics!

Have a good day!!!


Im glad to hear the studio is coming along good.

Tara said...

Good morning! 8:16am here in snowy Ontario Canada.

I loved how you started rationalizing the "accident". And I can't use power tools at all even with adult supervision (I accidentally put a very large hole in the wall of the apt I was renting with a drill. And I mean a VERY large hole). And duct tape fixes everything. Just ask Red (from Red Green).

Another good explosion is cutting a grape in half (but not all the way through) and putting it in the microwave. Due to the amount of water in the grape it causes it to arc. Very cool to watch. Oooh or boil water in the microwave in a smooth glass and then add ground coffee to it. It bubbles over everywhere because the water was heated past it's boiling point and due to the smoothness of the glass no bubbles formed.

Onto the photos. I really like the bench photo. It has very interesting lighting and definitely leads your eye through the photo. Well done.

Rola said...

Dude, you're messed up, but that was pretty funny! Hope the floor comes out OK, and I like the pics!!

brandi said...

first of all...what is up with all these people and power tools? secondly..i totally need some science glasses and a dancing dog.

Debs said...

Hey, just me again, posing a question for Lin who is at work. What is the pendant you are wearing around your neck?? Yeah, a totally random question about a totally random detail! Now quick--go sneak in a session with your new saw!

superrawgirl said...

So, did anyone see the episode of The Office after the SuperBowl? All I can envision now is Serge turning into Dwight Scrute harvesting organs and cutting the face of a CPR dummie with a saw. Not good. Put the saw down.

I like the Split Up photo the best for personal reasons, but I like the bench photo too. Your photos have a great ability to transport you right into the picture.

Love the vlog and Zander dance. Good times. Stay safe and have a great day!

Ohh, and I like the pendant too, Superman maybe? If so, that is Super.

Erin said...

Lol. Your video was so funny! Thats good that your dog didn't get hurt. My dog can dance to but only when she gets excited it is kind of funny to watch.

InaMarie said...

so i kid you not i have that same sawzall and good afternoon just got hime from class i was gonna watch it in class but then diceded i shouldn't since it'll take away from my professor teaching cause he'd be watching it w/ me.

and i love those glasses and poo zander how could you...it's alright my cat and dogs and hamster dance w/ me too.

you should take some pics of the explosion and some how fit it in w/ your photo contest...list...thingy....

i am also one w/ since done my own share of explosions cant wait to see yours and stay safe dont harm anyone(anything)else.

lol sadly i cant say anything about time zone comes i'm just a few states under yall

o and speaking of that if have anything good to say about the foriegn affaris program at penn state plz let me know thatsone of the school i've been looking at that and U of R sadly i'm in comm. college right now but one day keeping my head up and working my hardest

well good rest of the day cant wait to see tomorrows

irishrose38pa said...

i had to laugh.. you are just too damn funny even when youre trying to be serious.. glad to hear that you like your saw.. typical guy..hahahaha..have fun and watch you dont really cut something... and xander is just too adorable!.. and great photos as usual.

IrishAuthor13 said...

I love your post they make me laugh. Your photos are wicked sweet as well. Love the park bench, doesn't mean anything but can still hold everyone's attention. lol.
Also, glad to hear that Xander is not missing any other parts. Good luck with the studio :)


Jenn said...

I love your video blogs Serg.. too funny. Can't wait for the explosion! and please give Xander a huge hug from me. :)

Sarah said...

Haha, Serg.
that was an amusing post. I am only allowed to touch certain power tools because I tend to start cutting everything up just for the fun of it.
The pictures are awesome. I like the split one, its different and the streetlights look awesome.
Glad Xander's ok and got a treat for that dance. ;]
I dance with my Rottweiler in the snow... she usually pulls away because she'd rather eat, lay, and dig in the snow.
Good luck with your explosion tomorrow, can't wait to see it!
Take care :]

Maggie said...

Hi, you obviously can get your video blogs up, but how fast do you get the videos up? I've tried twice, once with my webcam (that's just a lost cause) and the other time with my digital camera. Neither times have they loaded up successfully. They take way too long. I just wanted to know if you have any problems loading up. Maybe it's just my laptop. Ok, thanks.

Esther said...

I hear ya. You know, who says its all fun and games until some gets their eye taken out? The fun does not have to stop.. They still have the other eye, right? ... Whiners (I know, we're such bastards).
I was so confused! haha, I was wondering how you managed to cut off a dog's ear when you wanted to show ryan your power saw... then i realized: it's your dog! Xander is such a nifty name! And awww, he's so adorable (kwaa- I have an urge to hug something)! He must be a character! How old is he?
And are those recent photo's? They're pretty interesting... were you sitting shotgun when you took the freeway picture (I wonder about these things).. looks like Toronto's DVP. And the bench one is a good play on the contrast shadows... did you just use a flashlight, or did you play with the contrast dial on photoshop? Cause your camera gives such clean and clear finishes!
Heh, so many ?? and !!... haha, Xander made me all giddy-like.

Esther said...

Oh, and forgot to mention... the episodes last night were fun to watch. It was pretty intense eh? I held onto this one strawberry for a good 10 minutes without noticing what I was doing... great job techie.

mattS said...

hey Serg,

Im bored so Im gonna leave another comment. you had me fooled for a minute this morning. I thought you had cut Ryan while showing him your power saw. Something sounds fishy about the exploding fish tank idea. lol, you got me off to a good start this morning. You made me laugh a bit which I dont usually do in the morning after a long, somewhat sleepless night. So thank you. On a final note that picture of the bench and gloves is pretty sweet. It looks like some mystery happened there. Like someone just vanished and all thats left is their gloves. The lighting gives it that eerie effect which I really like. Nice job Sergey!


Jenny said...

I just stopped by to take a look at your blog, I saw your my space bulletin. This is a cool page! You are an amazing photographer! Hope you guys are all in good health and staying happy. Love ya! Thanks for all that you and the P.S. staff do for everyone. Take care!!!

frogie014 said...

noticed on the bench/glove photo that with the bright light the long shadows look like arms-cool! Those are the kind of photos I like to take.

Anonymous said...

Sergey, do you or Ryan know any good sites for dream analyzing? I've had this nightmare since I was five, and it never changes. I want to know why I have it.


Anonymous said...

-Busts out laughing-
Oh MY Gosh!!! That was hilarious.
I died laughing while watching that...poor Xander..haha ^_^

Good thing you really didn't hurt him ^_^


Brittany G said...

Hahaha ohh Sergey. Your videos definitely brighten up my day :P Xander is adorable :) And don't play with power tools til you know how to fully work them ;) lmao.

Erica said...

I'm not going to lie but seeing you with a tool in your hands.. frightens me lol. Glad to see the studio is looking good...

Also probably the best part of that video would be you torturing Xander by making him dance. He's definetly going to get you back for that lol.

jennifer magill said...

haha!! that was good. keep em comin serg.

Anonymous said...

Just came accross your blog yesterday... I love all the photagraphy! You have a great talent.. hope everything goes well with your studio... thats so awesome.. anyways.. all the best...

Andi said...

I had a friend once pour concrete down the sink (ya know one of those make your own stepping stone kinda kits) and I've never seen her father run so fast to the sink...lol. His eyes looked like they were going to come out of his head. This of course was when we were in middle school, and she hasn't changed much...lol. She too isn't allowed to touch any power tools.

I love nightscapes by the way. I've taken a few in my day..lol. They look incredible in black and white as well. Night photography I feel provokes so many more emotions and thoughts and questions.

Missy said...

I love your site...it lets us all see a different side of you. I was actually feeling depressed when I came across it today ...it's 3:44p.m. , Feb. 8th here in good ole Kentucky. by the time I finished watching your videos, looking at the great pics, and reading your words of wisdom..I felt my mood really lighten...THANKS!

anita said...

You're so cute when you start explaining everything... you make me laugh... keep up the good work on paranormal state... we need more posivite people like you around.


Julia said...

All I gotta say is..... BEST ENDING EVER!!!!

RMarie7 said...


I know you'll never see this comment, since its been a year since this blog post. But I just have to say this is the funniest video from you.
Oh, and beware that look on Xander's face during that dancing. He's thinking, "You keep making me dance, Poberezhny, and I'll chew YOUR ear off in your sleep."

Secretsentry said...

Funny and yes I know I am wrong for saying that about the dog lost his ear, but I know you wouldn't do that. And yes the hold glasses thing, my dad wears classes and I do too for reading only... anyway, also at one time or six other times I had my dad pulling the classes off of his face, but thats only when I got really in trouble