Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coming Back and Painting with Light

Hey Guys,

I am coming to State College in a few days. The long road trip is just about over. From New Jersey, to North Carolina, to Tennessee, to West Virginia and finally home sweet home. We are currently finishing up our Mothman event in Point Pleasant, WV. So the question comes down to...what do I with my week in half of free time? Photo shoot? Website development? Business planning? All of the f-ing above baby!!!

So I hope you guys have kept yourself busy. What have you guys been doing?

I stumbled upon an interesting website on Light Painting Photography. This has been a quite a fascination to me. When it comes photography there are several things that I search for. Above all, the one that thing that I watch out for is uniqueness. So when I was browsing through DIYPhotography, they had an article that lead me to this website:

He actually write about his technique at this link.

I had some practice when it comes to PWL. It was something that was taught to me by a photographer. I will tease your eyes with some of the photographs in a few days.

Then, this site has some cool trick photography photos:

Other then folks I have to get some much needed rest.

Take care all and see you in few days.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't heard of light painting photography before. That's really neat. Best of luck with your new projects!

Also, what kind of program did you use for your website? I'm trying to create a flash site myself, and I wasn't sure if Adobe was the best choice.

Keep it up!


ncchapman said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! I want to learn how to do that?! Is it kind of like where you have that standing screen and you put that curtain over your head and trace what you see? I want to do that.

I've been keeping busy by being obsessed with yahoo! answers. It's so much fun to tell other people how to deal with their problems. =/ Does that make me a bad person? lol..

Enjoy your much needed rest.

What's your business planning? Do you have a secret?



superrawgirl said...

Good to hear from ya Serge! From the sounds of it you have been living the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere". Looking forward to some new Paranormal State episodes, the new ones have been great so far!

The light painting photo link was very cool. I have always loved impressionist work. I'll be interested in seeing what kink of works you come up with.

As for myself, fighting a cold, reading and working on my website have me busy these days.

Have fun at the Mothman Event. I personally am slightly frightened by regular moths, muchless a moth the size of a man. Yikes! Have a safe trip home and take some time to relax.

Aquaryan said...

Hey, Serg, I am so glad you have returned. Now, I know everyone anxiously await your photos.

Take care

faith, hope, love said...

I'm interested in seeing how you do the light painting photography and I'll defintely take a gander at the links you gave. Geez, no wonder you didn't post while you were gone, road trippin' it all over, I wouldn't have posted anything either. Don't you love NC? I think it's beautiful--especially come summer time. I hope you had a good turnout with the Mothman event; I wanted to go but, alas, school keeps me stuck in one place.

As for me, I've been drowning in homework (as is the life of a grad student) and I just started reading this book by Michel Foucault about the development of the prison system. Pretty interesting thus far.

I can't wait to see more photos and more blogs. Your stuff brightens my day a little so thanks for that. Be safe heading home :)

Don said...

Serg, welcome back! Great to see you blogging again. Missed your postings while you were filming.

Painting with light looks like a fascinating technique. Are you planning to work with it much? Will look forward to seeing your results. Imagine the possibilities!

Get some rest.


Don said...

Serg, welcome back! Great to see you blogging again. Missed your postings while you were filming.

Painting with light looks like a fascinating technique. Are you planning to work with it much? Will look forward to seeing your results. Imagine the possibilities!

Get some rest.


Debs said...

Hey, Serg, missed you! It's cool how folks who are at the Mothman event keep popping online and updating the rest of us. Bet you are just bone-dragging tired tho, so when you do finally get home, try to squeeze in some time to rest up!

The light photography is cool, very colorful, very impressionistic. I think tho with the short time yo have off, the magazine cover photography would give you more interesting results in a shorter time. Save the light photography for later, when you have more time...wait...when do you guys ever have more time??

Well, let's see, up here in good ol' Erie PA, we are inching our way towards setting a new record for snowfall in a season. Seriously, with all the snow we've had and everything we've had to deal with, if we don't set a record, it'll be annoying in a funny way. Other than that, I'm prodding another section of students thru Advanced PowerPoint, as the term ends in 2 weeks! That'll mean one term left in the school year, and 3rd term is always nutters!!!

Great hearing from you! I was having definite withdrawal symptoms!!

Anonymous said...

lin sez,,,,
Hihihihowareya, Serg???? Great to know you are alive, but even better to hear you are all about the biz when you head home to State College. Remember to squeeze some moments for some hikes with Xander! I am sure he has missed you and Ry.
Painting with light...whoa, that is cool. Thanks for the heads up so we can check it out. I think, though, that I will stick to pastels and water colours as well as pencil sketches. :-) I will leave all that photography stuff to you and Debs.
Thank you for asking what we all have been up to. It's cool that you care so much. I have been playing boss at work for my boss who is never there; walking my dog Roxy in the ice and cold and snow (with her booties on! The salt wreaks havoc on her paw pads!); and trying to read some books and be creative with art.
Stay warm, get some sleep, eat those Clementines and drink lots of water...

Amber said...

Hey Serg, Glad your back. Hope you had a great time on the Mothman trip.

Those websites were pretty awesome. I really like the trick photography one.

Well, I can't wait to see your photos & hope that you get some well desereved rest. Hope you have a great week coming up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Serge, it's great that you are back. All I've been up to is not that much. LOL I got in to a new school, which is Catholic and private, so it's really cool for me. I feel all posh and weird. LOL! Joke.

I hope you have a huge sleep because it sounds like you need it.

Love Ashleigh.

silentxcollapse said...

Wow, I've never heard of light painting photography. It looks really cool.

You sound exhausted. I hope you get some rest. I think you need it. =]

Hope all is well with you <3

sabs97 said...

HI Sergey, glad to see you back. I began reading your blog at the beginning of the month, so I was a little sad to not read anything else until now. But yay your back!

I hope you had a wonderful time at the Mothman field trip.

Thanks for posting all the information about photog techniques. It's really quite interesting and I can't wait for you to post some of your own "examples"

As for me, well it's actually not that cold up in here in lovely Canada, but we did get some snow these last couple of days. I start a new job on tues and have some appointments tomorrow. Fun stuff.

I hope you get the much needed rest. I hope it will come easily.


Esther said...

HEY SERGE!! You're back!!!

Noo waay! Your investigations/trip sounds so crazy & hectic! Do you ever get used to it? Well my favorite remedy after a hectic week... or a roadtrip is a hot bath, crack open a cold beer with good Chinese takeout (mmmm), and a good movie to top things off. Hits the spot everytime.. enjoy man.
Really am looking forward to seeing your creativity laid out next week! Light-painting photog always reminds me of those 'lightbright' toys as a kid! Makes me happy.
I've been studying for the past week and a half straight for my finals... so I have created sleep debt, and drinking my weight's worth of tea & coffee. No sleep, no play and wired Esther means no good. How was your hectic trip?

Jessica said...

serg! I was so happy to see a new blog from you. They make my day because your such a positive upbeat person. Plus I love seeing all the pictures, i envy you for your photography skills and knowledge. Keep being you serg your great!!

irishrose38pa said...

glad to hear that you finally get to go home for a while.. would ya work in some sleep in that week and a half? careful traveling home and have fun.. there's always time to have a little fun. can't wait to see what kind of photos you come up with...the light painting photos sound real interesting.

Kris said...
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Kris said...

Wow...sorry, my comment messed up...

Painting with light is amazing. It's definitely something I'd be into trying out!

You were in NC? That's where I am! :)

And, those trick photos were awesome. I love things like that.

Sarah said...

Yay! Serg's back!!!
I hope you had a blast these past couple of weeks running around taping episodes.
Can't wait to see what other photos you put up!

Katelyn said...

oh .... my gosh
we just talked about painting with light in MY photography class!!!
is that a coincidence? I THINK NOT!
wow ... that made me stop and gawk a second before I read on
rock on!!! :D