Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TED Tuesday - Eric Mead

A magician tackles the interesting theory of the placebo effect. The placebo effect is interesting because it shows a unique role the brain can play on a person's health. The power of thinking that something is real can be strong enough to have direct physiological change on your body. Blood is involved with the magic trick that he presents, so if you get uneasy turn away or don't watch the video all the way through.



I hope to develop the film from the disposable cameras today. I will write up more about how the project originated and what the results are. Its still a little early to gauge this as successful or not. Back to the rainy day, the office work and a cup of green tea.



Aquaryan said...

Oh, the cameras were not stolen? I think that was a great idea. I might actually do that, if the weather is nice on my next day off from work.

I was just re-watching the Vlog, btw. When I saw the Gatorade Blue drink, my immediate thought, "This is not Sergey!" and then you must know what we would be thinking because you immediately did exactly what I was thinking.

As weird as it sounds, I watch horror films, but I cannot stand the sight of blood - especially real blood. I will never make it as a vampire. *LOL*

As for the photo critic, you critiqued my photos. I liked your feedback on them. I had more pictures, but the limit at the time was three. I will be posting more, later. I am just finding the right ones to post.

Did you go and get more books at the book sale?

My comment is going to be longer than your blog, if I do not stop yakking.

Keep up on the good work, Serg!

Enjoy your green tea!


WatchingStars said...

After watching the video..
I was thinking how much of the world's population will believe ANYTHING that someone tells them.

How do you validate for yourself which is the truth, or the best for you?

At the end when he left the stage with the needle in the arm, it was ultimately our choice to choose what we wanted to believe. Was it really his blood, or was it fake?

The movie "The Matrix" comes to mind "Swallow the blue pill or the red pill" ...its ultimately our choice (and risk) what happens to us in the end.

ncchapman said...

DDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDE! That was an insane magic trick. I can literally watch anything except for getting my own blood drawn and eyeball surgery but when he twisted that pin it made my knees week. Deception is a hell of a mind fuck. I like stating facts about certain things and explaining to people that I know that its' true because I read it on the internet... It makes me really credible...

Shannon said...

Ya, so...thanks for making me sick to my stomach with the video Serg.


Cool talk, needles gross.