Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #9


Clarice said...

The disposable camera idea is an interesting one. Regarding the note you attach, you said a couple (?) times that you didn't want people using the whole roll up on a certain thing, so you might lay down some ground rules. One photo per person, no shoe shots (unless they have really interesting shoes-- off topic, but there are some very interesting shoes in Kiev! Ugly, but interesting nonetheless), no "myspace" shots, whatever.

You might include something to the effect of "Take a photo of something that is significant to you at this very moment."?

But then again, that might inspire some shoe-shots.

Clarice said...

(What was for dinner?)

ShellSc said...


Congrats on another season of Paranormal state. Can't wait to see what pictures you can get this season. The disposable camera idea is good one. I think you will get some unique pictures. You definitely need some ground rules on the pictures taken, like Clarice said no shoes shots and one picture per person. And are you going to do anymore critiques of the pictures on the flickr group?

Well Serg have fun shopping for books and have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Did you cut your hair??