Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest Time

No vlog tonight....yes yes I know, sad face. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I went hiking today and it was amazing. I might have to make it a repeat event.

Have a great week everyone,


ShellSc said...


Yes sad face. I am glad you had a good time. I am sure you got some awesome pictures too( I know you had to take your camera with you, I would have).
Well have a good Monday!


Morgaine said...

Just leaving some comment love.
I hope everything is going well.
Get some rest and have a stellar week.

☮ morgaine.

Shannon said...

Sad face indeed. Where did you go hiking? Get any good photos? Care to share them? many questions. haha.

My weekend was awesome, it's a long weekend in Canada so I was at a friends cottage in Quebec. Lotsa beers and laughter.

Heather Max said...

Hiking is always a good idea. Camping is even better, albeit more effort involved. Makes it all that much more worthwhile. :)

Be sure to try hiking a bit at night (in a relatively safe place, of course). Nothing like looking up at the stars on a great hike. Something people don't do enough these days.

Charyl said...

Rest sounds nice. Send some my way, please.

White Russian said...

Thanks for the comment love everyone.

I hiked Mt. Nittany. I've downloaded the photos, and briefly had time to look at them. But once I get a chance to analyze them, I will upload the better ones. Of course there is a chance that they all are mediocre and won't warrant an upload.

Hiking at night sounds awesome. It might not be a good idea because I usually go off the trail when I hike. Take about taking the path least traveled. Then I have a fun time of figuring out how to get un-lost.

Aquaryan said...

If I was more physically fit, I would hike with a partner. I misplaced one of my cameras. I had been carrying this camera around with me since I purchased it. I am so mad at myself.

Serg, I hope you have a great long weekend. I am really hoping that you have another Vlog and Photo Critic video to watch for Sunday.

Take care