Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #10

Split the video into two files....when I went off on a rant, I had no idea that I put this vlog into the 18 minute mark.


Aquaryan said...


I am certain that Jaspar McGee is lurking around your blog at this very moment.

I like your idea about the disposable camera. I am thinking of going further with the project. There are a couple of ideas that are circulating in my brain. I am going to work further on these projects.

Have a good week, Serg! I am looking to your next Vlog entry, next Sunday!

Take care,


WatchingStars said...

I really like your idea with the disposable cameras. I would be concerned about putting the ones in a park..people might get naughty lol but hopefully not!

Are you going to post your process of that project on here? I'd like to see what you do with it.

I've been in kind of a lull with my photography lately. How do you get yourself motivated at times when you're just not really in the mood to go out and take pics?

Hope you get some meditation time, I've never tried it really, but I suppose it would be a good thing to do.

There's so much craziness and drama in our lives..and a lot of it is really unnecessary. Meditation would help put your mind back into perspective probably.

Have a good week Serg!

Shannon said...

I actually wanted you to keep talking, you were making really good conversation...with...yourself. lol. But really, you were.

Also, audio went weird around the 9 min mark and stayed pretty fuzzy for a couple minutes. Is it just me or your mic?


ps- I want to see more of the disposable camera pics please!

ShellSc said...


I like the idea with the disposable cameras. are we going to get to see the pictures from your experiment?
I think I need some meditation time myself.

well have a good Tuesday


JJ said...

I am glad your disposable camera project went well. I would be interested to compare the difference in photos due of variables (city, season, weather) and how that attributes or alters the mood and subject. Although I am sure you have already thought of this: If you continue with the project you should post your findings.

Good luck with that Jasper McGee fellow, he sounds shifty.

You are quite engaging when you are doing the vlogs, so I am sure that most of us do not mind the rambling.

Cheers from a bunk bed in a hostel in Dublin!

ShireeDenise said...

hahaha, i can totally picture him stealing your camera black and white-silent film style. Wow, i suddenly feel the need to have a charlie chaplin marathon (if you don't know who he is look him up, he's awesome). But i digress, I think that the disposable camera idea is amazing. It's like gaining a bunch of different vantage points. It's a chance to see the world through the lens of different people and in turn see how their perspectives influence how they see the world through pictures. At least, that's one of many theories that I have cooked up. You've inspired me to start my own project so thank you!!!!!!

Heather Max said...

Love the disposable camera idea. I thought of something similar a while ago (but not nearly as brilliant) of doing a sort of "pass-long" disposable camera system. Same basic things: buy a camera, attach a note saying something along the lines of "Please take only one shot, when the roll is done, please mail back to this address..." and start passing it on to friends/family, who pass it on to their friends/family, and so on, etc. until it ends up somewhere new and unknown (or in exactly the same place). Still have to rely on the honor system to have it mailed back, but I figure some interesting things will turn up.

Your musings are entertaining and quite like the deep conversations I have with my friends. Thanks for making me homesick.

Anywho, keep ramblin' on, Ramblin' Man. ;)

Tanya said...

You should never worry about ranting. You make fantastic points about society.. plus.. you are super cute when you get yourself worked up :D <3