Monday, May 17, 2010

Symmetrical Visions

We take a break from the traditional TED videos to go into a discussion of symmetry and how you can apply it to some of your snapshots to create images that will blow your friend's and family's mind. Seriously, be careful who you show this to...this isn't your grandma's sewing circle kind of stuff, unless grandma's sewing circle drops LSD while crocheting to Tool.

Now the basic theory of symmetry is represented will with Da Vinci's naked man, or more appropriately known as Vitruvian Man. The Vitruvian Man was supposed to symbolize perfection, and in a way the symmetrical figure does. I don't care how much acid your grandma shares with me, while she is playing Spores, but if I see a creature with a head for its arm, an arm sticking out of the middle chest and three right feet, I know its time to quit her sewing circle. Something as chaotic as that should stay locked up in my subconscious and does not need to manifest into reality.

In some way, the idea of symmetry puts the mind at ease. Humans are born to find patterns in chaos and so, we can apply this concept to transform boring snapshots into some unique forms of art. Now, remember we are adding a dash of creativity here. If your photo....whats the politically correct word I'm looking, then now matter how much post processing you apply to it, it might be better that you let it drift into the photographic underworld.

When I first read up on applying this concept to my photographs, I won't lie to you, I went a little overboard. So much so, that I didn'tbother with this technique for close to four years.

Original and the LSD Version

That last one used to be cloud.....

So how does one create such monstrosities? Well with any simple piece of photo editing software, you take part of the image and copy it. You can copy exactly half of the image, or get creative and maybe take a third of the image. Once you copy your selection, paste it and flip it horizontally or vertically...depending on your selection. Then align it so that two pieces form a symmetrical fit. You can then chose to repeat this or retry it, if for some reason it doesn't seem right.

But once you start playing with you, you can actually start creating some pretty interesting photos.

Link to my Symmetrical Visions Portfolio: LINK

Have Fun and dna nuF evaH


Heather Max said...

Wonderfully trippy. I've always been a fan of symmetry in art and photos. Maybe it's the inner architect in me. But very unique photos, sir.

Now is it possible to click on the examples you've given us? I tried but I'm not succeeding. :/

White Russian said...

FIxed....crazy blogger coding.

Aquaryan said...

Serg,I have done some creative photos using the Paint Shop Pro edition. I like using Photoshop, as well.

Would you want us to post our creative photos for the photo critic?

ShellSc said...

kewl pictures. They are very artistic and unique .

JJ said...

I have crocheted to Tool, oddly enough. If my grandmother did, too, I'd be a happy camper.

WatchingStars said...

Awesome photos...would love to learn to do that!! :) Great job!

ncchapman said...

These photos are really awesome. I love symmetry. I think I'll explore this idea when I got to Toronto this weekend.