Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who is Xander?

I know it has been sometime since I have written on my blog, so I am going to make up for that with “cute” photos of Xander. Who is Xander? What are his goals, his dreams, his aspirations? What motivates him? Is it the milk bone that he gets when he sits? Why does it seem that cheddar cheese is like crack to him? Is that the power of cheese? We may never know, but I would like to think that these photos will help us take a closer look at the life of this, forever pup. Along with the photos, I will throw out some tips on how to get nice photos of your pets.

Tip # 8

It is important that you put your pet in its natural environment. Dogs are outside creatures. So taking a photo of your dog with “Lost” playing in the background on the family TV is not going to bring out the best from your pet. Taking your fish out of the aquarium won't help either.

Tip # 23

Sometimes a good action shot can really make your dog shine. Here I tied a piece of cheese to Xander’s tail and let him loose in the dog park. The tip is to carry some cheese with you at all time. Dogs love cheese.

Tip # 14

Getting down at the dog’s eye level can make a huge difference. Sometimes its good to get down on your hands and knees and pretend to be a dog. But don't pee on your neighbors bushes. Apparently you can get fined for doing that. But I think looking at the next photo, you will understand what I am talking about.

Tip #Q

Sometimes it is good to just take a step back.

Well folks, I think thats enough of Xander. Soon, he will be getting more pupularity then me. Get it? Many was that a cheesy joke. I will fix that with my last photo.

Chicks dig dogs with life vests.


Jackie.. * said...

Love the random tip numbers/letters..

And.. note to self..
Have cheese with me at all times.
Don't pee in people's bushes.

Thanks for the life lessons.
& the joke was kinda cheesy..
But the last picture helped!
- jackie.. *

Holly said...

Xander looks like an experienced swimmer with that vest on! How cute is that;)

Amy said...

Sergey updated! Yay!
Xander = cutest doggie woggie ever
but could never ever take your pupularity!
Favorite shot is the first "natural outdoor environment" one.
It looks so perfect, it could be the cover of a greeting card!
and that last life vest one is a side splitter!
At least canines are even cheesier!
Get it? Now THAT was cheesy! :D

Anonymous said...

Love those pics, and the tips will come in handy. Note to self Cheddar cheese is crack for dogs! I also love the vest on Xander, and the action shot of Xander is asome.


Anonymous said...

oops I meant Awesome

Heather said...

I feel like I really know Xander now- thanks!

I feel much better knowing I am not the only person that has a life jacket for my dog :)

Nic said...

Xander called me up and said he wants a publicist. If I can't eke out a job in Tokyo I may just take him up on this riveting opportunity.

He also said that trunks make him look portly. He requests that next time you use a better lens and let him wear your boxers. They have a slimming effect.

Peace out homeslice. glad you updated!

Amy said...



White Russian said...

Thank you all for the kind words.

No Nic,
Xander is mine.

Amy said...

Hey Sergey, I just saw the movie "Shutter" and was thinking about you the whole time (like always lol)
It made me wonder... have you ever captured anything paranormal in any photos that you took yourself other than "orbs"?
If so, I'm sure we all would be interested in seeing some on here!
Any photo you take is wonderful, just like you! :)

White Russian said...

Hey Amy,

That rocks. I have captured something, but I don't think its ready to be shared. Thanks for the compliments.

Eventually though I will put some paranormal photos up.

I am gonna try and watch shutter tonight.

Erica said...

The movie shutter was awesome! Just saw it last night.

I love the photo of xander prowling and in a life jacket. That's adorable.

You are an amazing photographer.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Xander was Ryan's dog not yours.

Ali said...

saw the bulletin on myspace..had to stop by and show some love. very cute blog!loved it! your dog is beautiful!! take care.

much love,
ali :)

Capitol Girl said...

Myspace urged me to share some luv here. While normally I'd like to check out potential partners for STD's, I'm using a firewall for protection and should be safe.

I DO luv your photo's, especially your older ones (the old church and the night shots ).

Okay, but seriously now,about the animal picture tips #8. Catching your pet in a natural enviroment , I have a picture for you that will totally blow your canine frontal lobe. Hope it shows up.

Well crap, it doesn't . Okay, see if you can imagine this...oh forget it. I'll see if I can send it to you via another link. But if you get a weird cat photo and wonder wtf it is, it's my own animal kingdom. In my head. Well, mostly...

Now there's a whole new weird ;-).

Do you have a Myspace page ?
I'm @
In D.C.

Thanks for sharing.
Now get back to work.

I'm going to try to leave the link address without any "html", so u must fill in the blanks ( or have Xander do it for you ) to get to the prize: So just copy/paste and don't get sidetracked by ads from Petsmart or

Anonymous said...

the ending got cut off the previous msg. You need to add funnycatmacros/chain.jpg to get the photo.

Christine said...

Love the photos, they're amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. Beautiful. Love Xander. He is awesome. You also have a great sense of humor. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Serge your message on myspace just made me want to send you a comment. your pictures are really great. you should upload some more we all want to see them

Kym said...

Love the pics of your dog. I have a little K9 sidekick too. She is a rescue. :-)

Grand_Duchess_Marina said...

Aww he is such cute dog! =)

Kate said...

Does Ryan know you're using Xander to pick up chicks? Unfortuantely for guys, their dogs are always going to attract more attention from the ladies than them =) Not that any of you seem to need help in that area!

cindy said...
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3kh0 said...

lol Cheddar cheese ill have to try that with my pup.

Mine goes absolutely crazy for peanut better. we buy a jar of it and freeze it (with the lid and ring the lid connects to taken off. we freeze it to help keep him cool in summer in Australia) he only gets that 2-3 a year but he doesn't move for hours!!! he is all about the peanut butter.

Keeps him out of trouble.

My fav the snow shot cause 1 we dont have snow no2 Xander seems so happy and expressive.

carolthescot said...

Hi Serg I've just discovered your blog-lucky me! Having fun already reading it as well as loving the photos too.I'm a big fan of looking at photographs-I lead a sheltered life! ha ha :~)