Friday, February 01, 2008

Review from Reviews: Canon PowerShot SD950 IS

So its kinda hard to write reviews on products I don't have. There is no sense for it: touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and/or tasting? Thats why this will be a review from the reviews I find online. I guess you can call it an average of all the reviews. You can call it average, if you're a math nerd. Which I sorta am. My day job is a mixture of a financial adviser, accountant, and bookkeeper. I know ladies, it IS a very attractive combination.

But anyway lets get the real nitty gritty of this blog. I am gonna get three different sources for photography related objects and give you guys the low down of...what...I read. Look I know it doesn't sound exciting or journalistic, but I will try to entertain you guys. While you read this blog, I will be juggling.

So I am a huge fan of the Canon products. The three digital cameras that have entered my life, have all been Canons. So for this edition of Review from Reviews, I will, THE Canon PowerShot SD950 IS! Rules of the game are simple: I go to the best search engine in town, Google (sorry, cheap attempt for getting sponsored by Google) and type in, "Canon PowerShot SD950 IS review." The first three results is what I used.

The review from CNET was pretty good. Editor rating was 7.8/10 and average user rating was 7.3/10. Hmmm standard...boring. Bear with me. We have to get through stuff before things really get spiced up. The next link was to, DP Review, which turned out to be a press release. I guess that doesn't qualify as a review, but it proved to be important. And the final reviewer was, Imaging Resource.

One of the biggest complaints from the CNET site was of the cameras "sluggish" performance. On average it took 2 seconds for the camera to take a shot after the first one was taken. This might be a little too long when you are trying to get a good photo with that hot chick that everyone is after. You can tell she is getting bored and frankly doesn't seem to be impressed with your camera...stupid whor....I'm sorry for that. Back to the review: when I checked out the press release from DP Review, there was no mention on what the shooting speed was. Which makes you think...are they not reporting these numbers because they are ashamed of them? No, of course not...actually compared to a lot of the other cameras out there, the speed was pretty damn good. So don't let that stop you from buying the camera.

I think the real big thing about this camera is that it shoots at 12.1 megapixals. If you are gonna shoot at full resolution, prepare to get a huge memory card and watch the space on your hard drive to fill up. The Canon Powershot ELPH cameras are great for beginners. I started out with an ELPH myself. It was an ELPH that caused me to fall in love with photographer.

There is not complete control option, but you can at least set the shutter speed up to 15 seconds. This is kinda cool, if you get into night photography and painting with light photography. (Keep watching, I am gonna write some articles about those topics.) And speaking of low light photography, one of the better features is the cameras 3200 ISO setting. Combine this with the Image Stabilization and you got yourself a nice little camera for this low light situations, where the flash cannot be used.

I will leave it at that...if you have used this camera before...tell us what you think in the comments.


Amy said...

Yeah, Canon cameras are the best.
I am seriously going to somehow send you a Canon PowerShot SD950 IS for your birthday on the 20th!
Anything for Sergey!

jenn said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with being a finance major! Honey you can try to organize my finances anyday! :)