Sunday, February 03, 2008

In the Beginning...

So I was going through my photograph archive and I stumbled upon some of the photos I took with my first digital camera. I kinda feel like I took the photos for a reason, so I ran them through some post-processing and decided to share them with you. I will put up more slide shows as this blog continues to grow. And just as the blog continues to grow, so will I. Hope you guys enjoy it.

I apologize if the slideshow goes by too fast. I am working on a better way to display my photos. But, one step at time, right?


Jackie said...

Ahhhh-mazing shots, Sergey!!!!!!!!

Kayla said...

Amazing photos, I am not kidding. I sat there just studying them, trying to find a way to mirror them, improve my own photography.

White Russian said...

Jackie, Kayla,

Thank you so much.

Kayla, if you ever want my honest opinion on the photos, I would be more then honored to give them.

Amy said...

Beautiful slideshow Serg!
All the photos look so right together.
And these were some of your first shots? Awesome!

Anonymous said...