Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Behind the Scenes: The Piano

Here is a Special Behind the Scenes from the recent episode of Paranormal State.

Coming up this week: 1) I need to choose a signature for my photographs 2) My parents light heartedly (annoyed me till I said yes) suggested (forced) that I change my "The Struggling Photographer" title. There is a blog about that coming up. 3) Review if the trailer for Shutter 4)Being cool 5) Wait should I change number 4 to number 1? 6)Oh great I just wasted a number 7) You know what, just keep coming back...does that sound too desperate? Maybe you shouldn't come back? Lets take things slow is all I am saying.


angrymobjustice said...

Ah the perils of finding a signature for your work.

Good luck!

Amy said...

Your parents are the ones who wanted you to change "The Struggling Photographer" title?
That means they read this blog and probably that "Invited to Dinner" joke! haha
The piano episode of Paranormal State was one of my favorites.
You're still the main reason I watch the show Serg ;)

cindy said...
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Seeker said...

You are definitely not struggling at photography, Shutter scares me.... I'll tell you why in a minute, you are cool, LOL at the lost a number and I think even more of us will be checking back.. OH.... slow is always good!

Short version.....
I should and probably will also write this in one of the PRS Blogs....
When I was young, I had experiences. When we moved to a farm house, I took pictures with a very basic 150. In it was one of the Spirits I used to see and couldn't convince anyone that I did. I can still see it in my mind as if it were right in front of me now.
That one along with the rest have long been gone.
We have lost everything many times.
Ever since, when I am photographing, I seem to get some mist or other. Usually during special events. Or Historical sights.