Thursday, January 31, 2008


Haiku confuse me.
Sometimes they make sense to me.
And sometimes they don't.


Amy said...

Here's a Haiku poem inspired by and written just for you... :)

I love The White Russian
Sergey Poberezhny
There is nothing more amazing
Than him and his photography

Wow that was corny haha but at least it makes sense.

cindy said...
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cindy said...

okay..i just read what a haiku is..
so let me see if i can try one..

thought his eyes i see the world..
eyes that seek beyond what we can see..
though his eyes i can see pictures of his soul..his heart..

you know this is hard...

cindy said...

through his eyes i see how nake the soul is, laying bare for all to look upon..

through his eyes i don't see the hardness the coldness that live within my heart..

through his eyes i know what it feel like to live..

cause through his eyes i can see his heart, which shine upon his soul..

looking through his eyes i see how to love..

how is that for a peom about sergey..??