Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 10th PRS

Together we ride
Riding from sunrise to sun,
Sunsets, displaying,

Stars: life connectors.
O, path makers, place holders,
Guide me, advise me.

Up and down we go,
Emotional turmoil,
Tidal waves of life.

Bonds formed from stories,
Nostalgic moments of hope,
Ten more, P.R.S.


Ringgren said...

Indeed, 10 more years you'll have. Enjoy the anniversary. Y'all deserve to be proud.

ShellSc said...


Congrats to you and PRS for 10 years. Here is to 10 more.


Nicole said...

So so nice!! Congrats Serg on ten years of commitment-- best wishes to you all!!

Evy Sioux said...

Congrats Serg. Whether there are ten more years, or not, cheers to your future endeavors.

The Next Chapter said...

Well said!!! You are udivitel'nyi!!!