Monday, September 26, 2011

And so it continues....

     What a weekend. Blink and its over. Last night I went to sleep pretty late, working on an ad campaign for Canada. My concept is pretty simple....offer interesting facts on various places around Canada in a form vintage Polaroids. The first three can be found below. The idea is to hopefully make them interesting and clever enough for people to notice and share with their friends. Especially their friends in Canada. ;) 

     I am continuing in practicing my Pranayame sessions. Still at the 5 minute mark....what really amazes me is how much clearer I feel after doing that session. Though that is not say that its gotten easier. Its the strangest thing when it comes to introducing new habits into your life. Running, meditations, reading, diet....etc. The first few days, you are feeling unstoppable, the energy is great, the new tasks come so easy, and then suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Something happens, you can't run. You are traveling so you can't eat healthy. You pick up a book, but the battery runs out? (thats gonna be the excuse of the future). 

    As the week progress, I am forced to continue to put my time into the Canada Tour. There is a lot to catch up on, especially after doing the AGH the Movie Tour. But it seems like its gonna be a lot fun. 

Other then that, hope you all have a great week. You know...Mondays, don't seem that bad.



Heather Max said...

Besides a slight "their" typo in #2 and the punctuation of #3 seems off (maybe "People..." instead of "People," or without a punctuation at all) it looks great!

Very creative on that last one, like I could hear one of those stereotypical "DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNNN" and maybe a gasp or scream after it. Spooky.

White Russian said...

hahah, I was actually gonna take about that as a post edit to the blog. the mistakes we make as we stumble into new territory....or that this is what happens when you try to finish everything at 4 AM.

I think thats the real lesson, no matter how good I think I am, 4AM work needs to be rechecked :p

Ok, next run... should be better. :)

Crystal said...

I know this is random and has nothing to do with this topic, but it brightened my day when I found it online, and thought I'd put it on here.

They all watched the screen as Heather, using the camera, focused in on Sergey, who had his back facing her.

"Serg?" Heather laughed.

"Oh! um! Hi! Uh!," Sergey stood up as he nervously kicked backwards two plastic pink and white horses.

"Sergey, were you playing with the ponies again?" Heather zoomed in on the plastic horses."What have we told you about playing with the ponies?"

"Oh, what, um, I've never seen those, those aren't mine," Sergey put his hands out. The camera zoomed in on Ryan, coming down the steps.

"What are we doing here?" He said.

My favorite paranormal State episode, school house haunting