Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One thing at a time....

So I wanted to introduce something to you guys. Especially to all you iphone/ipad owners. There is a an application called, Pranayama. A program that helps promote healthy breathing and meditation. I've used this during some investigations because sometimes a Red Bull or a soda would do more harm then good. But then my habit of using it slowly died out. Not sure why, but I am trying to bring it back.

I recall asking about meditation for years. YEARS! Why haven't I made this into a habit is beyond me. The proven benefits can be astounding all across the perimeters of life. Nature's pill. Not some pharmaceutical grown turd with some insane side-effects. Its strange, look around you. I bet you can think of one thing you can do right now that will improve your life, but all you do is talk about wanting to do something or going to do something. Its strange to realize how I've been "going" a lot in life, but haven't gone anywhere. Learn a language, pick up a new hobby, exercise, write more, paint more, explore!

But short steps....err baby steps. That is after all the key advice from, "What About Bob?" Baby steps into meditation.

No excuses, you can think of something right now. What do you want to do? Join me, do it! Sorry Nike, don't sue me.

-Sergey Poberezhny


Myah said...

I want to go exercise, or mabey paint a little, or read Ryan's book, it's really good y'know?! have you read it yet Serge? Haha I highlighted the parts in the book where you give your opinion about things. I also highlighted Heather, Eilfie, and Katrina's little sections.
Hey serge how's about doing more sunday vlogs??? They were my main source of entertainment after school everyday, and i know that everyone else wants to see some more of them too!
hope you have a great rest of the week

P.S. can you give me any tips on how to have a Russian accent? I know this sounds random, but I've been wanting to learn how to do that accent you do for a while now, and I;m not that good

White Russian said...

Well Myah,

Pick a goal and do it. Try to paint just a little every day or every other day.

There will be vlogs coming soon. Remember one thing at a time. Being Russian helps tremendously with having a Russian accent.

Myah said...

I'm srry if I upset you Sergey. You seemed a little annoyed in that last message. I didn't mean to say aything that would upset you.I'm so sorry

ncchapman said...

Word, bro, woooooord. True dat. I'm so awesome at procrastinating but I've realized all it does is sabotage my success and happiness. I've been living the 'yes man' way of life lately. I just say yes, not to everything(like when a tranny asked me if I wanted to go to her car and hang out last weekend) but I try to do everything that comes my way. Most importantly, I say yes to myself and I do what I want and I don't let petty bullshit(including laziness) get in my way.
I've used breathing exercises for years.. since I was like 8... as a way to curb anxiety. It's weird because I taught myself before anyone else really 'taught' me how to do it. I think that shows how beneficial it is because even my little self innately knew it's benefits.
I'll do this with you. I'm gonna do it.
Myah... if you can't pull of a russian accent then have a bad one. Bad accents are so funny.
I hope you have a good weekend, thanks for this post... I'm going on surprise vacation destination. I'm so excited to figure out where it is?!?!

White Russian said...

Not sure what gave you that impression Myah, but I wasn't upset

. Keep it up Natalie. Thanks for the comments.

Sonia said...

Sergey, I can think of a million 'things' that I have wanted to do and never completed. Thank you for this post, you have once again inspired me!
I am worried though, if I declare to you here that I will check into Pranayama and join with you on this quest, will I be able to accomplish something or will it too end up in that wasteland called "would've, should've, could've"?
Please do keep posting on your progress. I don't know about you, but for me it helps to have a pal close by through any endeavors...pushing you along, inspiring you to take that next step forward.
Meditation is wonderful for the internal strength and focus, but share it with others we must. :-) (My horrible attempt at Yoda)

White Russian said...

Awesome Sonia! Welcome to the club. Good luck... all you need to do is set five minutes aside to start.

Heather Max said...

Wonderful idea, Serg. I've tried to incorporate it into my life and so far, I'm lovin' it (sorry McDonald's, don't sue me).

I had noticed that at work we would occasionally get deaf customers, so I'm taking the time to learn American Sign Language; not only does it make it easier for everyone involved (the surprise on their faces when they came back was worth the few self-lessons a day) but it's also quite a fun language.

I use my hands while talking anyway, so I already had a head start.

Sonia said...

Five minutes taken at lunch to realize that there is no app for Pranayama for my phone. Took five more minutes and looked the practice up and began something new today! Yeah!
And so it begins...tonight I will begin a new blog on my progress with taking baby steps with Sergey. :-)

The Chihuahua Chick said...

Sergey, love the post! You are very encouraging... like a life coach for the masses! You have motivated me to "shoot things"... meaning photography! I have some awesome now and then ideas for Lizzie Borden house. Thanks for the enthusiasm about getting out there and doing things! It is really inspiring! MWAH!
-Angie Homoky (AMHomokyDMD)

IreneP said...
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IreneP said...

Hey Serge, thanks for recommending pranayama. I've been looking for natural ways to lower my blood pressure, but it's been a struggle with my very stressful job. No more excuses though! I checked out the apps on iPhone & saw there were a bunch under pranayama. Which specific app do you use? I want to do this with you guys!