Thursday, August 25, 2011

AGH Tour VLog

Sometimes the world can be too much...


Heather Max said...

Wonderful placement of the camera; one might say the video was a little... erm... "naked".

Glad to hear you're keeping a semi-positive attitude about the tour, just don't push yourself too hard.

Do what I do and think about who you could meet that day; future leaders, rock stars, doctors, the next Steve Jobs. Think about/imagine their stories, their hopes, their own "american dreams".

Certainly churns the imagination as well as brings a smile to my face, even if only for a few minutes. :)

Mckenzie said...

Glad to hear the tour's going well since you left Eugene :)

You talk about how people have an idea of who they want to be or putting themselves on a higher pedestal and this couldn't be more true. I've watched people make excuses for situations that have caused them problems or reasons for them not to change and for the most of them, I just shake my head in disappointment.

The phrase I have coined throughout my life is; “If you've got something worth complaining about, just fix it.” Some problems may not be curable (I'm aware of this) but there are many things people can do in order to lessen the effects or to bring happiness into their lives. The biggest drawback to people fixing their own problems is the shyness of asking for help.

I guess that would come down to confidence is the key to fixing life's problems and getting to the person you want to be. Saying “Yes I can” is only step one, step two is follow through and people generally lack the confidence to do said follow through.

Confidence and taking a chance opens many many doors; and when it comes down to it, the worst someone can get is a “no”, and it's rarely going to be a “no I hate you” or “no never”; it's just a simple “no” and I think when the general public realizes that it's just a “no” than people will be able to start moving towards who they want to be because they are willing to take that chance, because they have confidence and they will lose their shyness. But it truly comes down to the question, “Are you willing to take that chance?” And when the answer is “Yes”, everything will come into play; granted it may take a while but it will happen.

Sorry for rambling ha ha ha. Have a safe rest of your journey through the tour and I'm glad everything's going well!

Best Wishes, Mckenzie

The Chihuahua Chick said...

Hugs Sergey! Take a deep breath and make sure that you stop and look around and take in all of the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes and smells throughout your journey! Thanks for sharing with us! Looking forward to your next post! Much love and long live "The White Russian"!!!
Angela Homoky
AKA The Chihuahua Chick