Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tribute to a Photographer: Philippe Halsman

As my photographic journey continues to take me places unknown, I come across a few people who share part of my passion.

I came across Philippe Halsman or at least his photograph sometime ago and reminded myself that I would need to revisit this at one point. It has become one point.

Salvador Dali Atomicus Photo by Philippe Halsman

The photograph above does a great job at both capturing the portrait of our intended subject, and grabs your attention and doesn't let go. This was the day of no photoshop. A day where throwing a cat or two was required to get an amazing photograph.

Rumor has it that Halsman was originally going to use babies, but their modeling agency demanded too much pay. The babies have yet to earn any other gigs; they are currently unemployed. The cats went on to do a Friska's commercial.

Essiantly though, it took six hours and 28 outtakes to get this shot. A more detailed article can be found here on how the photograph was produced. So without further ado, for my tribute to Halsman, I will take photographs of objects in mid-air today. I need to practice on how I handle my external flash. For this mini-day project I will be using my amazing Canon Rebel with a Canon 28-105mm lens and the Canon 580 EX II Speedlite. Come on Canon Sponsorship!!!!

And last but not least, our 51-Word Challenge continues.


Raw Nature


lottery winners said...

Well for me its better to be more realistic.

Anonymous said...

That photo never ceases to amaze me.

cindy said...
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Andi said...

You have some great taste. I too enjoy Philippe Halsman. His entire series with Dali is just awesome.
If you haven't heard of him you might enjoy Man Ray. He was an avant-garde photographer who also painted. He knew Dali, and was featured in the first surrealist exhibition in Paris along side some huge names.

But what came to mind with this photographing objects in air was an exhibition I saw in Pittsburgh from the 1930s of just "life" in the city. And there's a photo of a businessman chasing his hat that blew off. It's such a simple, natural black and white photo. Just random and sudden. Nothing but fighting natures relentlessness.

Anyways...I like some of cindy's ideas.
It's the quick sudden photos of life that I enjoy a lot. I can do all the study work in the world, but I love the rush of knowing I may never get a certain photo again. Just that chance split second.

I'd actually really like to see once you finish the 51 words, a series maybe of things in motion/mid-air.

Heather Sue said...

You should check out my uncles website. some of your work reminds me of his.

He mostly does industrial themed photos. Oh, and the one with the lightning is REAL, no photoshop.
Whenever you get your website up and running, I'll have him look at it, he'll love it!

Amy said...

Hey Sergey, adding some Halsman style to your photography is a neat idea. The way you take inspiration from other photographers and still stay original is another one of the million reasons you rock :)
That "Atomicus" photo proves that you don't need any photoshop or any of that fancy effects stuff to create an interesting and cool looking photo.
Wow, "Raw Nature" is so surrealistic and superb!
Keep up the good work (and the 51-Word Challenge!)

KT said...

i love your splinter picture.

also, i say go for the babies when you do your photo in the air project.

i'm joking. in case you didn't sense that. :P

Charlotte said...

So the lesson here folks is it is alright to toss babies in the name of art as long as the $price$ is right!

Anonymous said...

I love how you can make something so simple, look so amazing!

Great Job Serg :)