Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Model Photo Shoot

Hey there my photography gangsters, 

So in the midst of being busy with Univ-Con, I managed to squeeze in a photo shot that I did with a model I had met up with. Ashley is majoring in PR and is a really cool person. It has been sometime since I did a formal photo shoot, and on top of that, I hardly ever shot anyone other then my friends. 

I was trying some experimental lighting, which I was tell you more about later...probably after Univ-Con. 

Ashley - 1

Ashley - 2

Ashley - 3

Ashley - 4

Ashley - 5
Should I remove the spots or should I leave them? I kinda feel it adds to the photo. Or maybe I need to add one more effect to make those spots feel like they are part of the photo.

Ashley - 6
Wish I got the right foot into frame...

Would appreciate all comments and critiques...I gotta go back to Univ-Con.  Will write more later tonight.

Addicted to photography,


Nina said...

Ashley 4 is my favorite :) I would play around with the colors a bit on these to get rid of some of the grey cast on them and to bring a bit more color back... and I'd work on getting a bit more light into the eyes but thats about all I'll critique, looks like a fun shoot and you got some great shots!

Also, I would advise next time is when posing like Ashley2, make sure you can see the shoes or it begins to look like shes floating... unless thats the look you're going for :)

Anonymous said...

My framing and cropping is horrible when it comes to full body shots. I think you did a fantastic job!

Nina said...

Here is what I mean about removing the grey cast... and as I said a while back about watermarking images, there is an example of what I'd do :)


Anonymous said...

she is sooo hot, need more pixels though...

Andi said...

Hey Serg-

Experiments are good and necessary for photography and lighting, so I say keep doing it! :)
So I have a few things to say, and I apologize if my critiques are long...blame art school...lol.

Ok, in photos 1,2, and 3, the only thing that may bother me is what looks like light reflections on the ground by her feet. I think it makes you wonder where the hell it's coming from...haha. And just is kind of confusing, but you can't always control natural light.
Other than that I think the gray tone is risky, but you did a great job! Maybe next time some lighter tones should be brought out more in her clothes and face to give the gray more contrast. The sky is amazing!!! Clouds I think here are your best natural prop.

With phot 5, I'd like to see almost her skin be more shiny or gleam with the small amount of light to bring her out of the darkness of the background a bit more.You sort of have it, gave that hint, but just give a teeny tiny bit more of that gleaming hint. I like the light spots in the background, I think if it was all dark back there it would actually take away from the photo. So play with that a bit more. :)

Other than that, great job. :)
Can't wait to see more.

Porkchop said...

I think what Andi is talking about are the painted lines on the ground, and a part of me agrees. I think the lines are too distracting, I find myself looking at them more than I am at her. I tried a little photoshop, for my benefit, and in mt opinion, it looks better without them. BUT it is just me.

this one I just removed the lines on the ground

and this one was after I removed the lines, I was focused on the lights in the background, so I removed them from this one.

I feel like without those elements, I can focus on Ashley. But, Like I said, its just me, and no one apprechiates the art better than the artist!

White Russian said...
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White Russian said...


Thank you so much for the comments.

Nina, thanks for the tip and showing us a before and after photo. I was actually playing around in Lightroom, trying to tget the lighting right and for some reason I went with a darker, greyer effect.

And, I totally hear ya on the watermark thing. For some reason Lightroom doesn't do a good job. I will probably create an instant signature, watermark brush in photoshop.

Angrymob, I looked at your viewbook portfolio and it was good. The close up shots held a lot of story in them. The photo with the two baby brothers and the car keys was really nice.

Anonymous, I am sure Ashley would appreciate that comment...

Andi, if you are talking about the lines, then yea I see where you are going with it. I will play around in Lightroom to see if I can do anything with photo 5.

Porkchop, thanks for showing us how the photo would look like. For some reason for Ashley 3 I kinda like it because the line and the lights help my eyes sandwich into Ashley.

I think the line in Ashley 2 needs to go and I was thinking what it for Ashley 1 you take out the short line, but leave the longer one which help leads your eye up the photograph?

Andi said...

Haha yes as porkchop pointed out I meant the painted lines. It's strange to me they just almost look like a natural reflection coming into the picture. But then again...I was checking messages, checking out your pictures, painting, and cooking dinner....lol...sooooo my brain was a little flaky.

But ya know what Serg, regardless of how much advice and critiques you take, in the end, you have to do what you love, see where the image takes you, and go with your gut.

Veronica said...

My favourite would have to be #6. The lighting just makes it have such an ethereal feel--it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Looking good for your first model portfolio attempt, Serge. I like ths pots kind of but they are distracting to her. I think she is the one thing that your eye should focus on and not any artsy effects in the background. I agree with nina in that the shoes have to be seen. It is a must for all model photog unless you are going for the head shots...

Amy said...

The sky looks real nice in the background of Ashley #4. Is that you playing with experimental light or just nature at its best? Nice combination of scenery and people Serg, great job!

tripleaction said...

You should check out some photographers like Sean Hickey:

Ashley 1 has structure yet her right arm (our left) seems to have a shadow overlay and makes the tricep of the arm appear to be more narrow then her left. In addition she needs to have a touch more of brightness compared to the background; remember you're either showing focus on your item, or your item's focus is blended in.

Ashley 2 has terrific rendering qualities but her neck shadow appears to be much more than -a shadow- and gives it a tarred edge look; like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Just eliminate some of the thicker shadows and this picture will really stand out.

Ashley 3- What is your model trying to capture in her expression? On her part she seems very uninterested in the shoot. What you can do is apply light in areas of stability like her bent arms and legs-which are both at a fixed position.

Ashley 4- needs to be one shade brighter, then you definitely have something going.

Ashley 5-You have her at the right brightness, hue and saturation, but the background seems more 2-D in comparison, maybe brighten it, at some shadow too.

Ashley 6-has two different poses at the same time. How? She has the imparative white light brightness completely on her body and her face. Like a stencil her body is inactive because her position is less moving and more fixed and uncomfortable. In addition her face seems to be in an action of its own- as if the body was more at ease. Have her focus on you, or her actions with her focus. How you can alter it though is simple, you need to darken either her head, or add action lines (includes. minor blurs) to her body.

Hope this helps Serge.

Amy said...

Sorry if this is semi-off topic Serge but I always try to give you a more in depth review of your photography like the one above for example but your e-mail address (light@sergeyphotography.com) never seems to be working. :(
Also if you ever tried sending me an e-mail(ilovesergeypoberezhny@yahoo.com) I never recieved anything... :,(

Charlotte said...

Well I can give you my two cents which usually falls under the "what the fuck do I know" but here it goes

Pic 1: Great shot minus the fact she has no feet in the image. Because of this you are directed straight down and notice this before anything else. This also makes her lower half seem small and the appearance of "stumpy" legs. Also the markings on the floor also distract you from the model.

The look on her face is amazing. Though it may have not been your attempt the model almost gives a "don’t come any closer or I will jump look". The face alone is brilliant!

Pic 2 and 3: Too much blue. Since the shade is in the background and the model she becomes washed out and the back drop is what your eye focuses on first and the model second. Again the walls markings distract you once again from the focus

Pic 4: is brilliant. It’s nice, clean and simple. You are focused on the model and there is a connection between her and the camera

Pic 5: The model looks sloppy, drunk even. It is not a flattering shot of the model. I also find myself distracted by the black specs in the sky

Pic 6: Great shot! The lines of the models body stand out nicely to the backdrop. She is a little washed out by the highlight though and again there is that blue tinge thoughout the photo. But the out line of the model is fantastic. You follow it from tip of toe to tip of nose. This is probably the best one of the bunch. There is movement and grace.

Over all these are great shots Serg. You stepped out from your comfort zone and it worked. You have an eye for this and look forward to seeing your future images

cindy said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your photo shoot of Ashley.
Im big into photography also and I loved the last picture of her.
Loved the lighting and just her position was amazing!

I think all of them are perfect, i dont think you need to add, or subtract anything :)

Anonymous said...

Haha I actually thought the white painted lines on the ground were peices of light shining through, so I actually think its very artistic that you kept that in there...It could just be me, but I love it anywayz :)