Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pinhole Photography

Last week I had a meeting with my web designer. The meeting went well and we totally connected on how the site should look. So ladies and gents...heres to having a site in a couple of weeks.

So some time back I did a little experiment that I thought would one day help save me ass when I needed to pick a topic for my blog. That time is now...and the topic is pinhole photography.

I came across a website that detailed the construction of a pinhole camera from a box of matches. I can't remember how, nor do I remember exactly which one it was, but if you Google, you will defintately find something. The first link on top takes you to the one, the only, the awesome DIY Photography website: LINK.

Some say it was held together by my passion for photography. I, honestly, think that the electrical tape helped a lot. But you know what, this was as close to primitive photography I could have gotten. Granted I didn't develop the film, but taking the photos felt strangely exciting. I would hold the camera against anything I could find to eliminate camera blur, open the flap to let in light, count to about 5-15 seconds and close the flap. Then twist the film a couple times and start again. I hope to rebuild my camera and use it to take some special photos. I would like to think my second round at this will go a whole lot smoother.

Here are a couple photos of my good ol' camera.

And here are some of the photos. Some of the photos below have been washed thoroughly through post-production.

Somehow I feel like I can use one those photos for my 51-Word Challenge. I gotta get back on it. Also, in the batch of photos above, you will find something that deals with a topic I would like to write about...I tried to hide it pretty well so I will be impressed if someone can guess what it is. I will give another hint next week.


Nina said...

Those are some interesting images you've got there! When you mentioned pinholes in your email I didn't know you were already building one! :)

I have no idea what the hidden meaning is but I can't wait to hear about it. :)

cindy said...
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cindy said...
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Hannah said...

The pinhole camera reminds me a LOT of those Holga cameras. You know, the ones that are complete plastic and pieces of crap, but you just HAVE to buy one to see what happens? (I ended up finding out that dropping it down a flight of stairs produced...odd photographs!)

But, your pinhole camera seems pretty awesome. I'll have to google that up!

Anonymous said...

So if you could provide these images in wallpaper format, I'd pretty much guarantee you my first born.

Or a beer. You know, whatever works.

ps: Since surrealism seems to be up your alley, check out Jerry Uelsmann. (I'd actually be surprised if you haven't heard of him, you seem pretty up on these things).

Total brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Those were brilliant. The thing all of them have in common is you can use them as ambience. you did a great job on the pics.

White Russian said...

Oh man, Jerry Uelsmann was the first photographer's book that I ever bought. Granted photographer's art books are usually expensive and I, luckily was able to pick it up for 10 bucks, but all of sudden I started seeing his photographs on magazine covers and reading more about him on the news.

He is definitely a talented photographer.

The thing that I really like about the pinhole camera, is that it allows you to do double exposure so it awesome for opening the door to creativity.

It would be awesome to see those...odd photographs, Hannah.

Thank you everyone for your comments. If you need a weekend art project, I would totally recommend you build a matchbox camera.

Hannah said...

No problemo :]

It does involve digging my Holga and accessories out of the black hole that I call a basement, but as soon as I get 'em out, I'll let you know!

Roosh said...

Hey darling,
my mom has a friend that does pinhole photography. He's an amazing artist - he too has a blog if you have a minute to check it out:
Not a medium you see too often. I'm a fan. (plus he has a website that's just his name, sergie pobersomething)
<3 roosh

Amy said...

Hey Sergey, pinhole photography is pretty awesome - just like you!
Can't wait to see the site! :)

♥ Amy

frogie014 said...

is the second photo upsidedown? it looks like ceiling lights. it is weird from all the photos i get a feeling of loneliness but also the feeling someone is near by if i look to the side.

Anonymous said...

Students who take Photo 1 at my school have just finished a project of pinhole photography. I always like to see what they come up with when they do that. It's pretty interesting, isn't it?

Chica said...

I like "cafe"...It seems inconspicuous..Like your some sort of private eye and the guy is writing a screen play...

Its fun to make up a story for each photo. Well to me it is. A daydreamers imagination running wild. If I were a photographer, thats the reaction Id want from peoples. Anything they can dream up!

HAha this is extreme, have you considered underwater photography? I saw some man doing shots of underwater models. It was pretty neat. Might have been on Ripley's?

But fantastic job soo fahh


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your picture of the trees. Where its all blurry and the lighting is perfect!!

The angle is amazing too. It made me feel like I was in a dream, wich was really amazing, to see something like that when your awake.

Absolutely STUNNING :)

kim said...

Well I'm not sure what i'm supposed to be looking for I was looking at the prs website and noticed yours so I like the photo of someone standing by a lake or camp site...the lightning makes for seeing some interesting things. Light manipulation i dunno. Probably another anyone close to solving the mystery .