Friday, August 29, 2008

51 Words - Sidetracked, humans just being

Humans Just Being


I really couldn't think of what to write so I decided to put up two photos. I am kinda doing something big and I hope it goes through. Will tell more when the time comes.

Also, as you can see I am playing with different ways to write this copyright thing. Man, what if my photos are huge in like Indonesia and I don't even know it...


kristi said...

Love the pics, cool copyrights!
Also, I checked with my people in Indonesia and you're blowing up, Serg!

I wish i could've added some words to this list! Have a great time taking more sweet pictures :)

cindy said...
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Nina said...

Here's the thing about copyright, if someone wants to steal your work, if its in an spot thats easy to remove they will just clone it out. I use my logo and change the opacity.

White Russian said...

So what do you think? Is the Sidetracked copyright better suited then?

Nina said...

I would play around with fonts until you find a style you like and then play around with the opacity or layer style. Drop me an email if you want some help :)

Andi said...

Personally I think you're better off with the copyright from the "sidetracked" photo because you want that almost ghost like/slightly transparent style because it's harder to remove. Ya it distracts you a little when looking at it, but in the long wrong it will protect your work.

Now I have my own ways of personally copy writing any prints I make. If you'd like to know feel free to ask. I do the same thing with paintings of mine (it comes from people stealing others paintings in college...which wasn't very common..but it happened from time to time).

Oh and I dig the "humans just being" photograph. Reminds me of crazy times with my friends.


Amy said...

I agree that the second copyright looks cooler than the first.
It's size makes it easier to read, it's harder to remove, and overall it's just a nice transparent looking "ghastly" watermark that blends in nicely with the photo and also suits you perfectly, Serge.
I'm setting "Sidetracked" as my current computer screen image, eventhough I wasn't ever going to change it from a picture of you :)

White Russian said...

Nina I will drop you line soon. I keep meaning to. We are in the process of moving from one house to another and then there is the Conference work that needs to be done.

Andi I would like to hear your method as well. If its something you want to keep private, email me at If not, share with the world here.

Amy, I am thinking of creating some desktop backgrounds for downloads, but I am not sure how I want to work that out logistically and then which photos to distribute.

Well I am going back to working on the conference and thinking of the next thing I should write about.

Nina said...


Not a problem at all! I'm pretty patient ;) and I just moved myself so I can totally sympathize. I'm still unpacking my studio and my props and furniture are all still in boxes :(

As for the protecting images.. I can't speak for andi but I know that you have lots of options... a watermark on the front of the image, a watermark embedded in the photo, and pretty much any good photolab will let you add your copyright to the back of any image printed (including one or both that we already discussed).

Anonymous said...

Here's a nifty beginners tutorial on watermarks.

I tend to watermark over areas that I know are going to be difficult to recreate, i.e. heavily textured/light areas. Really, anyone that wants to steal your work is going to find one way or another to steal your work, but this keeps honest people honest.

Killer Queen said...

water marks are best sergey, kind of like what some photo websites do.

here's a linkity link:

cindy said...

i think that watermake is the way to good..
it keeps your work safe and don't really take away from the picture..

Amy said...

Sergey, creating computer desktop backgrounds is a great idea, and if you want to keep things simple, you could make them with no downloading involved (all you have to do is right click lol)
All of your photos look amazing, and if you ask me, alot of them look even more amazing as wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures

Like I said before im big into photography but I need alot of more practice to become this good!

Still amazing, cant wait to see what you think of next! :)

Christine said...

My computer desktop is your photo of the piano. There's just something about it. I guess I find it poetic and a pleasure to look at when I'm chained to my computer all day.


Alex said...

Haha! I love "Humans Just Being" it gave me a good laugh which I needed today! Side Tracked is really cool too, reminds me of late night drives in New York :D

Keep up the good work!




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