Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a BroKen TriPoD, a camera and some music

Let me first start off with a thank you for all the support I got from my last blog. No worries guys, that happened like a year so I have moved on. Nina, thanks for sending me those book recommendations and Katie shoot me an email through info@segreypoberezhny.com. Angrymob, viewbook looks amazing. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely have to make use of it till I get my site up and running. Andi, I was in Oregon not to long ago and it definitely has a unique cultural outlook. I can see why artists are drawn to it. Excuse me for that awful pun.

I went out a couple of nights ago to take some photos of the moon; wondering, what kind of photos will she give me and my camera? The night was going kinda slow but I managed to snag a couple of interesting photos that would have looked a whole lot better had I used a working tripod. Instead I had a tripod that was put back together with some double-sided velcro, a penny, a bottle cap and 3 matches. That's right, I was gonna be the next MacGuyver. My iPod was dying down so decided to head back.

On the way back home I decided to stop into a near by bar and grab a beer. It was pretty late and the place was, for the most part, quieting down. As I was getting ready to leave for home and bed, I overheard one of the patrons inviting the two woman by the bar to join him and a group of people listening to a guitarist jam outside by the fire. Although, I did not get an invite it took me sometime to realize, "I should go take photos!" And take photos I did.

I look forward to going back and taking some more photos; maybe this time I can see if there is anyway for me to control some of the light. The other cool thing is that I got an awesome idea for a photography portfolio.

Also for any Kubrick fans, check out the link on the side. This was a pretty interesting documentary on Stanley Kubrick and his boxes of intellect. Warning: Only serious Kubrick fans should watch this.

One last thing. A while ago...way back here, I asked for words so that I could take photographs of those words. One, I should have said, one word per comment. Two, you guys and gals gave me a quite the challenge. A challenge that I must complete. So, one by one I will have to hack this thing down. There are 51 words; do you think I can use the same photo for more then one word? Tomorrow I will start with Butterscotch!


Nina said...

You're so very welcome! I'm thrilled to hear you're still shooting! :) The photography book I recommended was actually my text book for class. You'll learn everything you need to know about it from there -- the rest comes only with experience. You got some really great shots! I'm glad to hear you are still venturing forward.

How are you doing with your photoshop experiments? :)

White Russian said...

The photoshop is coming along slowly. I have laptop that gets a little slow when I run it, so I do most of my editing on my iMac back at home. I will try and make some time for a Night Time Photoshop work this week.

Charlotte said...

I had 5 mins to kill...


I like the flame shot. It has the outline of a guy wearing a hat in it. The style of private eye from the 20's.

Um yeah


Charlotte said...

Okay it seems I can nto actually put the addy in the comment section.

Ignore my comment


cindy said...
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Andi said...

Well I enjoy cheesy puns so yours seemed just right..haha.
And I too understand particularly why my friend Ben moved to Oregon, it is incredibly scenic in some parts and yes there is a large number of artistic individuals there. I suppose I just miss him. :) But we all have a place where we're drawn to and belong I believe. Although I'm sure it's a very interesting experience for folks in Oregon to hear a scrawny tall white boy from Cleveland sing with a voice like Muddy Waters.

I myself am more drawn to the Northern East coast. I absolutely adore Maine and all the history there.

And I'm glad to hear you're finally working on the one word photographs. I can't wait to see them!!!
I also think the photos of the singing by the fire are good. I love natural lighting as much as possible to work with. And the glow of a fire amongst the darkness of night is just beautiful.

Hope all is well


P.s. Broken tripods royally blow. But duck tape and rubber bands are a photographers best friend in that situation.

lin blank said...

The photos you took of the guitarist def have merit! Very cool and very moody. Seems like a quiet night comes unexpectedly...along with a chance to hone your craft.
I just want to comment on the Oregon thing. I was in Portland a while back, working with bands, and it def had such a cool vibe. Another place that spoke to me was Spokane Washington. lots of artists and a much mroe laid back vibe there than here on the east coast. I would give my right arm or at least a pint or two of blood to move back to Seattle....maybe when I am rich...
Anyways, thank you for the chance to see your photos. I am with Cindy, I would love to see the shots you got of the moon!

Amanda said...

I've taken flame shots before, but I always forget that I have to make sure I don't get too close so I don't eff up my lens :(

Jw, what camera do you use?

Anonymous said...

Your such a talented writer. I wish I still had the talent that I used to have. I lost it quite some time ago.

LeannGreene said...

Tripods breaking at inopportune times are a rite of passage. Also I know for a fact that with some tripods the big name models will dent, and have pieces break off just as much as the cheaper knock off versions if you do alot of outdoor shooting.

Anonymous said...

Zenya- the best!