Thursday, August 14, 2008

Minor Updates

Hey All,

While traveling I got a talking with a really great photographer. She suggested that if I wanted to be a serious photographer that I should get a domain name with my name on it. At first I was worried that this might be troublesome for people who wanted to either get in touch with me or type out my website. If you have dyslexia when it comes to letters and you want to write my name are screwed. I mean did you guys ever check out my last name?
P O B E R E Z H N Y.
But, she did make a good point that if you are a great photographer, people will want to learn your name and in turn you will want them to know your name.

So....coming soon to a web browser near you....will be:
I have a new email as well:

Other exciting news include....

I am renting a Canon lens for two weeks to help improve my portfolio. I am rather excited because I haven't gotten a chance to fully experiment with other Canon lens other then the 3 basic ones that I own. What separates this one from the standard one I own is that it is F-ing awesome. In all lens review sites, the basic one that I got when I first purchased my camera is rated between C- and D. Kinda like my grades when I took classes that weren't interesting (sorry mom and dad). This lens that I rented, however, is rated at A to A+. Kinda like the grades my parents wished I got in the classes I wasn't interested in.

I also put up a couple of ads looking out form some people who would model for me when we are done filming and I return to State College. I want to take advantage of this lens as much as I can.

Here is to two weeks of rocking photography.

Stay Kosher everyone.

Oh and for your viewing is another photo...

Soon I would like to offer desktop versions on my photographs. But for now I put up what I can and just lower the quality.


Charlotte said...

I dont know if you have already done so but have you ever thought of having a show of your work?

I am working on having a large showing of various artist and ofcourse my own work. Perhaps you may be interested. It is still in the beginning stages but I am just trying to get a feel from people in the art community.

I have you added on myspace so you can feel free to contact me there. My page URL is below.

White Russian said...

Hey Charlotte,

I would love to show my work, and I would love to hear more about what you are doing. I don't see your URL. Can you shoot me an email?


My new email should be working by today. GoDaddy is going through some technical difficulties. I think their servers exploded when I made new domain with them.

Nina said...

First thing I would suggest is photographing everyone you know, then when you are out and about and you see someone who'd make a good model, ask them if they would be willing to sit for you as an exchange (they only buy prints that they want and are not obligated to purchase anything) and give them your business card.. you'd be surprised how quickly your appointments will fill up that way.

I got a lot of my early business by shooting for exchange. You might want to check into different associations to get your name out there also. :)

Amanda said...

My absolute favorite thing to do is take pictures of people, I have no idea why. They also turn out way better than my attempts at "scenic" photography, haha!

You've got major talent and you'll go far with it! :) said...


You are very talented! I love viewing your pics. Follow your dream no matter what anyone says!!

BTW, you are still my favorite PRS member! You can be my little brother that I never had! Ha, ha.

Best of luck and although I love all of your pics, I still love the night ones best! :)

Jami said...


I have no clue what I'm doing here! (Obviously!) I meant to post under Jami, not black3plus3! Sorry! DUH!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Sergey!

I love your photography, it's beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of your work. I'll stay Kosher Sergey, when I read that this song and dance came into my head. You should go to youtube and type in Kosha or Kosher Boy and watch the video. I'm the master at the dance haha. Let me know if you can't find the video, I'll send it to you if you need me too.

I hope you post more blogs soon.

Take Care

Maddie said...

Ohh.. I'm so jealous right now. I want to play around with a Canon! I use my mobile phone (5 megapixels) or my old digital camera(6 megapixels). I'm using my mobile phone more and more since it's better than my camera. :p Never heard that one before have you?! K850i is the best :) I haven't moved all my pictures over to my new (english) blog yet, but I will move them before this week is over, hopefully :p Check em' out if you want too :)
Btw. I love your pictures! I really like this one with the bridge :)

/ Madeleine in Sweden
( )

Killer Queen said...

Hey, in NY, there are usually some good places to see work by other photogs, and you can definitely hit them up when you come around here.

Here are a few Links:

Also, are you still determining your style? Do you know what kind of style you are looking for or do you want to be a jack of all trades type of photographer? Because, you can ask the people whose links I sent you prior, if they are interested in having an intern. But that isn't near you, so I don't know what good that will do.

Just wanted to give you a heads up!

Best of luck with making your portfolio! Remember it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be you.:)

piece of chicken grease,
evy sioux.

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

As far as creating your domain, I'm in the same boat as you on difficult last names. Watching people spend 5 minutes trying to pronounce "Aztlan" is pretty funny though.

I don't mean to get repetitive with the compliments but it's awesome that you're branching out with your passion and talent and I hope that you're quite successful.

Buena Suerte! (Good luck!)

mini15c said...

seen some of your work. very different and i can see your capturing different moods, styles and experimenting. i've only captured preschool children and have gotten some funny photos and such... i'm a preschool teacher so that's the only subjects i'm around the most... sometime, you should put your photos to dvd with music so you can show off your work via dvd a different style of portfolio and to show off more talent. looking forward to seeing more of your work.

White Russian said...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for the kind words.

Its funny that you mentioned this mini, but that was going to be my next project, where I blend a song with a photographic slide show. I would like to show photos from season 1 and 2, but I just can't find the perfect song.

All the best,

Charlotte said...

Well good thing I came back or I would never of noticed that I had no contact info posted :) I will send an email to ya about details and thoughts sometime this weekend.

I presume I email you at the info@(insert yourname I cant spell ithere).com

Have a great weekend

Kira said...

Sergey! I just wanted to say I really love your night photography. It's lovely. I've been wanting to do some photography but unfortunately the only course they have at my university is for Art Majors Only, and since I am a Tech Theatre person, I can't take it. :(

cindy said...
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Amy said...

Hey Sergey, sorry it took me so long to comment!
Glad you're still showing us all these beautiful photographs that look more like paintings!

Haha yeah dyslexia and typing out your domain name might not be the best combination but using your real name is best.
Can't wait until you finally have your own website away from Paranormal State stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
Have fun with that awesome Canon you are temporary using.
I think you should stick with this camera because these look like the best pics you've ever shot!

Oh yeah and it would be a dream come true to model for you!
I live in Allentown, PA...
E-mail me if you're interested...or just e-mail me!


Mark said...


While photoshop can be a wonderful tool, it can also severely cripple the pictures original meaning if you edit it into black and white, your pictures are great just the way they are. Don't get fooled by others into thinking you have to change the look and feel of them, to prove yourself to anyone. Keep up the most excellent job my friend. And I look forward to your new site, even if I can't spell it yet, I'll bookmark it and save me the trouble. :)

Andi said...

Ya know Sergey an amazing place to take shots at night is in the Hill District in Pittsburgh. Or even not in the hill district. There's a certain "life" to it after night that I absolutely love to drive and walk threw.

And in Cleveland in the industrial section of the city down by the's like the metal dances across sky lines of haze, reaching up, twisting, begging to be remembered amongst layers of decades of rust.

So if you're ever in those 2 cities I recommend exploring...a lot.

LeannGreene said...

Really nice image. It has alot of mood and contrast. It also looks like it would be good for a b&w conversion. Have you looked at it with the lighter colored spot at he bottom edge removed? It may put more attention on the rest of the scene. You have a good eye for architecture landscapes.

silentxcollapse said...

My word, that is a beautiful photograph. I'm using it as my desktop now. I hope you don't mind. =]

Take Care,